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  1. Janie

    This is going to socially distance everyone from the park the app does not work do they know what guests deal w forget how many fights secuirty has to braak up!? In no way from hell does it work in batuu nor anywhere where it was used…. no tourist truly knows the app! No disney fan trusts it!!! I might not return to work if this is true i have had enough of the disrespect and bs! I rather stay home w my kids then go back to batuu! Also DL has a different system then wdw so it works worse for us! Whats going to happen to those poor guest assistance people they are going to wait twice for everything when they shouldnt wait at all thats why the pass was created! Its madness good luck to everyone if this is true bc its going to be a sad day in hell!!!!!

    1. Davis

      Rising moons batuuan you probably know how many fights we break up! Or people we have asked to leave or a glitching app and virtual queue system! I thought the masks were going to be the worse of it! Crazy i think all us cms on both end should hide unfortunately i been ride out your lucky you have fam they know i am single! Your my finale post if your ever on this end at dak feel free to say hi if you see me!

      1. Janie

        Davis it was good to have support from another cm here it will be rather lonely same here if your ever in DL! May the force be w you and eywa keep you!

      2. DLaw

        A Magic Kingdom park and a separate, Marvel Universe park in TX would help tremendously IMO.

        It should have less attractions, restaurants, and shops, but be marketed as a park that offers minimal lines and crowds at a higher price. I’d argue there is a market for such an experience.

  2. Harley

    So does that mean we spend all day trying to get on one ride??? The app crashes phone do they know this!!!! I know a few people whom had to get new phones bc it has a virus attached and it bricks your phone! And what happens to us w guest assist did we just add something new to the on going lawsuit of wait waiting twice if at all for rise did that!!! And disney thinks this is smart!!! I am w cms whom know its a lawsuit waiting to happen as is alot now!!! But then again money talks and whom cares if we piss off all the fans that love disney…. we have the tourist! Hate to break it to ya disney but in the end your going to have no one w that thinking!

    1. Davis

      “But then again money talks and whom cares if we piss off all the fans that love disney…. we have the tourist! Hate to break it to ya disney but in the end your going to have no one w that thinking!”
      You took the words right out of my mouth! I hope to see you around!

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    Glad i am stuck in ny they act like there app is gold i should sue for both my phones along w the fact i almost got punched out by guest relations asking a simple ? She got so angry at me over the fact i was an idiot bc i didnt have the app! And why the insert multi curse words can not say here am i so dumb i can not use it! I was like bc it crashed both my phones answer me why disney whose got all this money can not get virus protection on an app??? She proceeds to go all i love disney on me and raised her hand to me till someone in batuu management team saw it! Thats when you compensate me by doing something….. still waiting!

  4. Jackie

    Well there goes anyone chance of getting anywhere!

  5. Darth FINALLY


    With this new app, I’ll finally be able to get on Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at 4pm!!

    Animal Kingdom… AWWYEAH, Dinoland Boneyard Playgound here I come!

    Epcot… You got NOTHING on me, Updated Canadian Circle-Vision 360 Theater!

    Hollywood Studios… That’s right, nobody getting in my way for Star Wars Launch Bay Walkthrough Attraction!!!

    Ain’t no stoppin’ us now. We on the move! We got the groove!

    1. Harley

      Someone missing 8trax besides me darth?! Btw i missed your sarcastic spitfire its been boring and lots of in fighting you think they forgot the koolaid & glasses again!

    2. Zipidydoodallas

      I don’t think people realize how awful any of the already crowded parks would be if you took all of the people waiting in lines, at any given time, and stuck them back out in the park. Everybody would be shoulder to shoulder.

      1. Brad

        Exactly this.

    3. Melanie Durham

      Took the words right out of my mouth! Lol!

  6. Mark

    Managers i know said this is not happening so just like the last time itm thanks for panicking people but you can give it all a rest!

    1. Greg

      Thanks goodness. It would be a disaster.

  7. lorraine cramer

    I have gone through the fast pass selection for the next month, ( we are local so dont have the 90 day window. ) There is nothing except a couple like Its a small world, and Winnie the pooh availiable on the days I looked. If they do away with lines without fast passes, we may as well just quit going. There is no way we can compete with people that get a 90 day window to get fast passes.

  8. Anonymous

    Can work for local annual pass holders, which have flexibility in tme and patience.

    But will never work for traveling guests from the result of Uni’s Harry Potter (orig use of VQs) and RotR…to plan a 2000mi trip+hotel to lose out in 1 min every day or your trip is not worth it.

    Their going to have to treat it like a cruise, and that means more resources and cash.

    1. Davis

      As a secuirty person i can tell you what hell its caused on both sides and fights bc of rise! I just hope like i was ride out crew the tech it people were working on getting this right or it will not work for anyone!

    2. Dlaw

      It is still crazy to me that Disney has a system in place that is completely based on luck of the draw. I know it’s popular to complain about capitalism and money, but if someone is willing to spend all of their hard earned money to go on a ride, let them. In theory, that extra money goes back into the parks to make the experience better for everyone or maybe incentives Disney to build another similar type ride.

  9. Mark

    This is something that needs to be looked regardless of the covid virus impact. The actual ques ARE to long. There are less and less slow weeks anymore. The parks are overcrowdeand we are herded like cattle. I hope this creates some FREE option to less crowded pinch points and 3 hour waits in the parks.

  10. Matt Brewster

    Back in 1988 I conceived of a system that I dubbed “CompuTour,” which would act as a reservations system for theme parks that would eliminate the need to wait in queues, as well as control attendance. One would have to book a visit by specific date and arrival time, then receive a customized Tour Plan listing their Destinations, with arrival times for each, including restaurants. Anyway, my system would be the perfect way to deal with COVID19 threat. Diz is learning the hard way that I was right all along!

    1. Holy

      Good Concept, except nothing ever goes according to plan. A ride always breaks down or Jr. has to eat now instead of two hours from now when it’s scheduled, or Aunt Linda gets hot and needs to rest awhile. Then they miss out on an attraction or have to walk halfway across the park to get back on schedule once the mini emergency is out of the way. Overall guests wouldn’t be happy with a controlled schedule.

  11. Jackie

    Is this going to start again the parks arent opening anytime soon!!! This could change multiple times as it has bc virtual queue just like the mask thing etc has been brought up and removed 10x times! Lets have patience!

  12. Bee

    There are people out there without phones still. How are you going to give them a good experience they can only ride the rides by booking them with a phone. I understand it’s unlikely to run into a person like this nowadays, but it’s still 100% possible. The virtual queue was a back idea since it’s conception. I definitely want to spend my entire trip to Disney on my phone: one of the many things I try to escape from when I’m there.

    1. Harley

      This plus the fact many people go to the parks to escape reality and here in this new catch 22 world its going to follow! And your right the only reason i actually use my phone is for camera to take pictures of my kid.

      1. Harley

        Ps. My mom has the app everytime she tries to open it… it either takes multi times to open and stay open or its crashes her phone!

  13. Indy

    Where exactly do you suppose everyone will be while not in a queue? Crowding the already over crowded walkways. I see this as at least as bad if not worse for social distancing. Now you are walking around and passing by thousands of different people in the walkways instead of just a dozen in the queues

    1. Markus

      This right here! We will all be crowding waiting like old fastpass until the time updated to your paper time! Speaking of which lets hand those out instead of virtual queues on an app that crashes phone! Though i agree w people whom also brought up this has been said and debated then deleted from plans multi times LETS ALL PUT THIS AND EVERYTHING ELSE AT REST TILL DISNEY ESTABLISHES REOPENING!

  14. B.D.

    What’s interesting is when I open my app (updated yesterday) — there is no Virtual Queue tab. You’d think if it was happening it would be in the most recent update.

    1. Markus

      Bc it never existed or it only shows up once in park like ala rise it only shows up at park!

      1. B.D.

        Since no one can get in the parks, how would it show up for a screen shot? I think people are messing around and blogs like this are taking it as fact (or making it up themselves) to try and boost their sales of trips.

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