Comments for Remembering Donald Duck’s Service – Should Disney’s WW2 Shorts Be On Disney+?

Donald Duck WW2 Cartoons

Credit: Disney


  1. Caleb

    Many of these shorts are licensed to Amazon Prime as part of this package: “Visions of War: World War II Propaganda Cartoons.“

  2. Kenneth Cox

    Do what they did with the On The Front Lines DVD set. Have a disclaimer for the unfortunate racism in some of them.

  3. Gus Fring

    Disney should release everything and stop the needless censoring. If you want controls in place then setup parental controls and leave the micromanaging to the parents.

    1. BatuuBrat

      Thank you, Gus. Have parental controls, like Netflix and Vudu. A parent/ guardian should be the one to determine what their child sees, not a streaming service. Disney is doing themselves a disservice by NOT releasing their ENTIRE library, because they’re afraid of “pc” backlash. Yet, they put a Sparkshort with an openly gay character, and that’s okay for kids to watch, but Donald Duck serving his country, isn’t?
      What a sad society we have truly become, where duty is frowned upon, and a lifestyle that is in the minority, is flaunted.

    2. Melanie Durham

      Amen! I’m so tired of the sensitivity these days!

  4. John D Rickards

    You don’t learn from history by hiding it.

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