Comments for Disney Vacation Club Shares Phased Reopening Plan for DVC Resorts

dvc phased reopening announcement


  1. Markus

    It did not say anywhere about pools and masks! I know at my local pool its by appt only but obviously no one is swimming w masks on as that would cause breathing issues etc esp underwater i mean disney would not be that stupid right? I mean around the pool area and if your just sitting but i assume not in or is that a crazy assumption disney would take on the chance of drowning someone bc they swam w a mask on!? I know its a dumb ? But if you read the letter thats in 5 font it does not make a pt to say it and in some places w the mask thing disney is not playing w full deck! At least i didnt ask do we need to wear em in our rooms! Lol!

  2. Ron

    DVC members that have reservations after June 22 and before July 11 are getting screwed. They’re are forcing you to go under there new restrictions and before the parks even open. Bad decision Disney.

    1. Lydia

      And June has been canceled for months while july was not and is still not guaranteed your pt is????

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