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  1. Jackie

    Ok but i made a dining reservation for oct yesterday but got rid of it once i read the website new message! Which still states TBD is TBD and they will follow state government guidelines!

    1. Rebel Ravenclaw

      Exactly and to add if this lovely virus proved anything the lack of common sense and thinking you deserve sp treatment or you do not have to follow rules or my favorite disney is going to open for me bc it has to bc i paid money to be there or disney can make up their own rules they are a public company (huge company trade on stock market private only semployees get stock holds) no they can not …. is a clear joke the lack of common sense and patience is crazy! I bet these will be the same people complaining and not showing kindness to cms after all they are only human too and in the same position in the waiting game! Just stop and wait…

  2. Davis

    Hard to believe any july noise as we have barely been in level 1 and the govenor said it will be months right now in level 1! Hes busy figuring what that means for schools etc. Forget when level 3 which is the word of mouth around here amongst the ride out crew! Btw this might be a minority thought but those of you waiting for rise to be free to ride i prefer the falcon.

    1. Joe

      DeSantis said the parks can open whenever they are ready. Disney is closed because they are not ready to open yet

      1. Davis

        I work there and you do not! On top of that they arent opening the state past level 1 so go take your lies somewhere else.

  3. Harley

    I can go into November on the website.

    1. Harley

      Ps. All you whom comment and think you know what it takes to run a theme park let alone 4 that think disney could open on a whim and prayer just for you are out of their right minds! Disney will open when its safe they even say that on the website TBD WHEN THE STATE SAYS ITS SAFE! NOT DISNEY SAYS…

  4. Barbara Richards

    That makes sense. Disney is selling masks. Pre orders only. Won’t be available until mid July. All guests will be required to wear them. That being said, the timeline is an after mid July opening. No sooner. ? I’m cool with it. It is what it is peeps!

    1. Janie

      Actually you know how many more people will pass out here in fl w them on??? Cms are fighting it as well some whom are have medical conditions like me i can not wear one bc of my breathing issues if the state clears no masks disney can not make em mandatory wo thinking a lawsuit wont follow people have sued for less! And many parks capacity doesnt equal the right space needed disney will open when its right!

  5. Its fun to be free

    Can i ask why is disney opening at all just to close if another round of this covid bs is on the way or worse hurricane season which they say is going to be bad… they are just going to close anyways… do the numbers a few days open when it safe w the doors wide open even next few months still down the line to be safe then sorry will make all this loss look like nothing!

    1. Jackie

      Exactly and why if any post about the parks at all here is not an opinion post is beyond me as it should be until disney says its opening its all anyone guess and opinion!

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