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  1. Nick

    You can thank Universal.
    They’ve been playing catch up to Universal during this entire ordeal. May actually get a refund and spend it at Universal. Better managed

    1. Michael

      How has Disney been behind throughout the entire ordeal?

      1. Cindy Caine

        Yes and when universal is looked down upon bc they open too soon and theres people being rushed to hosp from either areas due to heat exhaustion neither is going to look smart! The smart idea would have been to not open neither park areas were that desparate now were they! The only reasom uni opened was bc of hhn! Its the only money maker they have if they waited till level 3 like disney it would have been too late! Desantis approved but barely w universal hes watching all of it i bet and one false move just like the beaches he will close… look at the facts we arent even in level 1 b yet forget level 2 bc of people acting like basket cases! None of us at uni are ready to go back and many of us might go work for the mouse due to it also they care about their cast! We were almost fired till they overheard disney furloughed its cast and followed suit!

  2. Markus

    Yes just like universal and springs multi cms and people almost if not passing out yes lets go w that! Btw this still means nothing cast is still being told aug i would not believe a word the mayor says as he thinks hes above desantis too!

  3. Davis

    Well cast is still being told july for august! We all know disney wants #/% and will not get that till level 2 or 3 and they are not going to play hardball w desantis! Unlike universal disney has the 50th next yr there not really worried they rather follow rules! Though honestly neither company is right take it from someone whose been ride out lawyers and osha will have there hands full bc not everyone is going to be happy!

  4. John

    To say they’re behind universal is kind of silly. Disney has a LOT more logistics to figure out by comparison, they’re essentially opening a city compared to IOA and Studios(and to a lesser degree citywalk). Universal resort hotels are managed by outside groups so that’s less for them to figure out, Disney on the other hand has a ton of hotels, retail, 4 parks, etc etc to figure out. I’m actually surprised that they’re presenting this early, will be interesting to see what they come up with.

    1. Harley

      To say that at all is illogical as the fact disney was yrs ahead like 20 in fl forget cali! And on top of that universal constantly forgets its not a competition many cms/tms work at both spots and actually fans of both care for the other! Its all friendly the companies themselves make it the way it is! Besides busch gardens is its clear comp as they are both roller coaster lack family stuff and have major halloween events! Comparing disney to universal is day and night! Actually from a pysch prospective all the theme parks together is MPD! I honestly also think full time parks miss the mark of what their part time schedule rivals get is that they can still make $$$ wo you spending $$$$$$!

  5. Harley

    To add: Public health officials are on high alert for a mysterious new illness likely linked to the coronavirus that is hospitalizing hundreds of kids across the US. It has hospitalized 400 kids so far across 26 states and 5 kids died in ny! We are far from over folks! I hope disney knows what its doing….

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