Closed Fitting Rooms, Social Distancing, More Safety Measures at Disney Springs

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disney springs reopening

Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

As Disney Springs begins its phased reopening today, May 20, we can finally put speculation aside and see the safety measures in place at the retail and dining district.

Here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

1. Fitting Rooms Closed

Dressing Rooms Closed at Disney Springs
Credit: ITM/ Emille Crawford

Guests planning to go shopping at Disney Springs will find at least some of the retail stores with closed fitting rooms.

2. No Cash Accepted

No Cash Accepted
Credit: ITM/Emille Crawford

Customers are now greeted with a sign letting them know that cash will not be accepted at this time, and only debit cards or credit cards will be accepted. This decision has been made by other stores outside of Disney Springs. The idea is to prevent the spread of the pandemic by preventing the spread of paper money upon which the germs could jump from one person to another.

3. Social-Distancing Queues and Seating

Social Distancing Markers, Sunshine Churros
Credit: ITM/ Emille Crawford
disney springs
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

As restaurants opened their doors for lunch, markers were placed on the floor to guide guests on how to line up while maintaining social distancing. This has led to long lines forming outside eateries such as Earl of Sandwich, The Polite Pig as well as STK Orlando, The Boathouse and T-rex Cafe. Outside seating areas were also spread very far apart from each other.

disney springs restaurant lines
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

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4. Directions on Walkways

Many of the walkways in Disney Springs — specifically the bridges — have arrows placed on the walkways to designate the directions in which guests should walk in order to help maintain social distancing even outside.

5. Frequent Sanitation

Cast Members are also frequently cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

disney springs
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

Limited Capacity Reminder

According to state law, restaurants and retailers cannot serve more than 50% of their indoor capacity. However, Disney Springs is also limiting its own capacity and that once the parking garages reach their limited capacity, even guests with advanced dining reservations will not be able to enter the area.

Disney Springs said in a statement:

Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions at Disney Springs, once the parking garages are full, Guests will no longer be able to park and visit Disney Springs. This includes Guests who have a booked dining reservation. If a Guest is unable to make their reservation because Disney Springs is closed due to capacity, the dining guarantee charge will be waived.

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