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    I agree with you Ryan-I would have no problem with my daughter watching any of these movies, though being introduced at different stages. Some are ok at a younger age but a couple I would wait until she is older. Fantasia is pretty scary at times. It’s all about knowing your child and what they can handle. One movie that I can’t believe didn’t make the list is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I couldn’t believe that one was rated G. Pretty intense lust storyline complete with a musical number and one of the most evil villains around. That one should definitely be for a little older audience.

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    Darth Huh

    Hey Ryan, this is an interesting list with the most surprising to me is Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Sure Ursula is scary but is she worse than what’s in Tarzan (a hanging) or Mulan (where, presumably, hundreds are killed in an avalanche)?

    On another note, any idea why ITM keeps removing some comments? Especially comments that have no cursing, bullying, name-calling and follow the rules. It’s happened to many of us on here. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, much less a reason.

    It’s is confusing.

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    You are completely right. Sure, out of context the Crows, the Native Indians do appear bad taste, but in relation to the films they’re from they’re important parts, the Native Indians having been part of the original story. As a child it didn’t register to me that the Crows were racial stereotyping, and even now in context I don’t see it, I just see it as a bunch of crows teasing and then helping Dumbo learn to fly (and I missed them in the extremely disappointing live-action remake). Fantasia is one for older people, as a child it didn’t scare me, it bored me rigid apart from The Sorcerers Apprentice sequence, but as an adult I can appreciate the whole reason for the movie. Peter saying ‘Girls talk too much’, isn’t that just what boys are like when they’re kids? Peter is a young boy in a land where he doesn’t have to grow up, so has a childlike mentality.

    I argue that give someone the chance to find something offensive in ANY movie, TV show, song, commercial, they will. But if people stop being offended and start looking at the context and explaining these it opens the world to children, explains how different times and cultures are different to how we live now. In fact what we discuss now will be offensive to some in 10 years time. Someone will be offended that Gazelle in Zootopia has hips (even though it’s what Shakira requested).

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      Kathleen Madden

      I hope someone will talk about what is in Toy Story 3 that is questionable? Could it be the mean stuffed pig? , that is dirty , maybe?

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        The closet I can think of is maybe less inappropriate and more scary territory. I weekly babysat 2 kids where the oldest was 3 when I started and 6 when I stopped. Every visit she insisted on Toy Story 3, to the point I legit had the first 30min of the movie dialogue and sounds memorized. All of a sudden though when she hit late 5/6 years old she stopped asking and vehemently tell me no when I asked or suggested Toy Story 3. I finally asked her why, and she told me the ending scene in the junkyard when it acts like the toys might all die via burning really scared her. Even when I pointed out to her she’s seen the movie so many times and know how it ends/the toys are ok

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    I am completely surprised that Pinocchio didn’t make the cut. That is one story and movie I will not let my kids see.

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    Emily S.

    My kids, ages 6, 5, 3, have watched most of the movies. Any movies for a child should be watched with a parent. Kids are notoriously curious and we, as their parents, should be there with open minds and ears to hear them and respond in kind.

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    Eric C.

    When kids are old enough to understand the context whence things were created, they need to understand. While I understand through 21st century eyes why these things are problematic, I can also understand they were created with a less culturally aware mentality. None of these had bad intentions…but they can be troublesome today.

    I think Toy Story 3 is there for how dark it does get. It’d my favorite of the series, but it does get a bit deep for kids. Fantasia isn’t only on there for being scary… Look at the mushrooms during the Sugarplum Fairies or the zebra centaur servants.

    About all I can think about Little Mermaid is the series of urban legends and questionable (though nothing a kid would notice) art designs. Beauty and the Beast? No clue.

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    I can understand the reason most of these movies made this list (even if I don’t agree with them) — but I continue to be baffled by the inclusion of Little Mermaid and Beauty And The Beast. What is there to possibly be even a little afraid of or offended by in those two classics?

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    You lost me at the first word when you misspelled read.

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      Good spot, slipped through the net. These things can happen, have fixed.

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    I don’t understand the crow thing, but I do understand Bambi. That movie traumatized an entire generation.

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