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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Its very hard to justify any trip out of state without full parks open knowing some attractions due to queue structure and parks due to orgin capacity might not open! Forget the whole mask temp thing i think is insane and i am from ny! But then again it doesnt get to 115 in the shade here in ny either unlike in fl! Also i still can not leave my state nor do i want to be quarantined instead of going to disney bc i am from nyc! So i rather wait! Besides disney is willing to let desantis have a say and do the right thing have the park put together i rather see it done like that then others that are half fast to loony ville esp once i get back down!

  2. Davis

    I think we should all have patience and be glad disney wants to do the right thing by the guests and state not be in such a rush! We could all take a page from them! That and show some kindness which i know many of my fellow security havent been shown yet! We were all in lockdown just like you and now have to follow rules just like you no one is getting away w murder!

  3. Nana

    We love Disney and visit several times a year we feel the park should open with out restrictions it will not be the same if not. It is to hot for face mask. We pay a expensive price that is well worth it when everything is available if you don’t feel safe then don’t come.I understand that there are people that have health issues that need a mask then by all means wear one if you want to wear one then do but don’t impose on everyone. We were not made to wear one during the flu or measles and everything was fine. I hope it is open ASAP with no restrictions and fully open. We do have reservations in August and I hate to have to cancel.

  4. Scrappy

    They like other parks are trying to do the right thing. Also keep in mind that this is a very tough decision and carries a heavy financial burden. Think of this in terms of finance, They want to get an idea of possible attendance for reopening because right now they have basically shifted the major financial burden of their cast member’s paychecks to the state in the form of unemployment. Once they make the decision to reopen that burden comes back to them. If there is not going to be ample attendance to cover this financial burden then maybe waiting longer might make sense and let the state continue to foot the bill. As for guests, it’s the same story everywhere, If you don’t feel comfortable going somewhere then just don’t go. The world will go on with or without your attendance.

    1. Mark

      Actually all the other parks are opening now wo caring disney is the only one figuring it out!

  5. I feel you should open at a lower attendance. I will go when it opens because I feel I can do what I need to do to stay safe. Disney is truly my second home, a place I go several times a year just to keep myself calm. I am from PA and I have a July reservation and I look everyday for some news. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and I am way beyond ready to get on with my life. I go sometimes and never go in the parks. Open the hotels for sure, any amount of Disney is a good thing for me. I know a lot of people on my Facebook groups will go. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t go. The other parks are opening but I only go to Disney. My thoughts and my hopes.

    1. Davis

      Your not aloud down here so good luck w that and reservations for july start canceling next wk! Good luck w that! I am being told like all cms to report back in august NO SOONER!

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