Comments for Closed Fitting Rooms, Social Distancing, More Safety Measures at Disney Springs

disney springs reopening

Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM


  1. Harley

    My favorite is the dressing room thing i am like your separated by walls! ?
    But the floors and stuff is better than the werid Xs everywhere but sadly this proves the lack of common sense like people can not separate themselves ??? Whose this uneducated they can not do simple math or common curiosity???
    I want to thank all cms for coming back dealing w the new rules plus guests! Good luck and be safe everyone (esp to those i heard already had an issue in the heat).

    1. Davis

      Thank you Harley its been one of those days out in the heat as always and yes i agree the dressing room thing is werid but so are many things w safety! Hope you are safe

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