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  1. Angela

    That makes it a little less unbearable. I may just spend my trip in the mask free zone! Any place is good at Disney

  2. Gale

    I think it horrible that guests would be obligated to wear mask in such heat day in Florida . With all the Disney technology ;they can not Make sure people are not sick before they go into the park!

    1. Davis

      Sadly gale many come to the parks sick they take their tylenol and aleve and run a muck its vacation and nothing stops em i know only from the many times i come home and next i got a cold! Sadly right before they said anything i was very sick as were alot of cms and people i knew we could only assume but you just never know but then again did we have it and not know or got it at the park???

    2. John M

      you do know you can be a carrier of the disease and show no symptoms. So If I have the disease but show no fever or any illness, I can still pass it to you and then you can pass it along, then possibly 1/2 the park can catch the virus in a few hours

    3. OP

      Hi Self-Entitled Karen. Just a quick reality check, it is not all about you! If you can’t deal with wearing a mask on private property, then DON’T GO! FYI, since you don’t seem that educated with other places in the world, they do just fine in places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc, where wearing a mask/coverings from head to toe due to the heat and sandstorms. Nobody is complaining over there. But of course, you are the typical American Karen who complains about everything and anything.

      1. Ashley G

        Very interesting observation regarding the wearing of face coverings in the Middle East. Didn’t think of that. Good comment.

      2. Deanna

        So they do not do it “just fine” you just are selectively reading. Just in the past few months 3 chinese teenaged boys have DIED from wearing masks. And those are just the ones actually reported. There are pros and cons to mask wearing and calling someone a Karen just because their opinion differs from theirs shows who is clearly the intolerant one in this conversation.

      3. Anne

        Hey, OP, Gale is entitled to her opinion, just as you are entitled to count yourself among the sheep who think wearing masks in the FL heat and humidity is just a super idea. We don’t live in Egypt or Saudi Arabia and, last time I looked, we don’t have sand storms. Gale is not complaining, she’s stating the obvious. Baaaa.

      4. Tina

        We complain because we are not forced as other countries are we complain because we can, if they complain the penalties in place are horrific, and yes it is private property that we are paying for a service that entitles us to be there and receive and we are all educated as to how other countries are dictated to here in the United States we are used to our freedoms and quite honestly being forced to wear a mask to pass by others all day and then being allowed to bunch up together unmasked to take a break is like putting innocent children in a smoking lounge to receive second hand smoke periodically throughout the day.

  3. Ken

    This goes in the”Disney doesn’t control the weather” lane.

    1. Markus

      This goes in one could still sue disney if they pass out stop breathing bc they wore a mask even though they were not supose too!

  4. Rebel Orange Bird

    You mean more than the hotel rooms pools and water parks where your obviously not going to wear a mask! This will be the most crowded section at the parks

  5. Diane

    Am 66 and in good health but am claustrophobic , in 90 degree temperature I would be passing out all over the park. I have supported Disney and the Vacation Club for the last 25 years but I guess our relationship has reached its end.

    1. Tina

      Don’t give up Diane I have your same concerns I am very afraid of getting heat stroke or exhaustion with that on and falling and hurting myself worse than COVID they have to tweak this plan eventually.I wore my mask for my hair appointment and came home with a rash and red face for 2 days.

    2. Denise

      Then go when the weather is cooler.

    3. Andrea

      I think its a great idea if used properly. I have to wear a mask while working but do remove it ocassionally if no customers are in the store. In the heat it would really be needed. But if there can be areas with no masks how about bringing back the two little smoking areas that were tucked away from the rest of the public in each park

  6. Donna

    I am a local and Passholder… my mask free relaxation zone will be anywhere but Disney. Thats just being done to get ya in the door. If you read it, it says its meant as a temporary Moment to remove mask. Im sure it will be something monitored and moved along. They removed benches and everything to stop people from sitting too long. I can only imagine what this will be.
    Not good enough.
    While everyone is suffocating at Disney and Universal we will be enjoying our time elsewhere

  7. teresamnj

    I believe the mask wearing is totally ridiculous. First off, what constitutes as a mask? Some people wear bandannas loosely tied. Some protection that is. I see a ton of people out and about shopping in stores with their masks below their nose. Unless you are fit tested for a mask, they are useless. It’s all about making people “feel” safe, and that something is being done. This virus has a 99.7% survival rate, and over 40% of the deaths were nursing home patients. Eight states had 70% of the deaths. The fear put into people by the media is criminal.

    1. Stephanie

      How do you keep a mask on at a water park?

      1. amie

        I’d love to know how this is enforced while swimming. Goodness gracious.

      2. Janie

        If they are expecting us to play the take it off put it on game the whole time… why open them up!? And i say that as someone whom loves BB! There is such a thing called drowning!

    2. TQ

      Your criminal if you don’t wear a mask!!
      It is for the benefit of everyone around you as their’s is for you. If you unknowingly have the virus and you just talk to someone you can give it to them. Children and people from age 20-40 have died from it. It being just in old age homes is propaganda to get everything open!!!

      1. Anne

        Oh, please. Calm down, you sound hysterical. And BTW, it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

      2. Mark

        Your not a criminal fl never was mandatory!

  8. rht

    Sadly, My family has to cancel our upcoming WDW vacation. I am in menopause which means I will be denied entry to the properties because of the thermal imaging used to detect “skin temperature”. I have periodic hot flashes as do most menopausal women. I am neither sick nor contagious. If only they took actual “core temperatures” which reflects an ACTUAL fever. I would try to get through the imaging, hoping that during the imaging my skin temperature might not be elevated, but if it was…then they would not only deny my entry, but my whole family. My 2 children and spouses plus grandkids. We just cant afford to lose that kind of money.

  9. I will not be going back to Disney till all these ridiculous restrictions are removed. I refuse to walk around in 100 degree weather wearing a mask sweating to death breathing in carbon monoxide. No Thanks….

    1. Tina

      You are not complaining Disney is just taking every step to comply they are a business and need to get back,I also cannot fully understand the why in the useless masks. Disney is being forced to make to many changes I believe the Empire of the mouse is under attack.

  10. Dink

    God damn Some of you really need cheese with that whine

  11. Sandra

    It is really quite simple. If you don’t want to wear a mask, or follow rules, just Don’t Go!

  12. Joe

    I refuse to live in panic and fear. I do believe mask should be optional. They spread more germs and no one wears properly. Good social practices are most effective. Oh well. I enjoy Disney but not enough to have to wear a mask everywhere we go. Hopefully won’t last more than a month or two.

  13. cupcake

    now this is what we need! a place for people to relax at. so people who arent going to wear mask can relax.

  14. I’ll visit when Disney is truly back to regular normal again. I love the mouse but this is going to far. To all you people saying it’s simple just stay away that’s exactly what my post is saying. I’m staying away.

  15. Sonnybruce

    We are currently annual pass holders from Maryland and my wife and i visit Disney 3 times a year, birthdays and the first week in December for Christmas, we both feel uncomfortable wearing masks shopping or social distancing in 70 degree heat i can not imagine in the Florida heat and humidity and i read in the comments then don’t go, well the problem with that train of thought is our passes will expire if the mask restrictions are kept in place for a long length of time without using them therefore we might only get 2 trips instead of 3 which money wise effects maybe more or the same as other pass holders who also are out of state. So before of being so critical of Disney fans for airing their issues with masks you should maybe understand how affects others before making such harsh statements.

  16. Common Sense

    So let me get this straight… masks are being made mandatory out of safety for all guests and cast members. Disney is saying you can remove the mask when eating or drinking. Now they have mask free zones. So they’re advocating to wear masks but are also advocating every single means of wearing them unproperly – actually raising the risk of spreading infectious viral particles and bacteria?

    According to the CDC…
    * You must wash your hands before putting on your face covering
    * Covering must be kept on the entire time you’re in public
    * Do not touch your face covering
    * Wear your face mask the entire time from leaving your house until you return home, without touching or removing the mask
    * Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth when wearing or removing a face mask
    * Completely sanitize before wearing and after removing your mask

    So you’re going to have thousands of people pulling their masks down constantly to eat a snack, take a drink of water, in “relief zones”, when they sit down for a meal, oh and you’re going to be sweating while wearing them so you’ll be adjusting them, scratching your face…

    It’s POINTLESS!! Actually, wearing masks will serve more harm than good. And that’s before you even take into account small kids wearing them.

    How can anyone actually advocate for that? Or are you just that gullible you’ll believe anything as long as safety is attached to it?

    1. sonnybruce

      Common Sense, thank you for pointing out that wearing the mask at Disney as outlined is nonsense, I can understand maybe in enclosed areas where its hard for social distancing such as buses and the monorail, but if checking temps at entrances and allowing people to take them off to eat and drink and to communicate it seems a little crazy.

    2. Tina

      AMAZING!Thank you for taking the time to fully explain what many of us know but and you backed it up with educated and medical facts your statements should be seen and shared with everyone,Thank You for explaining the actual truth.

    3. J.

      Amen! The whole thing is pointless considering as you said how much they will be off, adjusted etc. I’ve heard the Karens stating how people who don’t keep it on will be thrown out of the park, but can you imagine them throwing out everyone who is strolling along all day long with masks off eating a turkey leg, nachos, ice creams? Drinking constantly to stave off dehydration because they will be sweating even more than normal with that blanket over their faces. I just saw a conversation between a young, very fit military gentleman and a surgeon used to wearing masks and they both said they thought they were going to die trying to get around Disney Springs in the heat and humidity. The surgeon said she had been of the opinion that it wouldn’t be that bad wearing them in the heat and that people just needed to suck it up; until she actually tried to do it and realized how miserable it was. Obviously it wasn’t the same as wearing one indoors in the air conditioning for the length of a procedure. I suspect these “relaxation zones” are going to be something to fight the heat stroke that will inevitably come along with this unworkable plan. (incidentally, according to reports from those who have gone, nobody is policing those walking around nursing a drink/food (or using a bottle as a prop), with masks off at Disney Springs, so at least there’s that) Let’s hope that this requirement goes away quickly and things get back to normal.

    4. Jamie

      Sadly for someone saying common sense but quoting cdc is a joke they have NO CLUE what this is and just last wk said masks do not work! They were paid off for how many months till we found out china did this a lab???
      Still have no clue about a vaxx just like ebola and the rest best thing to do get out of your bubbles and live! And i am talking as someone whom lost their friend to covid! But do it safely passing out in 115 heat or not breathing bc of a mask is nowhere near safe!

  17. Nana

    We are going to cancel our August trip do to having to wear a mask this is not the way to open Disney with no parades no characters and no fireworks all the things everyone comes to Disney for. It’s to expensive to not to get the full Disney experience. I hope this changes before long. We are now being told by Dr.Fauci not to wear mask if your healthy.

  18. Cathie

    I can not see wearing a mask walking around in that heat. If you are keeping your distance and not touching your face before washing your hands you will be fine without a mask. If people don’t want to go if mask wearing is optional they can not go.

  19. Anne

    Let me get this straight. No masks in the “relaxation” zones, or pool areas, restaurants, or while snacking/drinking in the parks. But damp masks for those poor suckers dragging kids through MK trying to breathe and see through fogged sunglasses in the FL heat and humidity. Not to mention being chased down and harassed by the mask cops…er, CMs, should they whip masks off for a brief respite. Insanity, pure insanity, to think it’s reasonable.

    This, along with no parades, fireworks, etc. doesn’t particularly make for a stress-free, magical vacation. I’ll pass, thanks.


    1. Davis

      Its not cms its our managers telling us to be mask nazis! We like you get its hot and are afraid for the same reasons… i along w many others have passed out already and are wondering if its worth it! Esp bc i will not be a mask nazi and my daughter is dying there are more important things in life!

  20. Sandra

    It is going to be nice going to the parks without all the cry babies with mask phobias. Maybe less crowded. Besides, I have some cool masks that I won’t mind wearing at all.

    1. Anne

      Funny how you think those of us who think masks at WDW are ridiculous. We think you who are terrified of a virus with a very high recovery rate, and who are willing to hide in your homes and hide behind masks for months are the crybabies. We just want to live. You can’t hide forever.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        “You can’t hide forever.”
        No, she can go to Disney. So sorry your fear of masks and inability to comprehend science means you are going to miss out!

      2. Ellie

        I wear a mask at work at this moment and I don’t think they should make paying customers wear it. A few hrs is unberable I cant imagine spending my vacation dealing with that. Putting my children at risk to a heat stroke no thank you, will go somewhere else will laugh at those that dare to go and then end up sick because they think doing this all day is peaches and cream.

  21. TQ

    This virus is killing perfectly health children and people from their 20’s-50’s!!! It is not just in old age homes!! When the Governor says that it is just propaganda to get things open. All of you people who think it is your constitutional right not to wear a mask are dead wrong! We are in the middle of a pandemic which is a world as well as a national emergency. As such you have no right to defies the laws and rules, by doing so puts all of us in danger. You are selfish as well as criminal!!!! If you unknowingly have the virus you can give it to someone just talking to them. If there is a breeze outside your spit travels farther weather your talking, sneezing or coughing. This is all just science!!!! So stop being ignorant and selfish. If you don’t want to wear a mask then stay home!!!!!!

    1. Damion

      I agree TQ! We need to stop this virus before it kills even more then .004% of the population!

    2. Anne

      And how many times has Dr. Fauci and all the “expert” modelers changed the “science”?

      Quarantines and masks are for SICK people, not healthy people. This is America. We just want our freedom. The death rate from this virus is miniscule compared to the 327,000,000 in this country. Stop living in fear and enjoy life.

      1. Melanie Durham

        Sooooooo…..I wear masks in surgery……..when I’m not sick! Hello!!!!! That makes no sense whatsoever!

        1. Anne

          Of course you wear masks in a surgical setting. Everyone knows hospitals are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Just like breathing through a mask in hot, humid weather.

          Just want to know, ROB? Yeah, I believe …. I was there.

          The two of you can faithfully wear your masks …. until Fauci changes his mind again and the good little sheep obey. As for me, I cherish my freedom and refuse to live in fear, especially of a virus with a very low mortality rate.

          Enjoy your Brave New World.


        2. Anne

          Here’s a fun fact for ya…WHO recommends not wearing a mask unless you’re caring for an infected person. Huh.

  22. Tina

    If Disney parks take away the Parades , fireworks ,benches, meet and greets with Characters, photos with characters they are no longer Disney just another regular Amusement Park.Not what Mr. Walt E. Disney created.

  23. Markus

    Another article that could be titled:
    Another arguement over masks!

  24. Ev

    in czech republic they are no longer required to wear face masks

    1. Anne

      Damion, I love the sarcasm. Wonder if TQ recognizes it as such.

      1. Damion

        Ha! Something tells me she doesn’t 🙂

        1. Kelly Connerton

          Me neither but it was well done.

  25. Rosie

    Disney is opening in july no one not even disney knows what they will do by then! Its a proposal for JULY!!!!! Things change daily… and to anyone saying masks are not mandatory in fl it depends on where you or and what your doing! I am going back to church this sunday and MUST WEAR a face covering. But thats the thing no one is getting it those complain about masks can’t you make your own or wear different material all they are asking is something covering your face! I would be very surprised if you needed to take it down for a reason or another to breathe or say take a drink of water you really be looked down upon… common sense! And the in the water thing i agree w too you can not expect people to swim but once sitting on deck or walking around then its a different story. I do not need to wear it at my community pool why disney?? But if i am sitting outside or around the clubhouse bc you just never know i wear one! The only way i see this getting ? Is if your medically unable to but then bring a dr note simple enough but still have something jic…. again common sense!

  26. Davis

    Update from inside security knowledge:
    With this being July they are working on adjustments and asking to obviously not be a mask nazi on kids they are just kids! Though adults whom should be able to follow rules… they also said they may allow dr notes this being said please note it needs to be valid!!!! Per example: i think i might pass out but i may not does not exempt you vs i can not medically wear a mask due to breathing issues etc. This WILL NOT exempt you either but it will be more voluntary for you then mandatory! Again i am only passing info do not quote me as correct but i wanted to be nice and maybe take some pressure off a very hot topic.

    1. Rebel Porg

      I called and was told they are taking care of it and weighing out all options by july! I called only bc i can not medically wear one and i said that looks like your forcing me to do something that could kill me just to enjoy my day at the parks which is wrong and they said they understand and are working on EVERYTHING once open will have clarity for now everything we are hearing can change!

  27. cupcake

    well if your sick wear a mask if your not then take a chance

    1. Miriam

      Legoland & gardens are not mandatory masks!

  28. Lou

    Ok but as someone with a CM as family, you don’t understand how often CMs are coughed, sneezed and spit on. How it’s completely common when you start working at Disney to get very VERY sick within your first two weeks because people are just nasty. Masks might not be ideal but at least it’s brings focus to the health of those around you. And juuuuust maybe they will at least think about things like wash your hands and don’t flat out sneeze on a stranger.
    Don’t care about CMs health? Ok then take a walk around the park and observe the make a wish children that deserve for you to be respectful of their wish and their health. Look at grandma who is at greater risk but wants to see her grandchildren at the park. These rules are not forever. It’s a temporary thing to try make gathering in that magnitude again as safe as possible.

  29. Bobbie Evans

    If you are in a risk group, STAY HOME. You shouldn’t be out. Masks aren’t enforceable. They can say that they’re required, but if everyone refuses, what are they gonna do, kick the 98% out that are healthy and don’t need them? I don’t think so. Have any of you been watching the news with the riots? Thousands weren’t social distancing or wearing masks, GLOBALLY, for WEEKS. Masks are suggestive and if I ever go back to Disneyworld, I won’t be wearing one and I won’t be mask shamed. Sorry. Not sorry. Get over it.

    1. Yoda

      Well if you were to go to WDW, the county that WDW is in has made it mandatory for masks to be worn. Now this might end by time parks open, but if county wide mandatory masks is still in effect and you don’t want to wear one, don’t come to the park. Disney is private property and if their rules are to wear a mask, they have every right to kick out guests who don’t comply. It is just like how you aren’t allowed on property with a weapon or bring alcoholic beverages on property. They are legal items but Disney rules don’t allow them and they will kick you out (or have you arrested) if you bring them on property. Disney can set their own rules and if you don’t like, don’t visit. Masks are a safety item for both guests and cast members.
      If I am visiting at the park, since I am an AP, I will mask shame non compilers.

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