Comments for Disney World Will Reopen Without Character Meets, Fireworks, or Parades

disney world chaaracters

Credit: Disney


  1. cupcake

    well this is the best they dont want to get anyone sick. i agree with this choice disney is making the right choice.

  2. Kevin

    This straight up sucks as a DVC owner I will be selling my points and never set foot on a Disney property again also cancelling my trip in November way to screw it up Disney!

  3. Thomas

    I get a gentle soft opening, and this is the right way about doing it, but Disney World won’t be the same without the character meets, parades and firework shows. I’m sure it’ll still hold some of the magic, but for me I’d hope that ticket prices are dropped a little since part of the whole enjoyment of the parks are the interactive bits with your favourite characters. Will be interesting for sure to see how it all unfolds.

  4. Rebecca

    So, are you going to lower your ticket price since you are sucking most of the fun out of the experience? And will you be requiring masks?

  5. Davis

    wonder to anyone commenting about reservations or park hours or the like if:
    You ever went before technology and when disney was good!!???
    This was the way it was for us in the 80s and 90s!
    No dining reservations at many places first come first serve…. or you waited at guest relations i remember many a day waiting after sse watching pixeled versions of the rides so my parents could make a reservation… there was no direct # from hotels for it either!
    We ALL waited on line TOGETHER and still spent the day at the park and saw everything no need for fp and emh! Hours were limited so fireworks sometimes never went off nor parades and shows varied bc they were only a handful oh and everyone preformed it wasn’t mostly mic in! This was my youth this was my disney! And tech just ruined it not made it better do not believe me ask everyone whom still calls dining or goes wo fp bc the app stinks oh and guess what ….. still lasts a whole day at the parks!

  6. Tara

    I can see the fireworks and parades (don’t go to see them anyway, so no big deal for me personally.) However, I can’t understand MOST meet and greets… I mean the character ALREADY has a mask…. maybe transference between guests?

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