Comments for Guests Can Now Only Book New Disney World Reservations For AFTER July 1

Disney World bookings

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  1. Harley

    Most disney apps crash and hurt phones this app crashed my old phone i had to get a new one and also crashed my ipad it wont restart! And yes patience and kindness is the key!

  2. Janie

    I am a cm i know esp w the lovely invention of virtual queues the app has caused even more magical chaos N unfortunately rules are rules and we can not do anything to help but i so wish i could be helpful but when a handful of people it works for vs the mob of folks that come to me bc that app crashed, never worked, is a piece of crap etc etc. I do feel for all of you and i could only imagine if it screws w somethingg important like reservations and i heard it does! And thats only here in DL where its all minor stuff on it vs WDW your whole plan of action is on that!
    I agree w patience too i just wish i had more of it to deal w my kids and their school work i thought as a cm i do not get paid enough screw it i gladly give up some of my pay to help support teachers after all this…. oh and god bless all stay at home folks you rock just as much!

  3. Jackie

    And according to the actual website it says nothing of the sort and only says please bare in mind that no matter when we reopen we will abide by whatever the state govenment regulations puts us under so that means may or may not have safety measures and so attractions as well as parks may not open!

  4. Jamie

    Cast members are ready to protest the mask thing and a few other requirement i feel are going to be na by the time we get in! So see what happens i know i am dl and not wdw but still just fyi! And no park has started there cm calls yet let alone everything that has to happen… so july = pipedream!

  5. Rebel Ravenclaw

    if this lovely virus proved anything the lack of common sense and thinking you deserve sp treatment or you do not have to follow rules or my favorite disney is going to open for me bc it has to bc i paid money to be there or disney can make up their own rules they are a public company (huge company trade on stock market private only semployees get stock holds) no they can not …. is a clear joke the lack of common sense and patience is crazy! I bet these will be the same people complaining and not showing kindness to cms after all they are only human too and in the same position in the waiting game! Just stop and wait…

  6. Davis

    Right now no one is going in besides springs! Level 1 is where we are in fl and thats where its staying!
    Disney needs to go in 6 levels for cms before guests to begin w.
    After springs depending on where stuff is i heard is water parks are safe bet already limited by capacity and time.
    Then dak and epcot
    Mk would be next if they could figure queues of social distancing is done for the most part… dhs is last due to capacity was originally low and lines do not allow 6ft etc and max out too easily believe me i walked it! Thats hows its going to be and its not going to be july thats for sure so give it a rest for my sanity and the rest of the ride out crew too! Kindness just alittle goes a long way!

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