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  1. Pooh Bear

    Peter Pan and Wendy was scheduled to be filming in Vancouver, not London, so will be interesting how that will work out while the US/Canada border is closed

  2. Thomas

    While I look forward to seeing productions back up and running, I sincerely hope for all involved that it isn’t until safe enough to do so. Having worked in TV in the past I know how many people there are off camera as opposed to on, so it will be tricky, but once things can get to a slight normality then it will be interesting to see. Though work on Animated features and programmes should be okay, or at least recording the voice-overs, often actors say how they just work in a booth alone with a sound engineer on the other side. I miss going to the cinema more than anything though so I hope things can get to a comparative normal soon. But not too soon to put lives at risk, keep safe everyone, thoughts and prayers with you all wherever you are in the world.

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