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Disney Springs Security

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  1. Harley

    100.4 is a laugh your temp will go that high in our heat just standing outside…. one undeniable way to keep people out! Masks is one thing make you feel safe though they do not work one thing… but no one unless dying in hosp and at pt would not be coming to disney those people recorded a fever everyone else had a bad cold or flu which may or may not record a temp… so whats that prove!? Masks are fine or like many i know including me wear face buffs its easier to breathe through esp in our heat but temp taking esp once they reopen parks and at 75% forget 100% will be harder no matter how quick it maybe yes 25% will be simple millions of people backed up complaining i got a reservation or fp speed this up… bc we all know the lack of patience in people and this will not equal… i have patience and kindness towards all cms but will others thats the crazy pt! Though as with anything this could all be a mute pt being no one knows when the rest will open and this is just springs by then we might just wait and note the world is a ??? Right now!

    1. Jamie

      Exactly masks is one thing temp taking???
      I had covid but it didnt get back still self isolated but NEVER recorded a fever! I only went to take the antibody plasma test and found out i had the right antibodies thats how i knew i had covid! I am also never going to get this strain again but like the flu theres thousands of strains i will not nor will anyone else be immune to it just this one so i will wear a mask in the parks and know i can take it off elsewhere! Just limit your time at these places until they drop the mask thing… your right its all about safety but when will it be over board??? My bf record a fever after he took a walk around the block in the heat of the day whose saying that will not happen to someone waiting on line… my thoughts is either this will be gone really fast or they will account for its 115 in the shade here in fl!

  2. Davis

    Please have kindness towards my fellow springs security they are new to this as we all are! Btw please do not play 20? W cast they only know springs and not the parks! I am park security ride out and i do not know park info! I know desantis hasnt approved of proposals and I doubt he will right now as non essential stuff like theme parks are not in his level 1 group of things to open… so please have patience and just enjoy springs if you get in and if you do not please remember kindness your not the only one in this situation!

  3. Jackie

    You realize fl is only in level 1 and anyone trying to fight that is getting fined or arrested! Lets all have patience and davis thanks ahead of time too all security for dealing w this the best way!

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