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disney world reservations update


  1. Laurie

    Well that’s nice! Started planning 2 years ago, Planned dining 180 days ago, got all reservations made then and now all gone! Then they say just start over when we say go…. and try again!!! Well they should have just stayed closed if this is how they are treating their guest! Family reunion for 24 people all the work I put in to it to get everything in place for a 2 week Disney Vacation…and sorry it’s all deleted!! Thanks not living up to the “Happiest Place on Earth”

    1. Jamie

      You know its not disney fault right???? There is a virus thats killed 100k if not more people just in the us alone! But yes blame disney! Bc you had to go on your vacation i am glad my best friend dying due to covid is less important than your precious vacation! Wow just wow has everyone lost common decency here???

      1. Rob Martin

        Thank you Jaime! I’m an RN and work ICU 25 hours a day taking care of COVD patients! our unit had about 11,000 deaths so far! This ignorant person doesn’t get it! I mean, hell, I want to go to Disney myself, but I’m too busy taking care of patients who are deathly sick! I praise Disney for doing this re-opening thing slowly! I have3 to agree with you 100%!! Even we nurses get the rough end! My patients come first before a vacation! I’m a Nurse, and I care deeply for my patients. Disney can wait.

      2. Rebel Orange Bird

        Thank you jamie i am sorry for loss but i feel you… i am in nyc and the same is being said for broadway! Its like we are at the epicenter of this thing and you want broadway to open!? Common sense and decency like you said people are dying! Besides there are friends i know in the community that got hit hard w covid so its not something to play games w… (forget cuomo the mad genius thinks the arts even when normal arrives are unimportant). Now something new but familiar and linked to this is affecting kids just thought ny 10 kids dead and now its wide spread too! Nothing should be moving in this mad rush i am sorry!

      3. WB

        She was not suggesting for one minute that your friend’s suffering is less important than a vacation. Please do
        Not villinize someone for simply being disappointed. She is not a horrible person.

  2. Ashley G

    Fast Pass selections for my July 11 through July 16 trip have NEVER disappeared, although, I did try to set up some new fast passes for a day of our trip that I had never gotten fast passes for, and the system would not let me pick new fast passes. By the way, all my dining reservations are still showing up in the My Disney Experience acct.

  3. Jenn

    So frustrated. I understand why and could see it coming, but I dont see why they continued to allow booking of reservations for months out knowing this was going to be the end result. Our trip isnt till Nov… we made reservations 10 days ago – why allow the system to do that knowing that social distancing was going to dictate a change. Cancelling the earlier ones that had already been booked was understandable but why not put a stop to the whole system instead of this mess?

    1. Jamie

      As long as you have reservations your aloud to go! This is new reservations! They are not allowing new unless into next yr…. if you didnt know social distancing was going to be part of the new world you lived in a bubble too long!

      1. WB

        People are allowed to be disappointed, Jamie. It doesn’t make them evil.

      2. Jamie

        I never said they were evil i asked if people like my friend dying and the thousands of others were unimportant compared to these people vacation do not put words in my mouth!

        1. WB

          You questioned someone’s ‘decency’. And the tone of your multi ???? !!! Not was clear.

      3. Damion

        oh another “aloud” poster 🙂 how many names do you post under? lol

      4. Janie

        Wow what a bunch of negative folks oh and here
        comes damion and his misguided english again…
        Whom cares maybe people have lives and comment quick we do not need spell check for it!! Btw how many names you got bc there’s way too much of your same opinion running around too! Lets see damion daddy pirahna anne etc they are all you and do not say its not bc you slipped up and few comments back saying it boosts your ego!!!!! Just because someone agrees or is commenting fast does not mean its the same person…. WE HAVE A LIFE MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET ONE!!!! BTW back to pt at hand…. I think anyone whom thinks disney deserves to open for them and does not have a heart for the situation we are in are evil and deserve to get covid and suffer!

        1. Damion

          ha! Janie you’re so funny! you better go read that “ego” post again, you obviously didn’t understand it (surprise surprise), and I don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder so I don’t need to post the same thing under multiple names to convince myself of anything . . . nice try though 🙂

      5. Janie

        People have a right to their opinion damion! Without morons like you thinking people are all the same bc we are human and can have the right to a difference of opinion or agree! Thats life or are you and your mpd happy in you bubble!? Please stay far away from DL i will have you kicked out!

  4. Davis

    I wonder to anyone commenting about reservations or park hours or the like if:
    You ever went before technology and when disney was good!!???
    This was the way it was for us in the 80s and 90s!
    No dining reservations at many places first come first serve…. or you waited at guest relations i remember many a day waiting after sse watching pixeled versions of the rides so my parents could make a reservation… there was no direct # from hotels for it either!
    We ALL waited on line TOGETHER and still spent the day at the park and saw everything no need for fp and emh! Hours were limited so fireworks sometimes never went off nor parades and shows varied bc they were only a handful oh and everyone preformed it wasn’t mostly mic in! This was my youth this was my disney! And tech just ruined it not made it better do not believe me ask everyone whom still calls dining or goes wo fp bc the app stinks oh and guess what ….. still lasts a whole day at the parks!

    1. Jamie

      This exactly ty davis… so sorry to hear i will not be seeing you around at dak! But take of your daughter and give her a hug for all of us!

    2. Mark

      Exactly how can you call yourself fans or drop AP so quick and forget this was the way it was…. do not forget ticket booklets and stamps = no park hopping!

    3. Janie

      This is the best and i wish more people remember this! You took me back!

  5. Barbara A Richards

    Like I mentioned before, RIP Disney. People will come to see during this break, that they really didn’t need that trip afterall not to mention the money that they DON’T have that they will now save. I just reached out to the Timeshare Store and I’m selling my two contracts as a DVC member. I’ll remember the magic as it once was but there’s no coming back from this. It will never be the same. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not happy about this. I keep saying to myself that I’ll wait until it blows over but I highly doubt it. It can never go back. Watch. Just like temp checks and masks are mandatory? Eventually you’ll be required to have a health certification showing that you got the COVID vaccine which I am NOT doing. Not wearing masks, not getting the shot. Not doing it.

    1. Visia

      Barbara- I’m looking for a dvc. What is your home resort?

    2. Rosie

      You should sell it back to dvc or giving it to someone you know you will get scammed on the other end! I did when i sold marriot indirectly and still pay the price! I have dvc too and i kept that bc of how much more it benifits me! Other timeshares scam you and have you sit and buy more points and thats why you sell not bc your pissed at disney… my word! Disney did nothing do not blame disney their best to keep you safe blame covid for killing people! If we all stop pointing fingers in each others faces maybe the world would be a better place!

  6. Lydia

    Well i do not know how much this is true as i just after being on hold for 45mins spoke to my vip ap agent and was told they have not officially and directly been approved! Its also about timing all these new regulations are hypothetical meaning by july could change! Right now they are looking at hey this worked at springs maybe it could work in park. Does not mean it will or they will use it. These are just things given to desantis in proposal not this is what’s happening 100% and could change. Ie. She told me tickets might have codes though by july & if at level 2 it might different. They told me and i agree without Disney offical open this is all mute still! Things could change this is our new normal and things change even in our daily lives!

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