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  1. Mark

    I am sorry but surveys tell people squat half the really good rides closed due to surveys! And lets look at universal hhn is ip hell due to surveys yes HOS is still awesome bc they are originals and so was HHN they became IP hell bc of surveys! Surveys is just peoples opinions and thats all they are parks shouldn’t run on that! If they did we are all in deep trouble!

    1. Darth Asking

      That’s right! Nobody should ever ask us what we want. We already know we want and we want it now! And if they don’t give it to us, then we will be so mad that we’ll never tell ’em what we want!!

      Oh, yeah, and I voted not to return to a theme park until they change the lyrics to ALL the Country Bear’s songs.

      1. Mark

        I meant the closing of the real rides that meant something to people maybe you should take your trashy sarcasm to the trash! Honestly if TJ or anyone w negativity writes an op article aganist ryans cbj one etc we know whose darth fill the alias is!

      2. Harley

        They probably listen to people like you whom can careless about the parks vs the rest of us whom consider it to be like a second home btw which they never took into consideration talk about tragic!

  2. Jackie

    Heres.a new plan… whatever happens happens or never those are your only choices deal w it people!!!! I will keep posting this till the point gets across!

  3. Janie

    Lets call spade a spade you all say “we will be fine w abcd” then you get here and scream at us bc your pissed bc of abcd! Btw many of us cms are parents we can not logically go back to wrk wo our kids back to school! School essential disney is not!

  4. Dave

    I will Never go to a FLORIDA themepark, and probably Any themepark if I need to wear a mask.

    1. Harley

      Cms are fighting it too bc if guests have reasons not to wear em bc if you need it to protect you there are opposite that can not wear em too! And cms are not out of that company by the time disney reopens for good though you just never know… my son can not wear it drs orders!

    2. Davis

      I know many cms whom wont return if they have to wear em its too hot in fl so much that the mandatory clause on orlando might be raised like other counties! There are health concerns too on it!

    3. Ghost nation forever

      I rather smile and get greeted w a smile!

    4. A concern dr

      I am a dr and i got sick… i can tell you they do not work! But in fl i thought except miami it was volitary disney can not force something the state has overruled cms is one thing us that be crazy! Then you will not be alone in that thought esp w our weather!

      1. MD

        You are incorrect. Surgical Masks have been proven to prevent coronavirus spread in respiratory droplets (not airborne)-from a recent landmark study in peer reviewed Nature Magazine. If you are a physician (not sure what kind of “dr” you are), please do your research before making “dr” comments.

      2. A concern dr

        Yes md while many state that many in our field still got sick w masks on! Its not mandatory in our state if they were so needed wouldnt people whom do not wear them by your statement just be dropping dead??? Second a nature magazine i question you being a real dr! I have 2 degrees and my other is psych i am very concerned about the countries mental state! Jic we didn’t have a high suicide rate before now we have this! Also heat and masks are not going to match i do not know where you live but many here in fl do not wear em just bc its to hot to do so and its only going to get hotter! And viruses do not live in heat!

      3. Exhausted mommy

        I am not wearing a masked for a hoaxed flu do not wear one for the real one! For 2 drs you both listen to squat! Its on the same line as the flu drs in cali and nyc did the research already its all back to normal and lets get on a it! Please i am getting tired of my kids!

        1. Joe

          @ exhausted mommy
          Hell of a hoax the whole world ? got in on it to pretty impressive combined effort. Especially the death toll… not sure how the whole world faked all those deaths.
          Hollywood must be in on it using special effects and such to really put the hoax down get the top.
          Sorry your stuck with your kids it must be hell.

          1. Darth Asking

            You realize Exhausted Mommy is a joke, right?

            That was a well-played example of satire.
            Trust me on this one.

      4. Rebel ravenclaw

        Yes bc darth fill in blank you only know sarcasm and satire you wouldnt know consideration if hit you or you would have cared i cared to be nice and at least give me a response that made sense… not more satire yes or no will do. But no i get i like your drink or i hate hp…

    5. jason

      Absolutely agree! That might be the #1 reason we will stay home. A mask in that heat is a joke. I can barely last 20 mins in a store.

      1. Harley

        Its mandatory for cms not guests which i still find tragic esp if you have a condition or god forbid you feel faint in the heat etc. Managers are going to yell wheres your mask its like i cant breathe you want me to die instead please on top of that i doubt they will work in rain and you know what starts in june…. but its all a mute pt by the time they open we could be beyond masks and then it will def be a withstanding arguement!

  5. Lawyer

    Not true… Disney can make any rule they want since it is part of the private sector.

    1. Jamie

      They are a public company any company traded on stock market and in public domain must follow rules its called lawsuit if not! Common sense you were not born w obviously!

      1. Joe

        Yes but they can make rules as to what you wear in the park and what you bring in. They already have certain ones for example no cosplay costumes for adults, no strollers over a certain size, no smoking etc.
        So if they want to they could require guests wear masks to enter the parks.

    2. Jackie

      Your some kind of lawyer you didnt even accurately do research and see that the disney site itself says they are going to adhire to all state government guidelines and will work on saftey measure accordingly!

      1. Keto Disney

        It doesn’t matter if Disney is private or public. They can still require guest to adhere to a dress code, as they already do.
        No one knows what they will do, until they decide and release a statement.

  6. Rebel ravenclaw

    if this lovely virus proved anything the lack of common sense and thinking you deserve sp treatment or you do not have to follow rules or my favorite disney is going to open for me bc it has to bc i paid money to be there or disney can make up their own rules they are a public company (huge company trade on stock market private only semployees get stock holds) no they can not …. is a clear joke the lack of common sense and patience is crazy! I bet these will be the same people complaining and not showing kindness to cms after all they are only human too and in the same position in the waiting game! Just stop and wait…

  7. Joe

    Also I got the survey for my August trip the email came on the 8th

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