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  1. Davis

    This is your opinion! I think epcot and dak has the most space thats also whats disney plan! Just bc theres construction theres still more space there then studios and mk combine! I am tired of the writers here stating opinions wo the tag of saying so your a fansite your only opinion! Actually as ride out security the queues here can hit plenty more people!

    1. Harley

      While this is true wo sse open and obviously festivals not happening bc of crowds… remy may or may not open… chances of epcot being on hold so construction could get done might be a better idea! But mk and studios are very doubtful right now best bet disney has is dak but its all outdoors…. ???? Like i keep saying catch 22!

      1. Mary

        I have no problem going with a mask on. But in general Disney has priced out the working American on ticket prices.

  2. ARG

    They should restart construction at EPCOT now and get some work done as restrictions have been lifted and there are no guests. Then they could open EPCOT last after the other 3 main parks open at WDW with Ratouille ready.

  3. Rich

    I’ve been at Disney many times and I will never be able to come back the price is a charge in the road I want to been there done it nice place would love to see the changes but it’s not worth the price sorry

  4. Jackie

    They should keep it closed thats what they wanted to do all along i know bc i got a survey saying would you miss epcot knowing it would come back new but vintage and everything would be open…. they should take this opportunity and run w it!

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