Comments for Does Disneyland’s Reopening Depend on State Guidelines? What We Know

disneyland reopening


  1. Janie

    Yes! According to what heads said and what the website says and what i been told as a cm it ALLL depends on the state disney wants to reopen but they need to do whats safe! Why is this even a ? Of circumstance thus… plus whom wants to get arrested for breaking the law bc now at level one thats what’s happening i heard if cali and fl arent careful level 1 will be taken away! So lets do the right thing and have patience!

    1. Natasha

      Yes, comply like perfect robots or big brother will punish us. Such BS! The Governor is over reaching. They get paid to stay closed! Wonder if the Governor would open quicker if his pay check was on the line! ?

  2. Davis

    Yes do you not read websites and listen to the news before posting things? Omg right now we are on level one disney is not going to go there! Lets have patience okay.

    1. Janie

      I do not know where my post went but i am a cm of dl and we are def following it all and pray for the best! I will keep it short this time.

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