Comments for Walt Disney World Parks Reportedly to Reopen at Only 20-30% Capacity

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Shanna

    Hopefully this means those with Disney resort reservations only at first. That’s the easiest way to control numbers/who uses transportation. It’s the easiest to track the people in the parks. Guests can submit their plans at check in so that Disney knows which guests are at which parks each day.

    1. Yoda

      I disagree. The parks should open first for the local residents. We don’t need to have guests from all over the world coming here to possibly spread the disease here. We isolated ourselves so this community didn’t become a hot zone so let us take advantage of the parks first.

      1. TeriGott4r

        WDW would have to provide first access to it’s hotel guests. They can’t book reservations at Disney properties and not let them in the parks.

      2. Mike

        I fear that opening for Florida residents only will force them to rescind Florida dicounts in order for it to work financially for them.

      3. Very true we don’t need people from all Over coming down here. Not only from other countries but states. Like. Ew York

        1. TruthSeekerTruthseekerTruthSeeker

          Or Miami,…oh wait a sec..ew Miami Florida

        2. Katie H Katie

          I really hope those of us who have already rescheduled our vacation packages do not get excluded with capacity controls. There should be a cutoff on number of rooms booked and that should be a priority in deciding how to control capacity.

      4. Wesley H McDaniel

        I agree with Yoda. Florida residents only please. No one from outside the US for sure and no one from other states, especially hot zone states. Florida residents support Disney all year round, not for just a week of vacation from other US states or the overseas “vacationers” who get “discounted” vacations. Leave those folks where they are and allow those of us who support Disney and Orlando all year long the opportunity to enjoy the parks 1st.

      5. Mark

        “We isolated ourselves”? Who is “we” in this case? Resort reservations should be honored, but whoever is let in must wear a mask. If you don’t wanna wear a mask, cancel your reservation. Or don’t enter!

      6. I totally agree it should be local residents only. This way the term can’t be tracked to over here until we get closer to a virus it should stay that way.

      7. Jerry juedes

        Be nice not to have to wait in lines for over an hour

      8. Pete

        Amen to THAT!

    2. Harley

      Disney will follow uni whose doing fl aps only! Thats if they do not wait for 75% my friend said august! And it seems to be the consensus! Disney always wanted to do right thing and wanted 75%! They are also struggling w the mask thing and our heat! Plus our hurricane season started already and thats early so theres all that! Lets go with having patience and not be in a rush the parks will always be there!

      1. Sharon

        Universal did not do Florida APs only. I live in PA and received my invitation to the reopening

      2. Cindy caine

        Sharon then you got it by mistake i work uni its fl residents only! Your not aloud down here anyways!

        1. Gloria

          “Your not aloud down here anyways”? Florida education system hard at work.

      3. Cindy caine

        Sorry but thats correct english but then again you must be from Missouri! Btw originally from ny as most people are in fl! And btw lets make bets your someone trying to get in here too! You know we are all cast and team members your not show more respect! You do not have a clue what we know! But you rather make fun of us and our grammar! Comment section not ela masters degree!
        If you do not want our correct info then fine tell w the bs itm or any fan site is spewing at you!

        1. Gloria

          Aloud – any audible voice above a whisper, ex. He read the book aloud. Allowed – permission ex. She is allowed in the park but you are not.

        2. Earl

          The cast members posting on all these threads sound like they really shouldn’t be working at Disney if they hate guests so much that they feel the need to say guests aren’t “aloud” at Disney. If this is the kind of person Disney employs, I’d seriously reconsider supporting them as a company.

          1. Ariana

            First of all they said they work for Universal, not Disney. Second, they said that because there are several states that are in full quarantine, and if they try to travel to Florida right now, they have to self quarantine themselves for 2 weeks before they can go out in public.

    3. Katie h

      I agree. I am a Florida resident but have an actual package booked for the end of July. It was originally supposed to be this coming weekend and we already had to reschedule once.

      1. Mark

        Your going to have to reschedule i was not aloud to make a reservation for july they told bc they are going to start canceling them next wk! Its aug the earliest and jan the latest!

        1. damion

          Mark, please stop making guesses when the park will open. Nobody knows. You post a different month everytime.


    It makes a lot of sense open slowly and when the sky doesn’t fall in wait a few weeks and kick it to 50,then 75 and full.

    1. Davis

      Its a point all us ride out crew besides the heat and other things including many attractions and maybe full parks might be conflicted by rules! I do not work and wear rose tinted glasses we all know whom we work for but they also should know as soon as they open 100% down the or def 50th next yr they will make all this lost time $$$ up before you blink! I heard august the earliest but i also heard oct and jan so who knows lets just have patience and let everyone in charge bc we are not figure it out… at least thats what we hope as cms! And i am sure you do as guests!

  3. Mike

    I fear that opening for Florida residents only will force them to rescind Florida dicounts in order for it to work financially for them.

  4. Rebel Orange Bird

    Its very hard to justify any trip out of state without full parks open knowing some attractions due to queue structure and parks due to orgin capacity might not open! Forget the whole mask temp thing i think is insane and i am from ny! But then again it doesnt get to 115 in the shade here in ny either unlike there in fl!

  5. Donald Barber

    FL resident passholders…are they going to reactivate my monthly payment with the chance of the parks being full? I think 30% will fill quickly.

  6. Kevin H Jones

    At WDW, Florida residents make up only a small percentage of the overall attendance. I, personally, am not looking forward to going on the trip we planned over July the 4th. I hope they cancel, not because I am scared of COVID-19, but because I really HATE people who insist on imprisoning others with their fears. Wearing a mask is like being forced to wear a petri dish on your face. A South Korean study said as much. They do not work. Sanitary practices do. A John’s Hopkins Study as well as the CDC numbers themselves show COVID-19 as no more communicable or deadly than the Flu.

    1. Paul

      You don’t have to wait for them to cancel your July 4th plans. Their current policy is to offer a full refund to anyone at this time who feels unsafe and wants to cancel. Please take advantage of that so you don’t have to go on a trip you don’t want to, and everyone else doesn’t have to feel unsafe in the parks with those who refuse to follow the CDC guidelines (which do not categorize Covid-19 as safer than a normal flu… Not sure where you heard that, but there’s obviously a lot of misinformation out there).

      1. athenr

        Heck, as long as they extend our PAPs for the time they won’t be open and/or we aren’t allowed in, I’m good

      2. Mike money

        Annual pass and resort guests … First come first serve. .

  7. Considering the weather in Florida, surely everyone would be banned from entering as they’d all be so hot from standing in the heat for hours to get in lol

    1. Ashley G

      Oh, you mean that temperatures of folks would probably be a little artificially high due to being in the heat. Yea, I thought about that.

  8. Lyn

    As a local who pays for Platinum plus so we can go whenever we want, if I’m blocked out I want my pass fully extended until they are at 100%. Out of state tourists are supposed to still quarantine for 14 days if from NY,NJ,CT and LA, they should automatically disqualify them from even making a reservation unless it’s longer than 14 days. We don’t go once a week , once a month , we are there pretty much everyday , that’s why we moved here and we are a family of 6. We eat dinner there several times a week, character buffets, Epcot restaurants, we buy merch , pins etc. everything a tourist does. We go all year , even in the heat and on major holidays. So please don’t tell me local passholders don’t go , there are many of us that take full advantage of living in the Disney bubble.

    1. I totally agree Platinum members should have their passes extended all the way through the time that they can have zero blackout days that’s the contract we signed up for and Disney should honor it

  9. Becky

    I’ve read that the capacity for the Magic Kingdom in 100,000 (and only reaches that a few times per year) and an average day has an attendance of about 57,000. Given the percentages that I see being kicked around, I’m wondering which number they’ll use regarding capacity.

    1. Veronica

      MK capacity is 80 or 85,000. It is different in each park. Even at its busiest on NYE and 4th of July Epcot and the other parks don’t meet capacity. Only MK has on NYE, July 4th and maybe Christmas. It will be capacity for each park, then capacity for each ride, shop and restaurant etc within each park. Disney still has to replace the finger scan with another way to verify identity which I’m sure they have figured out how to do.
      The correct mask used properly does help prevent contaminating others. That’s why doctors and nurses wear them around sick or immune compromised people.. but in Springs and City Walk, so far they allow people to take their own masks off to eat/drink then put them back on creates a problem. If these parks want to do it right, all guests should be given sealed proper masks with clear instructions on how to wear them correctly. Many people I have seen walking around springs or city walk often have the mask positioned under their nose, or hanging from their ear, all while touching their face and mask too many times for it to be of any use.

      And for the temperature checks.. most people do not have a high fever, many have no symptoms but spread the virus to others.

      Also the mayor of Orange County said cast members will be allowed in for a couple of days to test universal as guests, then annual pass holders for a couple of days and if all goes well with those first soft openings, the general public can come June 5..

      I don’t think universal will end up opening June 5.. that’s my opinion.

  10. Scott

    Wondering how they would justify who gets in and who doesn’t. Some people plan a week or two there purchasing the “Basic” single park in a day ticket, for the number of days there; others do the “Hopper.” Some visitors arrive an hour after rope drop because they prefer to stay at the parks late, until closing. Some of this could seriously mess up people’s park plans as well as any dining reservations. It will be interesting once everything rolls out.
    On a side note, some of the potential screening plans are more for other guests piece of mind. The temperature check does nothing. We saw that with certain airports. Also, not everyone’s temperature is a true 98.6°. Some run low like I do (96.6°), meaning they might have a fever at 99.6°; other people run a higher normal temperature putting them closer to the “fever” threshold. Don’t forget most don’t show symptoms.
    I don’t know wait and see…we have a trip reserved for later in the year. My main concern right now is the confinement of flying. If we opted to drive, we would have to eliminate a day on the front and back end, shortening the trip. And then the possibility of being turned away at the gate??? Wait and see I guess.

  11. Gikka

    That’s the right thing to do. We still don’ t know ALL about this terrible virus.

  12. Marley

    I like the idea and with FL residents only at first. I am not from FL btw. IMHO, no one should be encouraging travel right now until we know more about the virus. It is still a danger. I hope Disney continues to handle this with safety as a priority to make us all proud Disney fans.

  13. Samantha

    I would love to see them operate like movie theaters and hotels work. You buy tickets/make reservations for a specific day. I would be pissed to travel from AZ to FL and not be able to get in.

  14. CIBS

    It’s about time. If you’re afraid, stay home. Simple.

    1. TruthSeeker

      guess what? If enough people are afraid and stay home, Disney can’t survive. Smarty

  15. Michelle D

    As someone with a resort reservation that has been cancelled…twice…I think the plan is to close the resorts in the first phase of opening to allow locals to go first. 1) This means less outside contamination. 2) This will allow the airports to slowly get systems in place to account for more travelers. 3) It allows for the the fact many are not allowed to travel to FL in the first place, so they are not losing money with reservations they can’t use.

  16. Thomas j Harrold

    Thomas Orlando FL So if Disney World is go to do 50% first Reopen of people and just Florida Residents then the Cast members and Family should’t have any Restrictions or Blackout dates on going to any of the Parks Because in the summer Cast members and family can’t go to Disney because things are Black out Now face masks I don’t think it is Necessary to Where them Outside because the Florida Heat is so much that it makes the Virus go dawn so the people that are going into the Parks Shouldn’t have to wear them But employees yes And another thing If you don’t have the right one Then a face mask Makes you very Itchy and if you Wear a bandana then the Heat And Your sweat will make the Face mask come off unless you got it Really secured to your face The same thing when you go on rides

  17. Wesley H McDaniel

    I agree with Yoda. Florida residents only please. No one from outside the US for sure and no one from other states, especially hot zone states. Florida residents support Disney all year round, not for just a week of vacation from other US states or the overseas “vacationers” who get “discounted” vacations. Leave those folks where they are and allow those of us who support Disney and Orlando all year long the opportunity to enjoy the parks 1st.

  18. Richard Bloodworth

    I disagree completely. Open fully no restrictions no new normal. It’s time to move on.

  19. Mark

    Do not know where any of you are going cms are being told to report in july and opening august so good luck w that! I just tried to get reservations via dvc for july and they said we can not reserve that date at that time as we will be canceling you within the next few wks!

    1. damion

      Maybe they got that from your other post when YOU said CMs were told to report in July and guests can attend in August . . . . . Mark, nobody knows when the park will open, not even your “inside” guy, you should know that now because you’ve posted like 3 different times when the parks will open because “you’re on the inside”. It’s been very entertaining though, I’ll give you that.

  20. Davis

    First off before this comes another at everyone throat thing please respect each other! When going to the park kindness and consideration to cms like me and anyone else whom might comment here or just in general remember we are being subjected to the same rules as you and been through the same craziness going on in the world!
    Second we are only at level 2 or 3 in pre opening disneyland might be before wdw but no one knows! I been there as ride out and i just past out the other day was told from my manager to stay home till august when we reopen! This could be assumed as overall opening or bc my post is usually dak that is dak reopening timeframe! I assumed though we be first bc of the space that yours truly counted be first but oh well…
    Moving on…
    This is what i heard remember most parks will be capacity limited due to not all attractions/parks will be open!
    Again not all will be open!
    Mk bc of queues some attractions including major ones will be closed!
    Epcot is on tbd and might just stay closed to do constriction that must get done.Though if reopening does happen remy is ready but do not expect food and wine this yr due to 6ft apart!
    Dak is ready once the rides get a good run through and ent rehearses.
    DHS will not open! Capacity normally would not allow 25% unless they just open the 3 main attraction areas and use rest of space for queue. But we went around that place w fine tooth combs and rulers theres not enough space.
    Throwing out personally opinion here to close as i think i stayed enough inside scoop… personally i know disney wants to open but we as cms know we arent as essential as other things! Disney will always be here! And disney should know once 100% or at most for the 50th they will make money back before one could say… see ya real soon! But whom am i but ride out security! I just thought i share that all with you!

  21. Harley

    I heard parks in august but bb and lagoon might ne next wk! Which btw is what we whom know cms or whom are cms have been saying all along huh…. and everyone yelled at us saying we were nuts!

    1. Alexis

      I am from Michigan and have a trip that I booked for July 21-27 six months ago. Our state is still under quarantine until June 12th. As a responsible guest I would not only be willing to alter my stay as well as fully participate in all safety protocol in order to ensure the safety of myself and others. Everyone needs to stop whining about the inconvenience of what is happening right now. We are all uncomfortable and it is a privilege not a necessity to visit Disney. In my area there are people that have been out of work for months, they would be willing to water any kind of PPE just to start earning money again. Sorry you can’t ride pirates or have a sole whip if you don’t want to wear a mask and wait a bit longer at the gate for a temperature check. In my opinion those people don’t deserve to go.

  22. Mercer

    As an AP DVC member who visits annually from out of state, I would like to see WDW open first to in-state residents to minimize transmission risks and to get the safety compliance protocols sorted out. If WDW is not prepared to eject those who fail to comply, I would like to know it. Better to practice with lower risk in-state residents.

  23. Lisa

    Wow a lot of very immature people in here. If you dont live in the state. Then you shouldnt be invited until attendance is at 50 percent or more. So what if you have to reschedule these are unpresidentied times. You cant always have it your way!!! I live in Arizona I made reservations for disneyland for the end of July I dont see it happening. But hey we can dream right. Ill reschedule if I have too. I wont cry like a baby. Plus Discounted tickets have been extended until December 2021 but that could change to learn to be flexible.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      Great points! As someone whose still stuck in nyc and is not aloud anywhere out of my state bc its not just FL! I am on the boarder between ny and pa and i have friends in hershey can not go wo quarantine! Hey at least all you cms matter and have jobs many of my friends on broadway can not say the same! Lets have kindness we are truly all in this together no one is better than the other! Rules are rules but though the mask one is kinda going to have adverse affect i hope they are ready for esp health services but to each his own its rules! And at least disney respects desantis enough to wait for right time then just think they own fl!

  24. Paula

    May be selfish but all I care about is that they’re up to 100% and business as usual by October.

  25. Tired of Troll

    To those feeding the troll who posts here repeatedly under multiple names (Mark, Davis, Janie, Cindy, Rebel and a host of others), please ignore this person’s posts.

    You can tell when it is the same person posting by the same writing style with no punctuation, run-on sentences and the same spelling errors. See how many “individuals” used “aloud” instead of “allowed” in this one set of comments. Same person. Different names. Ignore them and maybe they’ll go away instead of the constant schizophrenic talking to themselves under different names.

    1. Harley

      Wow did you go to school to find those big words smart a**! I have a pysch degree and before you throw mpd on me i have the slightest reason to know any of the other people you listed! Janie works in DL and Davis works in wdw i know that from here. Otherwise i am observer just like you! Maybe you could get off your cloud and realize all of you with the attitudes whom think they are better than anyone else and need to be right are mentally unstable! I do not need perfect English this isnt not a some exam or report its a comment section and maybe like I these people have lives and are not getting a medal for best comment post! The only trolls are the people whom believe itm is more connected then the people whom work there! Or disney itself! So calm down or just stop! That is why i believe this virus is going to lead to a mental health issue this is just comments on a fan site and we are ripping each other a new one! For a bunch of so called disney fans we are pathetic!

      1. Janie

        Its people like you; that make cms like me…. Hate my job with a capital H! I want to pray the parks do not open so i can be w my kids! And not deal w this anymore! Life in the military fighting wars was easier then any of this! Your right Harley for Disney people we are pretty pathetic!

      2. Rebel Orange Bird


    2. Cindy Caine

      I am a universal employee through and through i hate disney and fans as much as you do! So before you call people names know people are human and have feelings! Though i am a little off so why i chose cindy as my name here besides i played cindy at hhn!

    3. Jamie

      I bet your a universal fan and not truly a disney fan! Or your just jealous people know more than you… its so rich! I bet you think this was a hoax too… tell that to me i was hospitalized but doing better but unfortunately my aunt was not so luck! I love disney but i doubt right now its worth the risk! I think it all should stay closed less likely any of you get it! Better for the rest of us to get well and not get sick again there will be round 2! There will be hurricanes! There will be stuff disney might never open in! Lets all have patience no one took a huge bulldozer to the place so stop blaming everyone for wrong info and live!

    4. Davis

      I bet you, ken , and daddy piranha and everyone whom is full of clout and maniacal attitude are the same person too! Your the icing on my cake to leave this comment board plus site actually had real info and people that were magical towards the other like disney fans would be!!! Mark you etc i never seen such words insults horrible things…. WOW! And to think i wanted to leave before! Your the icing obviously you do not care i am being nice and letting you all get inside info! You rather section me w the laughing stock! I know mark ooooo i know mark hes as full of it as you all say but not me! I only work for a company thats so full of it you all are shining in pixie dust right now! I am done being nice! And i am leaving!

      1. Harley

        Davis wait i actually appreciate having your input others do too! If you read this but not comment i hope to see you on the other side of this and meet each other. Feel better! The summer via the mask is only going to get worse!

      2. Mark

        Say that to my face davis why don’t you!? I know where you work!

      3. Mark

        Say that to my face davis show your true colors if not i know where you work!

      4. Ghost Nation Forver

        Omg mark your a laughing stock and pathetic you know that! No wonder no one trusts you… your insulting and a know it all w lots of how did davis put it clout but no proof unlike above where davis stated plenty of proof! Your all crazy if you ask me! Coming to a fansite for REAL info! Your a real riot! Now could we go back to our lives please!

  26. Its fun to be free

    Bright side if Mark gets arrested bc he went after Davis at work (which btw would be more than insane and stupid which are his new words for the month! Bc why would you think threating security is smart ?? Def not smart esp. disney security whose neighboring friend is sheriff w bomb dog!) It be a whole lot quieter on this site…

  27. JP

    So- the fact remains that WDW Resort guests are the most lucrative population for WDW. Therefore, my suspicion is that we will see a late June “soft” opening for resort guests only. As the media announced, Disney stopped taking any reservations for June weeks ago- shifting all new reservations to July 1. All of the June reservations have been canceled thru June 13th, however there are still 2 weeks at the end of June where resort reservations were made and still in place. Bet on those guests being the pilot group.

  28. cupcake

    okay i also think it can open for locals. this will sure no one gets sick.

  29. Ariana

    Why doesnt this site actually wait for Disney to announce what the plans are before speculating false information and getting people worked up for nothing?!?! This site is pure crap. Unless it is posted on an official Disney website, I’m not believing any of the stuff this site posts. They have already been called out by Disney for spewing false information, so clearly they are doing something wrong.

  30. Move Along

    30% capacity is way to high a limit! You have to remember that the maximum capacity is enormous. I remember on my Keys to the Kingdom tour our guide said that the Magic kingdom can hold around 100,000 people. 30% of that is still 30,000 visitors. That doesn’t include the thousands of workers who will be there as well. Those numbers sound concerning.

    Also the Magic Kingdom is one of the smallest Disney Parks at 105 Acres. Of course most of that space can’t be used for social distancing. That 105 Acers includes all the ride areas like the speedway which is several acres but only holds a couple dozen people at time while “racing”. Or the moat, or the green spaces, or the railroad tracks, or Tron under construction, or the restaurant kitchens or the few restaurants and shops that will be closed…

    Keep in mind that 30,000 people is how many people you would normally find at the Magic Kingdom on a weekday in the fall before corona-virus.

  31. Cynthia

    When will fireworks resume? That was such a major part. Of the Disney Magic and brought so much joy to all.

  32. Mat

    Reading all these comments with Florida residents saying it should only be US only is funny considering you are now a hot zone yourself with the record for highest number of cases in a single day

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