Comments for Disney Fans Take to Social Media to Voice Opinions on Face Mask Requirements

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  1. Hanna Mantel

    I’d rather wait. A summer vacation to me and my family isn’t one where we have to wear face masks-especially in the heat and humidity. The value for our money decreases when the experience is less than what Disney has provided in the past.

    1. HG

      I understand the wearing of masks and for health reasons I agree. I’d be going by in the winter months because I’m always hot. For those that oppose the masks, stay home.

      1. Nancy

        It,s ridiculous to wear a mask! If you have an underlying health issue wear on. It should be up to each individual if they choose to wear one. WDW has been closed too long, I have a vacation to look forward to and i,m not wearing a mask in 90° heat! Imagine all these people passing out at Disney. Let each person decide if they want to wear one. We,re to be living in a free country, let us have our own voice.

        1. James

          Wearing a mask prevents or at leasts reduces the chance of asymptomatic people spreading the virus to others…seems like a small price to pay for the safety of others.

          1. Scott

            Nah, we never did this for flu and flu has had years MUCH worse than COVID. We didnt do it for SARS which killed over 100k, or MERS…
            Places are opening everywhere, no one is following rules and summer is coming.
            This is political and Americans have been the ultimate victims. This notion that we all must sacrifice at any cost to protest others is not how freedom works.
            People reject this policy for a number of reasons but what it all boils down to is everyone should be responsible for themselves and we should be ok with others who do not want to vacation with their face covered.

            If your high-risk, stay one. Order Doordash or Peapod, use contactless delivery… why are we altering the way society currently enjoys operating when there are plenty of ways those vulnerable can protect themselves without negatively impacting billions of people?

            No masks for us. Ever. Period. Disney is our happiest place on earth and being away hurts so much. I want my boys on the splashpad at DS and the kiddie area at FW. Luke can stop pointing at and saying Mickey every time he sees something that resembles Mickey Mouse.

            I”m not raising my kids on a world where I force them to hide their identity for the benefit of someone else; not even for a week or two. This runs much deeper to many of us than public safety.

            Disney, we love you but we will never return until individual responsibility prevails over collectivism. To act as free Americans and choose whether or not we want to cover our faces is a much more important lesson than having fun at a themepark.

            This is where the Chinese culture and ours differ. Americans have a deep entitlement of freedom that this strikes a nerve with. Many are willing to make exceptions but enough are not that it’s going to create major problems for Disney (and others) if this policy doesn’t go away soon.

        2. chasgoose

          We do live in a free country. Disney is a private company and has every right to require that its guests wear masks. You also have every right not to go to WDW if you don’t want to follow their rules.

          1. Scott

            The actions by business is influenced by the public. While we do live in a free country, so many people are unwilling to accept others decisions on how to be free and are so demanding that others behave in a way suitable to them, it’s spilling over to business decisions to pacify the masses.

            This is what I’m referring to. If people respected each others decisions and limited the criteria they used to weigh risk vs reward against to the things they were solely able to manage, this wouldn’t be an issue for anyone. But it is an issue, and it’s because so many people demand others behave the way they feel most comfortable that private businesses now feel compelled to follow suite to appeal to as many people as possible.

            It’s wrong and unfair to those who would like to enjoy the same great cultural entertainment but would like to do so without covering their face. Not everyone feels the same, and that should be ok, but it’s not.

        3. RJ

          Ok, Karen. Don’t make her get the manager!

        4. RJ

          Ok, Karen. Don’t make her get the manager! Karen will not be inconvenienced.

        5. gt

          It’s rediculous to wear a seatbelt! If you are a bad driver wear one.
          Once upon a time, not that long ago, people thought like this too.

          1. Darlene Keebler

            Actual evidence seat belts save lives.

        6. BadMojo

          It is not absolutely ridiculous to wear a mask. You really should in any place indoors especially. I work in the Operating Room and I can tell you for a fact it is not just about people with underlying issues. To reply to Scott also it IS worse than the flu. Flu is seasonal mostly because it spreads only when and after a person has symptoms. So TYPICALLY people are forced to be inside because they are sick. Covid 19 spreads asymptomatically and you could be asymptomatic and never get sick. 80% of asymptomatic people never get sick but easily spread it. It lives on metal and plastic surfaces for a few days. A mask is the first line of defense to a respiratory virus as potent and evasive as this and ONLY if EVERYONE wears a mask indoors will we reduce the threat enough until we have an effective treatment which should be by end of the year I hope.
          Imagine you are asymptomatic without a mask and see how many items in and out of a grocery store you touch that others potentially touch. And even with washing your hands a person touches their face ~20 times per hour.
          Example is a cruise line that had a passenger that was asymptomatic for 8 days that spread the virus to 128 passengers out of 217. About 24 developed symptoms. That’s over 10% in an enclosed area. A mask, even a cloth one, social distancing, washing hands for 2 minutes, and disinfecting individually has done some good. All together would make a HUGE difference. But wearing a mask is proven most effective. Even a cloth mask, while not perfect (N95s aren’t 100% either), has been shown to reduce viral density and decrease the ability of clusters of the virus from overwhelming the immune system. And it is not just about unhealthy or elderly people. Some kids have a weird immune response to the disease and seemingly healthy people have died from it. And believe me I and my wife have seen what it does, and does to the families of a loved one who is on a ventilator whom they cannot visit and who die alone in a hospital bed. Seeing this knowing that people either don’t understand it’s not just about them, or don’t want to be inconvenienced, or refuse to wear a mask because they believe it somehow violates their Constitutional Rights or some left wing control conspiracy and because of this may cause death is what is truly ridiculous.
          My wife was recently diagnosed with MS and has to take drugs to reduce her immune system to keep it from attacking her immune system. She is fit and healthy otherwise. We have two beautiful girls together. I do the errands and wear a mask, wipe down my keys and credit card after going to the store, wash my hands and wipe down the door knob and anything I touch before I get to the sink in the house. All that would mean nothing if some asshole without a mask touched a can of beans I bought or any number of things no one thinks about.
          There’s experiments done that show how easily things spread from someone even indirectly and recent research on Covid that shows the mask as 1st line of defense and is the most effective way to prevent spread and/or reduce efficacy of the virus.
          I understand the belief that it interferes with your personal choice and freedoms. But really it does not. It is misdirected. It is selfish. What about the responsibility as an American to sacrifice a bit for the liberty and life of others? We just need to see it as such and it would be a temporary issue. We don’t question a business requesting no shoes, no shirt, no service. I personally think until this thing has a treatment or vaccine social distancing should be expected outside and masks required inside unless once seated at a restaurant etc with chairs or tables 6 feet apart. Until then that is the main reason this continues to cause such havoc in the US. And I believe the lax attitude about masks is the primary reason the US has experienced most of the infections and death and countries that have required it and contact tracing have shown impressive reduction. Just please guys do the right thing. If we all do this the effects will be minimalized and we can go back to the way things were a lot sooner. It could even affect the time it’ll take to produce enough treatment or vaccine once found to help those currently infected. The more people infected the longer it’ll take to produce enough treatment to help or vaccinate everyone.

          1. Josh

            If it stays on meal surfaces we will all infect ourselves by touching the queue railings which are impossible to clean between every guest. Stay home if you are scared. Masks won’t be worn by over 50% of the guests and they won’t have the manpower to kick everyone out.

        7. For those of you who do not want to wear a mask, stay home. Disney has done the correct and responsible thing to protect their cast members and their guests. No one else cares if do or do not go to WDW. More room for the rest of us.

        8. JC

          Wearing a mask is most helpful for protecting other people, not yourself. I am a physician and I think it is too early to drop the mask requirement, given that no children will be vaccinated yet. This is not like the current flu. Mass death like India is what happens when everyone says they would rather not give up their freedom for a couple months than to help keep the community safe. Vulnerable people cannot live in a bubble, we all are responsible for caring for each other. This situation is temporary.

      2. Jessica

        I 100% have foowed wearing mask when going into pain places and I totally understand that it isn’t just protection for me but for other as well. With that said, wearing a mask outside ( not just Disney) or at amusement parks is not reasonable, especially in 90 degree weather and humidity added to that. It should be a choose for people and if they want to they can and if they don’t want to they don’t have to. I don’t feel this should something that is enforced rather a choice.

      3. Davis

        Nancy its a lawsuit waiting to happen! Not just guests cast too they could be stuck in a position outside for a hr maybe if a rotation does not come around! Its crazy! I have known fellow security members who have gone to the hosp. And that was wo masks! I was there today and I now wear a shield not a mask bc i could breathe better it was still hot as anything! We all hope they take it into consideration!

        1. Kim

          I truly believe it should be your choice to wear one or not. The heat and humidity will not help. I understand the need for precautions but I think observing the distancing rule will be a big help. I do understand both sides however.

        2. Kristina

          I hope Disney is going to hire MANY EMT’s because they are going to need them! People will be dropping like flies!!

        3. Scott

          From what I understand the cast members union is responsible for this. If they dislike it that much (which they most CERTAINLY are going to), they can appeal to their union because from what I understand, the union is responsible for ALL mask requirements in a deal made with Disney to return to work. Obviously Disney could have refused the condition but they didn’t, so here we are.

      4. Hank

        No, if you’re still scared, the you stay home…

        1. Morgan


      5. Eliana Brown

        I been to disney world in the summer. No way is a face mask an option. I won’t be surprised to hear people getting sick from heat strokes. People that are concerned about getting covid 19 shouldn’t go out and wear their mask if they choose too. . Not make every one else pay for it. That’s taking our right to choose as individuals. And let’s not forget it will be unberable with the heat.

      6. Morgan

        For those that don’t like the fact that a lot of us don’t wear masks…stay home! You people will be the ones that don’t go anyway

    2. James Hartman

      Extremely well put and thoughtful.

    3. Allison

      No one has even mentioned resort pools. What happens there? Face mask required? How does that work? And if not required at the pool, then how are they justified to be required in the park? Or do the resort pools get shut down in July in Florida? And if they are shut down, how do you have the value in paying for the resort if you can’t use the pool?

    4. Judy

      The real problem is with breathing back in your own carbon dioxide. For Adults, it’s a pain – but bearable, but for children – whose brains are still developing, this could be a real issue. I hope Disney allows Face Shields in lieu of cloth masks. They still offer some protection, but also allow for more oxygen.

  2. Harley

    What about all of us that can not or have family that can not for medical reasons not wear a mask are we never going to be let back in this new normal??? Thats not fair! Esp when theres no law in fl that says you have to wear one and we have extreme heat in the summer i hope this chznges soon! Down side to people in charge not being in fl to know they screw up all the time!

    1. Russ

      We just want to go. I would prefer to not wear a mask, but will make a thin one if it gets me in Disney!

      1. Mark

        Cms are even trying to figure out what to do as many can not wear em besides the heat but have health conditions where they can not! They are also worried about the temp thing in the heat being an issue also others whom have immune conditions temps regulate and on a good day might have over 100 but thats their normal temp…. what now? Sure guests are going to run into that! If disney doesnt think of all variables and just money they are just plan stupid!

        1. Cj

          I really hope there are exceptions for people who get major anxiety. I don’t want to ruin our family vacation with my mask anxiety.

      2. We will wear masks, wash hands, etc. to be able to go to Disney. If you don’t want to then don’t come, less people.

        1. Jennifer n

          Yes !!! ?❤️

    2. Barbara Richards

      Masks aren’t mandatory. I’m not wearing one. CDC says masks are only for the sick or with health issues. I love that people now have resorted to judging others with “mask shaming.” I’m not wearing one. Sorry. Not sorry.. Masks are not required for the healthy. Just like seat belts, masks save lives. Right? Is that where you all are going on this? Forcing this and it not being a choice? Say goodbye to your freedoms. This is where it starts.

      1. Ken

        You are incorrect about the CDC guidelines. The guideline is for everyone who is outside in public to wear a mask.

        “In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the country, CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting.”

      2. Daddy Piranha

        So having to wear a seatbelt also means your freedoms are going away too, right? And not being allowed to drive drunk?
        Your CDC info is out of date. They now recommend masks for the healthy and the sick.
        And save the hyperbole for your next meeting of the Indignant Middle Class Organization of Misplaced Outrage.

        1. Jerry

          The CDC has NEVER made masks mandatory. They said it’s a recommendation. The WHO has said the public should not wear masks.

          1. DaddyPiranha

            So, you agree with me when I said, “Your CDC info is out of date. They now recommend masks for the healthy and the sick.”

      3. Jackie

        Masks are NOT mandatory in FL never have been! It was never mandatory period! Unless your in NY like me the country has been voluntary! Every state has its own rules Disney is not above em or they will set us back! We already might go back bc of the idiots on the beach forget Disney! Btw there are many of us whom for medical reason can not wear masks i agree!! Theres a disclaimer even on the box….

        1. Ken

          It is not illegal to enter a store in costume. It is not allowed at Disney.

          You are confusing what a private company can require for customers and state mandarptes and laws.

      4. Cookie

        You just won’t be let in the parks is all. You’re well within your rights to refuse or dislike the mask rule but Disney has spoken and therefore have the ULTIMATE authority on whether you will won’t be allowed in or staying in without one. It’s probably best for you to just stay away and wait for the vaccine. No one is getting the rule bended for them for any reason. Whether you have a condition or just don’t agree. I don’t like the masks, but I need to protect others (you could be asymptomatic) even if I myself am not suceptable to getting very sick. This whole thing should just teach us that regardless political party or difference, protecting each other is more important than what you may like or not like. This will blow over eventually and then everyone will be back to normal. Let’s just help each other in the meantime and obey authority whether we like it or not. If not just stay home or around your areas guys.. Stay safe out there everyone and God bless!

    3. Coach

      I agree in the fact masks at Disney sorry terrible idea. If you feel the need to wear a mask you should stay home. Masks only protects people from you and they don’t do a very good job at that.

      1. Ken

        The CDC guidelines state to wear a mask when outside in public.

      2. Mark

        Ken the cdc also stayed at the beginning of this that masks do not protect from squat then changed their tune they are also in china back pocket also EVERY STATE has their own rules FL never had mandatory except for Miami and now they are being lifted!

        1. Benjamin

          Its ultimately disney choice and the mask requirement is to project them from lawsuits

          1. Kelly Connerton

            Wont protect them from the lawsuit filed because someone was injured or died from heat exhaustion while wearing a mask.

        2. Ken

          Ok, soon as you start conspiracy theories, the conversation goes nowhere.

  3. Nana

    We have a reservation for August and December and if we are forced to wear face mask we will cancel. Fl heat and humidity are extreme and It should be our choice. Check our temp we will wash hands but we will not wear a mask. Hope they change this requirement or we will cancel.

  4. Ken

    Wear a mask.

    Your inconvenience does not override safety for you and those around you.

    And seeing how Disney is private property, if they say you have to wear one, you have to wear one.

    1. Harley

      They are a public company what do you people not get disney is traded on stock market means PUBLIC! MEANS NEEDS TO FOLLOW RULES OF STATE NOT THEIR OWN! Even private companies here are following rules i doubt they want anyone fine or arrested or worse our state to be back in lockdown! Some people can not wear masks for health reasons its even a disclaimer on the mask i doubt disney wants people dropping dead on their watch… common sense next time you post!

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Harley, you need to learn something about what it means to be a publicly traded company. It does NOT mean they have to follow what the public says. They can still make their own rules. They answer to their shareholders, not the public. Common sense next time YOU post.

      2. Ken

        OK Harley, you keep wanting to insult me every time I post. That is your choice and for some reason, the mods just let you be as nasty as you want to be. Fine.

        A public company does not mean they cannot have rules that are separate from the government rules. For example, twitter is traded on the stock market. They can block or censor you. The first amendment does not allow the government to do so. See? If you are going to argue civics, please understand the differences. As long as the company’s law does not go against a law set by a state (and there is not a law saying you cannot require a mask) or the federal government.

        If someone cannot wear a mask for health reasons, then they don’t have to go to Disney. Disney is not a right. If you believe there is a discrimination case, then the person can provide medical documentation and then Disney can deal with them to comply with federal and state laws.

        Do they want people to be fined or arrested? No.
        Do they want people to drop dead on their watch? No.

        Thus the masks.

        I am an annual passholder. I can promise you, I am a bigger Disney fan than you. I am itching just as much as others to go. I’m not putting my life or others at risks by not following the guidelines. The experts are stating that if we rush to open without guidelines, there will be a spike and another outbreak. We already see spikes because people are not following the guidelines.

        Common sense is paying attention to the guidelines. If we are returning to school in person in the fall, currently the guidelines there have the teachers (me) wearing masks. Otherwise, we should not open.

        If you do reply, keep a civil tone, please. This is a privately ran website and there are terms of service for posting on the site. Thank you.

      3. Rebel Porg

        Ken i am w harley they do not want a lawsuit from people whom as you said “drop dead” bc they wore a mask either and died bc they stop breathing! You have no common sense Harley and others have an arguement! Also public company is not above the law or rules then why is desantis pissed and asking for submissions of plans bc they went aganist him…. you will be lucky they reopen at all now!

        1. Ken

          Here is the problem with the lawsuit argument. They would not be liable. You should read the terms and conditions when you buy your tickets. Since this is a public safety issue and is recommended by the federal government, they are covered. Disney is not a right. It is not somewhere you must go to survive.

          You keep trying the common sense argument. I could bring up the sociological evidence that common sense is only what that one person believes but that is a debate for a different acedemic forum.

          Disney does not have to reopen. Disney also can require masks as it does not counter any federal or state law.

    2. Barbara Richards

      Masks are ONLY for the sick. They are NOT for the healthy.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        The problem is that you can be healthy but still be infected and spread the virus for 1-2 weeks before you have symptoms. In this case, masks are for the healthy and the sick. Please wear a mask if you are healthy.

      2. Mark

        Masks are also not and NEVER been mandatory in FL!

    3. Silverfriend

      There isn’t that much safety in masks. How quickly we have all given up our freedoms and rights. If people stay away from Disney because they don’t want to wear masks for various reasons, there won’t be a Disney for anyone. Don’t be foolish enough to think they will stay open for the few who will wear masks. I agree that it should be voluntary. If you want to wear a mask, I won’t think less of you. If you don’t want to wear a mask, I won’t think less you either. For me…no mask!!!!

  5. LG

    For those who will refuse to wear a mask, please STAY HOME. You do not have the right to endanger me, my family, and others with your refusal to practice safe behaviors. We are all in this, and it won’t get better unless everyone does their part. If you want to infect people, please do so in your own house, Not Mickey’s house,

    1. Christina Hernandez

      For ALOT of families (including mine) its just not feasible to wear a mask for prolonged periods. We are being safe as we can by cleaning, and distancing but wearing a mask is just not something we would be able to do for the duration of a trip to Florida in the summer. And if that’s what Disney requires then we WILL have to stay home. No one’s trying to endanger you and your family. Please have compassion for those who really struggle with masks.

    2. Barbara Richards

      Masks are for the sick, not the healthy. Don’t “mask shame” me. If I responsibly don’t want to wear a mask, that’s my choice, not yours. If you fear the reaper, YOU stay home with your family.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Please stop spreading this misinformation. Masks are for the healthy.

      2. Jo

        Requiring masks will obviously keep down the numbers of people entering the parks while providing safety for their employees. I suggest any anti-maskers cancel or postpone their Disney trips until 2021. It’s actually a brilliant strategy. I believe Disney is prepared to refund the Annual Passes of those who refuse to wear masks, as well. Perhaps Universal is the place for ya’ll. Can anybody explain to me: Why are the anti-maskers so Angry? I’ve been heckled, called names, even screamed at by folks because I wear one. I just shake my head and wish them a nice day. Is that what you mean by “mask-shaming”?

    3. Star

      Or, if you’re that concerned about you and your family, you can STAY HOME. I’ve tested positive for anitbodies. And I’m not wearing a mask in July in Orlando. Also. If you’re going this route, please make sure you have a ski mask or other pool goggles equipped. Wouldn’t want droplets in your eyes.

      1. Ken

        There is no evidence you are immune with the antibodies.

    4. Kathy

      There are actually zero studies that say masks will keep you safe. There are, on the other hand, studies that say you are more likely to get infected because you do not use them properly. Seems logical to go with the evidence.

    5. Chris

      If your germaphobia is so great that you think me wearing a mask is the only way you can go out, I’m sorry, but you need to deal with your germaphobia on your own. In most areas of the country, at best, 1% of the population is walking around asymptomatic. The likelihood of that 1% being within 6 feet of you for 15 minutes (i.e. close enough and long enough to expose you), is an extremely small risk.

    6. Tron

      If your scared of people without a mask, you stay home.

    7. Ron

      No you should be the one that stays at home. If you are that concerned stay in bed.

  6. Toni

    So much selfishness in the world today. Big babies don’t like being told to work within guidelines that support the survival of the greater good. Your 4 year old won’t wear a mask? Teach them how to, do your job and parent.
    I will stand by any business that is enforcing this because I refuse to get sick and possibly die or get my family sick and possibly die all because the “It’s not fair!” crowd thinks they are entitled to not having their feelings get hurt.

    1. Mark

      My 4 yr old is busy wearing another mask that helps her breath correctly!!! Watch your beeping mouth and have common sense before you mouth off! You do not know someone elses condition just like disney doesnt its not a parenting thing many adults for medical reasons can not wear them either!!! Someone else said it here before lack of common sense through this is astounding!

      1. Ken

        Ok, then maybe your daughter shouldn’t be going to Disney currently. It’s not a right.


      2. Leo

        Why can’t you and your family just wait until masks are no longer mandatory? Disney will always be there. And the way you throw a tantrum online over nothing is sad, hopefully your child grows up to have better manners

    2. Cookie

      The fact of this whole thing is that NO ONE is getting in without a face mask so we need to stop arguing back and forth whether yes or no it’s not necessary. If you want to get into the parks, you know what you have to do for now. Don’t try and be slick and take it off when you’re in there (unless you’re eating) because like it or not, someone will report you and a cast member will remove you from the premises. Whether you agree or not, it is what it is. It’s temporary until this virus gets it’s vaccine. If not, enjoy yourselves at home and the rest of us will continue on with our plans until this goes away. Simple as that. Let’s move on.

      1. Ashley G


      2. Chainsaw Princess

        Why can you not do what i did my son has very bad allergies was told no masks and i have same as well as rosacea masks lead me to break out i just made my own buff thing! Its easy to breathe through we feel safe and you can even use as a cool rag for the heat esp when its around neck to eat its like wearing a cool neck thing! Done! I think Disney just wants faces covered to keep germs away. The thing that will not be smart is the temp thing… alot of people esp in the heat will have temps going up and my kids normal temp is a low grade fever but i am hoping it being my kid and not me they might have a better understanding just like you kid mark esp if shes wearing an oxygen mask shes already tech got one on! Good luck w that i remember those days not fun!

      3. Kristina

        Who are you to tell people what to do? This is a FREE country. Then let’s not allow kids in that haven’t had vaccines, because their parents felt that it wasn’t” for them”. Breathing in your exhaled carbon dioxide makes you EXTREMELY tired, so good luck wearing your mask and paying for a whole day at Disney. You will be done in less than 3 hours. Ask the people wearing them at City Walk. Last I checked, this country wasn’t under a Communist regism.

        1. Scott

          Oh you’re wrong there. We’ve been under a communist regime for some time. It just wasn’t until mid March that they finally raised the flag.
          We use to be a nation of individual freedom, above all else. Individual responsibility above all else. All it took was a virus to abandon the rights we’ve had for over 200 years.

          And people are demanding we all surrender them in support of others. Our rights to work, enjoy entertainment, go our doors, everything. Surrender it all because it might help someone else.

          We use to be able to disagree and still be civil. Now, if I don’t want to smell a dirty mask all day, I’m a terrible person. Listen, if your sick, weak or immune compromised, do whats best for you. Please let me live my life. I’m not scared. If you are act appropriately.. maybe YOU shouldn’t go to the parks.

          What happened to this once great nation? We don’t even WANT our rights anymore?

          PLEASE, if you’re reading this, please respect others rights to dress as they please. Please respect EVERYONE’S right to individual liberty. If you’re nervous about the virus, please do whats best for you. Managing others lives or dictating how they should behave as it best suits you an impossible situation where no one wins.

          Lets all agree to disagree, uphold individual liberty and do what is best for EACH OF US INDIVIDUALLY.

          1. Ken

            I think you might want to relook at what communism is. Telling you to wear a mask to protect yourself and others in slowing down this virus isn’t communism.

            Oh and you should respect a private company and their private property.

            They want you to wear a mask? Wear it or be escorted off.

      4. Jim Meirose

        That is totally perfect advice. I don’t get why so many people get off by arguing with strangers on a computer. Things don’t ever change as a result. Getting to pent up probably is shortening their lives as well. Get off the computer re-enter the real world, forget about Disney until the mask requirement goes away (it will!) and do something useful like planning an amazing vacation for your families someplace else this year. Case closed!

    3. Ryan

      I think you should just stay home then. The world is not a safe place and it’s ridiculous to think it should be. Life is risky! All this greater good talk… perhaps you should move to China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela. The USA is about individual liberty, and with liberty comes risk. I’ll take the risk in order to keep my liberty, and that means I don’t have to wear a mask if I choose not to. I wonder if you would be in favor of lowering the speed limit on freeways to 30 mph… that would save lives too.

    4. Ron


    5. Silas Dogood

      Sorry to spoil your rant, but the World Health Organization just released data showing that presymptomatic and asymptomatic spread of covid-19 is extremely rare.
      The whole wearing masks and social distancing was done specially because of concerns about presymptomatic and asymptomatic spread. The WHO just refuted the need for doing either masks or distancing.

      Believe the science!

  7. Amanda

    They will loose my business if they require them! I will not wear them.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      They will lose my business if they don’t require them!

      1. AJ

        That wasn’t necessary Daddy Pirahna.

        1. DaddyPiranha

          Just showing her the ridiculous statement she made.
          Showed your hypocrisy as a bonus.

      2. Chris

        “They will lose my business if they don’t require them!”

        They probably wouldn’t have your business anyway, since even with masks, it’s “too soon” and “not 100% safe”.

  8. sean

    Yeah it would be a hard pass for me and my family. I didn’t go to Disney World for the 1st time until I was in my 20s. So my children can wait as well especially with the heat Florida has. Not to mention the prices are already high enough. We can wait until the normal way comes back.

  9. bruce

    Hi all, i am an annual pass holder from Maryland and my wife and I travel to Disney Florida 3 times a year her birthday, my birthday and in December, our passes would end in late December but would be extended due to the closing for additional time for as long as Disney is closed but let me just say with all sincerity that if Disney requires masks and there are no fireworks,parades or character photo ops we will take the cash refund and end our passes instead of the extension and wait to all the above mentioned are back in full swing if ever.

  10. Anne

    We are visiting in April, 2021 and hopefully everything is back to or close to “normal”. I cannot wear a face mask because of a medical condition…I cannot breathe in them..plain and simple. I hope Disney takes this into consideration. I am okay with taking temperature, hand washing and any other precautionary measures they implement. I just simply cannot wear a mask..no matter what kind it is. Looking forward to visiting Disney and my son and his family who lives in Palm Coast, Florida.

  11. Grace

    For Barbara, below are the guidelines copied and pasted from the CDC page. It clearly states that the cloth face cover is to protect other people. Hope that helps clarify for you and the other folks on this thread. Note there are some exceptions for unrelated health issues and children under 2.

    Everyone Should
    Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others
    You could spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick.
    Everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities.
    Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
    The cloth face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected.
    Do NOT use a facemask meant for a healthcare worker.
    Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing.

    1. Dr in the know

      Except the cdc and who also stated that they did nothing i am a dr i still got sick so did hundreds of others… obviously wearing masks! Each state had its own rules to bear trump said that FL chosen NO Mandatory Masks while you find it stupid or not thats that! I am more trouble this is going to obviously become a mental health issue then anything bc many of you obviously want to live their life in a bubble for forever which is not healthy either! If you had the plasma test btw for the antibodies then yes you are protected but only from getting this strain again. This is the flu or very flu like theres thousands of those and only a vaxx for AB not for everyone!

      1. Chainsaw Princess

        I been saying it all along when does this become a mental health issue. As a psych its the first thing to worry about! Take the mask thing its all mental and no one is right nor wrong! We are all only human its when we put or defenses and act erratic and wo kindness its an instability! All this caused was instability and the media did not help! Sucide rates went up bc people are killing themselves bc they do not want to get covid… people are shooting at each other (my aunt said a husband and son shot a dollar general security guard bc he told his wife she could not enter wo a mask) Have a friend in military she was threatened at gun pt bc she would not let them go to the airport in ny which is closed btw! Enough is enough please lets all calm down! We are fighting over rules that may not even be applicable by the time the parks reopen which could still be months away…. have patience and learn common decency not sense! Kindness and understanding your fellow human being goes a long way!

      2. Ken

        No offense. Based on your writing, i find it difficult to believe your claim that you are a doctor. For example, you claim that if you are protected if you formed the antibodies. They do not know that yet.

      3. Kristina

        If you are a Doctor, then I’m Bob Chapek.

        1. Scott

          Oh good, I’m glad you visit this blog. Listen Bob, we need to make Masks optional.

          1. Robert "Bobbie' Chapek

            Scott. Thank you for your valuable feedback! At this difficult time, we will be focusing on providing a magical experience for the largest number of families as possible! If the time comes that a vaccine becomes available or your viewpoint is no longer such a fraction of a small minority, we will revisit our policies.
            Have a Disney day!

        2. Hannah

          I have never heard so many entitled whiny comments in my life! The rule is : you have to wear a mask. If you don’t want to wear one, don’t go to Disney. Simple as that. No one is taking away your rights, you aren’t forced to go to a theme park. Or you can go later if restrictions change. For goodness sakes

  12. Coach

    I agree in the fact masks at Disney sorry terrible idea. If you feel the need to wear a mask you should stay home. Masks only protects people from you and they don’t do a very good job at that.

  13. Ashley G

    Seeing a lot of comments about the good and bad regarding wearing face masks at Disney World / Springs in FL. Even saw a post about since Disney is a “publicly” traded company, they must adhere to what the public wants. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that if Disney decides to require its guests to wear masks while on DISNEY property, they have the legal right to do so. I’m no fan of these masks, but it’s not up to me. The free market will drive this decision, eventually. If Disney theme park revenue falls off the cliff (even more than it already has) because of the face mask requirement, they may relax the requirement. Who knows? Unfortunately though, I tend to think that at least through all these phases of reopening plans, they will still require the masks. It sounds like a clear choice: if you want to visit DW any time in the near future, you’ll be required to wear a mask. If you don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t get into DW.

  14. Davis

    You all know Disney has not made finale calls on anything this is of course going to be temporary we have very bad heat in fl i am sure they know that! They have not finalized anything as i constantly repeat i am security on the inside and i have not been sent to my proper place yet in rotation on schedule when i do i will know we are open till then lets remember kindness! NO ONE knows anyone situation so lets all stop screaming! Disney knows theres a disclaimer on the masks! They are not stupid but they want everyone safe things will change eventually. Someone said on here once this too shall pass but for now figure out some way to cover your face and enjoy the magic (which for me and few fellow security bc we got tired of masks got protectors we could talk better through em too).

  15. Emily

    I understand people wanting to wear masks because it makes them feel safer however, I must agree that a mask in 100-degree heat doesn’t sound fun or worth the money. I also feel terrible for the CM’s that will have a hard time wearing it in the heat. Social distancing and more handwashing and sanitizing seem like the better option, in my opinion, though I recognize other people’s opinions are different. My family will be waiting until those requirements are changed but can’t wait to be back!

  16. Kelly Connerton

    So, where do I go to get a refund for my annual pass? Wearing a mask was not part of the agreement when I bought it. I thoroughly enjoyed going to disney with my grandchildren on a regular basis. If wear a mask is a requirement to go, I will not. I am also not going to fight with 4 young children under the age of 9 about wearing a mask either. It is not a well thought out policy. If you want to wear a mask be my guest. I think you should have the choice not to. This policy makes absolutely no sense given disney is located in Central Florida where it gets hot. Perhaps disney has enough money to defend a heat exhaustion lawsuit .

    1. Mark

      To add to your point what kid is going to completely under they must keep it on and not try to play with it! As i said above my daughter has to wear a mask to help her breathe alot and she barely understands why thats on her face and thats an hr or so only.

    2. Ken

      It makes sense in a pandemic.

      You going to disney is not a right.

  17. JK

    Disney has the right to do want they want, it is a private company. It’s simple, if you don’t want to wear a mask don’t go. Stop bashing them for their decisions! The devoted Disney fan do not want you there complaining the entire time anyway. Either comply or stay home!

    1. Rebel Ravenclaw

      Disney is public company and desantis is pissed off not approving any proposal about the parks bc of it would you like to try again!!!! No one is above the government would you like to take your next comment like that to the president??? I bet you do not pay taxes either and this its unfair the irs asks for them!!! Disney is not in charge of FL as a state nor are they aloud to tell me whats safe for my health thats between me and my dr!!!!!

  18. Jerry

    It’s just not worth it. I don’t want to go to Disney world and pay all that money and have it feel like a prison with a million restrictions and half the stuff still shut down or restricted. The non-stop hysteria over this virus is out of hand.

    1. DaddyPiranha

      I was a CM at WDW after 9/11 when they started security and bag checks. People said the same back then. Yet the growth has been amazing since then.
      Do you mind someone poking in your bag every time you go to the parks? Do you complain about “restrictions” after that or do you still go back?

      1. Jerry

        I am SO sick of that analogy. A bag check is 5 minutes of your time. And then you go about your day like nothing happened.
        Wearing a mask is CONSTANT for hours straight. There is no comparison.

      2. Janie

        And my kids use to run amuck before 9/11! Your point is? You have no point! Please go troll some other site…. btw i can tell why your not a cm anymore your attitude!

  19. Jill

    I guarantee that after cast members witness masks being ripped off guests’ faces from the heat, from getting filthy from sweat, eating and drinking, they will relax this rule. Kids will be the first to say how uncomfortable they are and not be able to tolerate them after 2 hours. I give adults maybe 3 hours tops. I will sit back and wait to visit until the mask rule is gone.

  20. JM

    The CDC does not mandate masks, the federal government does not mandate masks, Orange County Florida does not mandate masks. Many scientists and doctors have come out saying that not only do masks not help, they may do more harm than good.
    Disney should not be mandating masks….. if any one is worried about being around other people let those people either wear masks or stay home.

    1. Jackie

      To add to your pt theres a disclaimer on mask boxes that say if you have a medical condition that could be affected stop wearing immediately for fear you stop breathing… how is that safe???

      1. Ken

        ..then just do not go to Disney World.

      2. Davis

        And disney is not stupid and taking that into account have patience will travel and ken again w the attitude! Enough! I agree w janie a few paces above you probably got fired from disney bc of your constant wanting people to agree w you! This is a comment spot we are all not going to agree so stop rudely commenting and acting like everyone is wrong bc they do not want to what wear masks ???? I work at disney and i do not want to wear one bc its too dame hot and its hard to do my job in but i wear it! Doesnt mean my manager hasnt told people this isnt going to wrk etc. Just bc you feel the need to tell anyone not to go to disney or tell them off bc of it all thats unfair and unnecessary ! You made fun of harley whom was just commenting to someone else above her and you had to put her down and make it about you!!! How would you feel if i as security told you i am not letting you in bc i do not like your attitude that would be sooooo unfair and wrong right??? My point is just that! Lets show some kindness!

        1. Ken

          actually, i left disney because i went to work as a contractor in iraq and kuwait.

          You claim i made fun or harley. Please cite where i made fun of her. If you do not want to wear a mask, fine. Just do not hand out false information such as you have the right not to wear one at disney.

          And finally, you would have to cite why i was not allowed. If the rule is wear a mask, they can remove you. If you are claiming i would be removed because i agree with their policy…that makes no sense, does it?

          So, if you can point to something i have been incorrect about, cite it

  21. Melanie Durham

    Lololololol!!!! This is so very entertaining!

    1. Allison

      No one has even mentioned resort pools. What happens there? Face mask required? How does that work? And if not required at the pool, then how are they justified to be required in the park? Or do the resort pools get shut down in July in Florida? And if they are shut down, how do you have the value in paying for the resort if you can’t use the pool?

  22. Michelle Williams

    I personally know CMs who are concerned about this mandate. It’s not only not practical while trying to stay hydrated walking around the parks, it’s not even effective as guests remove and touch masks all day long to drink and eat and then touch surfaces all over the park.

  23. Rebel ravenclaw

    Sadly this just turned into another CB article that itm is known for! And you all fell for it again! I also wanted to write so their would not be a 69 on a disney site.

  24. James Hartman

    Disney is an expensive option for a vacation. With that said I believe wearing a mask takes away from the experience and doesn’t warrant the price tag. I’m going to sit this one out. Also for passholders who purchased passes prior to the mask mandate will they be offered a refund on unused portions if they refuse to wear a mask? This could be a potential class-action suit if Disney refuses.

  25. Mark

    I heard on the news Desantis disapproved proposals and sent them back to the companies. He is also not happy at all they reopened places without his approval! Because we are still on level 1 lets all let people do their jobs right and have patience!

  26. Ben

    I feel the same way about pants. If you want to wear them then go ahead but you shouldn’t force me to cover up!

  27. PL

    It doesn’t bother me wearing a mask. I’d rather be safe than sorry and yes I know how hot it gets in FL but what bothers me more is the people who will take their mask off once their in the back of the park and not put them back on! There was vloggers at CityWalk saying they were seeing this happen and none of the staff at CityWalk was doing anything to correct this. So if your not going to inforce the policy then why have it?

    1. Davis

      5 people past out within the 1st few hrs of opening and 3 team members were taken away in ambulances…. its like others said above its a different type of safety hazard waiting to happen!!! I am security ride out at wdw and we had to get an ok on change of face protection bc we almost past out… now also not i wear black pants in the summer add all these measure its for safety yes but how much is it worth it plus …. my temp just waiting in line the other day as a cm i recorded in the 100s bc it was so hot i had to sit and wait to see if my temp came down! I know its do that or go home is a guest going to be happy w that outcome ???? Esp when its the heat of the day and not their fault i do not know!

  28. A nurse whose had enough

    Paranoia is deaths best friend along w heart attacks and cancer! Which still kill more people bc they are silent and deadly as well as there are no cures for! Along w 10k other airborne illnesses no one panicked or wore a mask for! How about the flu that kills thousands yearly in #s thats even got a vaxx but people still get it why theres thousands of unknown strains of that! Life and death go hand in hand as much as getting sick! Theres some common sense for you all deal with it and move on back to your lives instead of fighting!

  29. Mary

    I think it should be your choice to wear one. People should carry one around though. Also, some people get to hot in them and cant breath very well with hot and humidity. U have to think about that to. I think its funny how they say they dibt help but want u to wear one…really. they dont help.

    1. Allison

      No one has mentioned resort pools. What happens there? Face mask required? How does that work? And if not required at the pool, then how are they justified to be required in the park? Or do the resort pools get shut down in July in Florida? And if they are shut down, how do you have the value in paying for the resort if you can’t use the pool?

  30. Robin

    I have a trip scheduled with my grandkids in July. I am happy to abide by social distancing guidelines or requirements. However, due to the heat and humidity in Florida, we will reschedule if mask are required and/or if pools are closed at that time.

    1. Allison

      Same here Robin, my family is supposed to go in July and we have a day planned into the schedule just for enjoying the resort pool. If the pools aren’t an option due to face mask requirement, or if a face mask is somehow required at the pool, that’s a day lost In our plan. And that’s definitely not worth the resort investment. I would imagine many people would struggle with feeling good about not having access to the resort pools but still be required to pay full price for the resort. This is definitely something that we are factoring into our decision on whether or not to go.

    2. Scott

      I just read today Disney has a new cast member team whose sole purpose is to enforce social distancing.

      This is madness. I’m not going anywhere near Disney if they’re paying people to tell me to stand further away from others. This is lunacy. This level of regulation is not a vacation. AP holders here who spend 6-8 weeks a year at Disney resorts (mostly FW) have gone on indefinite hiatus until normalcy resumes. This “new” normal is something out of the movie Idiocracy.

  31. Balad

    I’d rather wait. A vacation of any kind to me isn’t one where I have to wear a face mask-especially in the 90 degree heat and humidity. My interest in going to the Parks decreases when the experience is less than what Disney has provided in the past. This requirement to wear face masks is not worth it (IMO). I understand wearing the masks and for health and safety reasons. But I’m going to stay home until the face mask requirement (and the Temperature checks) is gone for good!

  32. Amanda

    I don’t think we should have to wear a face mask. It should be your choice and not enforced. I am going to be paying around $6,000 to go to Disney without flights and I shouldn’t be forced to be uncomfortable in 90+ degree weather for a week. Totally disappointed and will probably cancel. It sucks because I had a Disney fairytale wedding planned and I would have to wear a face mask during the event. Totally unacceptable!

  33. Janie

    When people realize Disney is not in charge of FL or cali the govenor is!
    When they realize this is not the worst thing to happen N there are still things that will kill you quicker
    Unfortunately ever since this happen people forgot the top 3 killers are still
    Heart attack
    Suicide/mental health!
    Theres no cures nor vaxx for any of that!!!
    Are you all going to continue to live life in a bubble and w masks on then blame the others whom do not! We are all human and disney is not in charge of others common sense nor yours! Thats what scares me the most! I rather stay home w my kids then deal w all that at the parks as a cm.

    1. ken

      Except, again, the governor cannot tell Disney to let you into the park if you are not following their rules.

  34. 25 Year Cast Member

    Listen up people. All of you so called Disney Fans should know that safety is Disney’s FIRST concern. The masks are for the safety of everyone, but especially their employees. Do you really think they want to open back up just for the general unknowing infected public to get all of their Cast Members sick, potentially fatally? Also, Disney has TONS of rules- no weapons, no guns, no selfie sticks, no coolers full of ice, no strollers wider than 52 inches, bags must be searched- no one yelled “THIS IS AGAINST MY RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN” when those rules were put in place. Osceola County DOES require masks right now, part of Disney is in that county. Disney isn’t requiring you to wear a full N95 mask, just a simple face covering. So find the thinnest piece of fabric you can and wear it. For the safety of the Cast Members WHO HAVE BEEN OUT OF WORK AND NOT BEEN PAID FOR OVER A MONTH. OR don’t come. You have a choice here. Other people who respect Disney’s pledge to safety will come in your place. We want to make magic for you again, trust me. We just want to be safe in doing so. Steps off soap box.

    1. Janie

      Actually there are many cms whom rather stay home safe w family! Besides we all been told aug or oct so just be safe and ignore it all if you can! Off to hug my kids now.

    2. Ryan

      When safety begins to take away from the actual experience we all look for in a Disney vacation – that’s when it really goes too far. I enjoy seeing cast member’s faces. I can’t imagine going to EPCOT and not interacting with all of those cm’s from around the world with face coverings on. If Disney can’t supply the magic we’ve come to expect in the past, they should remain closed until they can deliver. A masked Disney is magic-less. Sorry… I will be cancelling my vacation as soon as the official announcement is made. On a side note, Disney does not force you to come to work – you make that choice. If they don’t require masks, you could look for work elsewhere if you feel unsafe. I think we all need to stop being afraid of this virus. Life is risky, and we shouldn’t stop living because we don’t “feel” safe. A masked Disney, and a masked world for that matter is one I don’t want any part of. I’ll fully take the risk of contracting COVID in exchange for a free and open society where individuals can decide what is best for them.

      1. Scarlett


  35. Shane

    There is a certain magic when you go to the happiest place on earth; however that magic is reliant on the experience. If the experience is degraded by uncomfortable measures then the magic is also degraded. Let’s face it, take the magic away from Disney and well….it’s just Six Flags! Oh no he didn’t!

    1. Ryan

      Totally agree. Masks will suck almost all the “magic” out of the parks.

  36. Michele Rose Barela

    After reading about Florida not being truthful about Covid in their state along with Georgia. I wouldnt even go with a mask, heat or no heat. Disney is relying on the states data to make decisions and the data was manipulated to support opening. After reading this news I’m not holding my breath for opening soon. We won’t return before a vaccine is produced and are really hoping people will be safe, stay home and help this thing end.

    1. Jerry

      A vaccine may never come. Are you going to never travel again the rest of your life?

  37. EricJ

    I’d gladly wear one–assuming they’ll sell stylish reusable Disney ones at the Emporium–but the question everyone’s wondering is, will Cinderella wear one?
    (Or, are we back to waving at parades from a respectable distance, like with Nick & Judy?)

  38. Ryan

    We can’t live in a bubble folks. We might be waiting for a vaccine that may never come (still waiting on the AIDS vaccine by the way). Heard immunity is our way out of this. I am totally against masks for that reason. Also, they cause anxiety, reduce oxygen levels, cause headaches and actually compromise your immune system according to some studies. I have a trip scheduled for September and will cancel if masks are required. Disney will lose all the magic with everyone being masked. Doesn’t sound fun or enjoyable to me. I’m tired about hearing that everyone is concerned about “safety.” Folks, the world is not a safe place. Get right with the Lord and live your life! Stop living in fear.

    1. Allison

      All very well stated Ryan! I appreciate your viewpoints and couldn’t agree more.

  39. Caz

    Why would healthy or even systematic folks have to be masked. If you sick YOU stay home. Masks DO NOT work, and what happened to the virus being able to penetrate your eye ducts, I don’t see you all wearing glasses with your homemade cloth masks. Healthy people have an immune system, try using it people. Come flu season are you going to be wearing masks and gloves then too?

  40. Connie

    I think wearing masks should be optional. I’ve been hearing a lot of doctors lately who are saying the masks are of little value. You are re-breathing your own bacteria and carbon dioxide, which is not good for your health. Also, a recent study showed that when people coughed and sneezed behind masks more bacteria was found on the outside of the mask than the inside. And viruses pass pretty freely through cotton masks anyway. For me, being made to wear a mask would greatly degrade my experience. They are uncomfortable and hot and would certainly ruin every picture etc.

  41. Mike

    If you have a health condition that masks are detrimental to and you cant wear them why would you be going to a public place with 10s of thousands of people right now? Your health condition probably makes you part of the group that is most likely to die if they catch the virus.

    If you are just against wearing masks then wait, have some patience. 1 or 2 years wait to visit a theme park isnt that big a deal in the span of ones entire lifetime .

  42. Don

    Wear a mask ,don’t wear one who gives a ####. You have to take it off to eat . Restaurants will be the next hot spot. Should really be a waiver if you’re not worried. Just like scuba diving. Try it without one. LOL

  43. The relevant question is will WDW enforce mask usage? Will they really remove people who wear a mask to enter and then drop it around their necks and refuse to comply?

    I suspect that WDW will require but not enforce mask use, making both sides upset.

  44. Scarlett

    Our family ❤️‘s Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line & Universal. 4 cruises and countless trips over the years.

    After reviewing the new requirements for entrance and the safety guidelines we cancelled our 2021 cruise, and our upcoming 8 day trip to Disney’s French Riveria Resort and will not re-book until sanity returns.

    My family and I are healthy and involved in the health profession and we are not overly concerned about the virus. My 84 year old grandmother is the only person who is at risk in our extended family, she was infected early on in her retirement home and didn’t even spike a temperature. She’s a healthy happy lady who lived through tough times and thinks we are all acting like “lunatics” FYI.
    So we aren’t cancelling out of fear…

    Either it’s not safe to open and Disney should stay closed, or it’s relatively safe for 98-99 percent of the country to go to Disney and 1-2 percent should sit it out this year.

    Disney is a private industry sure, but they are Disney. They face intense pressure to re-open, generate revenue and bring back jobs as well as fierce scrutiny to keep visitors and employees healthy. They face an impossible task. Make state government bureaucrats happy as well as guests. If one group is happy the other isn’t. For now Disney erred on the side of bureaucracy’s and experts.

    So yes, my family and I can just stay home. Thousands of us can and will. Why wouldn’t we? Do you know how long it takes to get in parks on a normal day? Now add 6 feet apart and temperature checks.

    How many of us have stormed the gates to get to Avatar, Slinky Dog, Snow White and now Star Wars rides…people running with strollers, everyone shoulder to shoulder…that’s Disney. I can’t remember an instance where I was ever 6 feet away from a family. Even at 50 percent capacity it’s just not possible. Enforcing this will make already hot and annoyed visitors much more annoyed.

    Usually one eats and drinks while waiting around. Not anymore. Can’t remove the mask except in designated areas…yeah right. Not possible to enforce.

    The masks, oh the masks.

    I think it’s unfortunate that the myth of the mask is perpetuated by those who know better…The sun and outdoors are providing added protection but the crowds and kids are not ideal if you are truly at risk.

    Ask cast members who have Lots of contact with guests To wear N95 masks. Cloth masks, MAY help 20-30 percent IF not moist, and switched out every hour In heat and humidity or when moist, never touched Except by ears. Like ever.

    Ask yourself, does your surgeon wear homemade cloth masks? Do ICU nurses and Doctors? There is a reason for that. Only An N95 Really works. A better policy would be N95’s for the truly at risk. Everyone else should wash their hands and stay home if sick or at risk.

    So let’s say everyone obeys and wears a cloth mask. Having been to Disney, I seriously doubt this will happen w/o many fights breaking out. But Ok suspend disbelief and everyone wears a mask. Imagine a three year old in a mask. Now imagine 5 minutes go by…it’s off.

    You force it back on, touching it. This happens 20 times. Now older kids are sweating and hot and thirsty. You say sorry kid can’t drink until we find a designated spot? Nah. You’ll give them a drink. Pull down mask. This happens 20 times.
    Splash mountain? Either they close It or your mask is wet.

    Pictures? With masks? Who wants that?

    If you are Seriously at risk, and I’m not talking about childhood asthma, like seriously at risk…don’t go. Period. Not even with a cute Mickey Mouse mask. Just not a good idea.

    Even if you can handle all of the above what do you get for walking around circling for 6 feet of distance with irritable kids who are hot, hungry, thirsty and extra sweaty in their mask…

    Character interaction? No Plans for that yet.
    Parades? No
    Fireworks? No
    Character dinners? No
    Shows? Most are cancelled.
    Good food? Less food because they will discourage eating and walking. Less drinks because discourage walking and drinking.

    Definitely more fainting. More heat stroke. More frustration.

    Oh but the rides! That’s worth it right? Hold on…
    Social separation In lines will make Rides More impossible. Even though many “Karen’s” think it will be great at less than 50 percent capacity…the social distance In lines and reduced capacity on rides…you can’t sit by anyone…will make getting on rides worse than Peak Spring Break.

    If you have season passes and live in the area it’s easier to accept that the experience will be massively sub par…most hi fives and atta boys regarding masks and the militaristic rules are from this group and people who have never been and will never go to Disney.

    However, for the rest of us, the expense and trouble of flying our family to Orlando and staying on Disney properties, or any properties in Orlando, is just not worth it right now. Better to plan something smaller and more remote this year.

    Let’s see how things shake out in a month.

    But for Right now Disney is for locals.

    Maybe enough locals will show Corporate Disney that their rules are stupid and no one listens to them anyway so just figure out a more moderate approach. Maybe they lose a ton of money and change course abruptly realizing no one wants to go to boot camp style theme park, even a military family like ours LOL. We love the military, but not a fun way to vacation.

    Maybe the locals and a few tourists desperate to go somewhere will Keep Disney afloat…I doubt it. The bad experiences will be on social media faster than you can say Mickey Mouse. But maybe that will just discourage half the country, while the other half who never went to Disney before will now because they love virtue signaling more than having a fun time.

    Who knows?

    1. Evan

      Wow, just wow. Imagine vacationing with this person ?

    2. cupcake

      i mean they don’t want people to get sick. i just love how your complaning

  45. jnj

    for all those people here who are supporting the wearing of face masks at disney world parks and disney springs, ask yourself what a soggy, spit and snot infested mask that is going to be touched all the time by people wearing it will do for the safety of other guests as they spread germs, bacteria, and viruses all over the park. does that make any common sense to you who support masks. be honest and think about it fully….

    1. Scarlett


  46. Sergio

    As I am reading all these posts I must say it is very disappointing. We are all Disney fans. Part of the special Disney community. Where else can we go and wear Mickey ears, dress Disney bounding, feel like kids on these amazing attractions, or interact with our favorite characters. Disney is a place that brings people together and most of the times makes us all act nicer and kinder and enjoy time with our families. At least that was Walt’s original plan. We all love going to the parks and we ALL miss not being able to go. Let’s support each other regardless of how we feel about masks or no masks. In the US almost 100,000 Americans have died from this virus. Many people have given their lives to help those that are ill. Many have lost their jobs. Many as my have lost family and friends. Let’s keep things in perspective. We are all debating what we will or won’t wear (that may actually help keep us safer) on a vacation. Let’s pray that we can get the science right on this so that we can really move forward without the hatred and division. Disney is our happy place!!!

    1. Over 500,000 Americans have died from Covid 19.

  47. Dan

    How is this mandatory masking going to be enforced? Are they going to send out security to tackle sweaty miserable hot dads or moms there in the parks with their little kids because they don’t have their masks on correctly? Can you imagine six Disney security guards trying to forcibly carry an angry mama bear out of the parks with videos being shot on dozens of phones? It happened to the police in New York City At Central Park and the imagery was horrific, so it might very well happen in Disney World. Then this rule will probably be quietly shelved as another really bad idea. And what about all the millions of people now who have had the virus and have antibodies — why should they wear a mask? And for all you pro mask and social distancing people there are no “long term double blinded full studies” (that Dr Fauci demands for everything else) substantiating the efficacy of mask wearing or social distancing. So not sure medically why this is being foisted upon us other than as a social virtue signalling that we are all “doing something” to prevent the spread. The epidemiological studies and science seem far from settled.

    1. Ken

      You will be escorted out if you are not meeting the requirements…just like any rule.

  48. Chris

    Masks are useless, even dangerous in hot weather. I won’t go anywhere that requires them.

  49. cupcake

    im mean they don’t want anyone to get sick. i think this is a good idea. what? you want to get people sick? hmm yeah didn’t think so. who ever says mask are usually is really stupid and obviously doesn’t care. it covid 19! we all need masks! im mean once your not around people you can take the mask off. i get it you want food you want to see mickey mouse i get it but in order for no one to get sick they need to take these precautions so nobody get sick. so stop being dumb people!

  50. not a sheep

    You all do realize that this is about the election and not the virus, right? You get that? Come Nov 4 – covid will be a thing of the past no matter who wins the election. Masks don’t work. The virus is around .14 microns while the holes in masks are .3 microns – meaning any airborne coronavirus particle will make it right through the mask and into your respiratory system. So tell me again, what good are masks doing? The media is doing everything possible to keep you frightened. Seriously people – do your research.

  51. Elsie

    I never ever post anything but I have felt like this needs to be said for people like Ken. I am a single mom with two daughters and have been saving for our Disney trip for years pennypinching cutting corners just to stay a week at a value resort, finding cheap flights, having to move my trip already with non-refundable flights. I am not Able to wear a mask do to panic attacks and hyperventilating an actual mental health condition and who are you to tell me that I stay home for a trip that I’ve been saving for years, and that I’m not able to get my money back fully, and now that Canada’s dollar tanked I will loose so much $$, who are you to make me feel bad because I can’t wear a mask because of a medical condition. You should be ashamed of yourselves trying to make people who can’t wear a mask feel bad. I understand if you wanna wear a mask that’s your choice so do not make me feel bad for not being able to wear one!! Read the box of masks many people can not wear them and should not have to loose out on money!

  52. Jmun

    the people that keep screaming, wear a mask or stay home, fine, the all powerful mask will save YOU , wear it in good health! I am an adult and I can decide for MYSELF. I was at WDW the weekend they shut down in March ( also in Jan and Feb of this year ) mask free, it was a WONDERFUL experience and get this…. I LIVED TO TELL THE TALE! Also I am asthmatic and have resp. issues, I am “at risk” but I know what I need to do to protect myself and my family. lets stop buying in to this mass hysteria

  53. Debi

    this is so bad… for a lot of families this is a once in a lifetime vacation and some just can’t wear a mask… they haven’t honestly studied or proven if a mask will make a bit of difference. Those wearing them do WAY more face touching and it is the kids or parent touching something contaminated that is honestly most dangerous… let people enjoy their vacations and if you are afraid you should be the ones staying home….

  54. crust

    Definitely a big no to all of us. My doctor has advised me to not wear one in most situations. (if I wanted to in a airconditioned doctor office type situation where I am sitting for a short while its fine) I over heat easily, and need full access to all the oxygen, masks do limit this (according to WHO and my Dr). I feel no need for it as it doesn’t really prevent anything, it just can possibly keep some germs from being spread on surfaces for a few minutes before the sun/humidity kills it. Its vacation, its supposed to be relaxing and fun. So, not interested in the expense it is for so many potiential problems (not just me either, I have an autistic kid who can’t wear one either). Our local park BG in VA, is thinking of masks too, but in VA you don’t have to wear one for medical reasons. So because of the ADA they can’t refuse admission. Other loopholes we noted are you do not have to wear one while eating or drinking, so you can just be sipping on your beverages.

  55. crst

    Also keep in mind according to the WHO and CDC you aren’t wearing a mask to protect yourself or others. You can still breath in germs. Its just in case you do have germs and you cough or sneeze, spit ect on the surrounding surfaces, not the air, because gravity, but surfaces and if you touch that surface in less than 2 minutes and you touch your face. Definitely, like everything else in life its a weighted risk to decide to do this, Frankly just carrying tissues or a hankercheif will satisfy the problem as well.

  56. Sala

    Booo masks. It should be your choice, not a mandate. If you’re scared, wear one or stay home. But I’m not scared, nor do I appreciate being forced to wear one because it makes you feel better.

  57. Sara

    Now that King Chapek has changed the rules again just recently, I’ll be spending my money at Universal. I love WDW, but next, they will be selling masks with split center so you can pass food through it. How long will Chapek keep squashing visitors under his thumb?

  58. Payton

    I understand the COVID restrictions so I reserved a park for my party of 6 months in advance. Now due to an admitted “app error” and no ability to override the system, I have no reservations for 2 of the days. I keep checking the site and the only available times are for annual pass holders. Why would it matter if I was an annual pass holder if I’ve booked a hotel for a week at $500 a night on Disney property? Does that count for anything? Or am I paying to stay at your resort but I can’t gain admittance into the park? No one will resolve my issue. This is our 20th time to Disney and after this trip I don’t know if we will go again. No customer service and no common sense. Allowing a dysfunctional app to control the entirety of a trip you charge thousands for.

  59. Jenna Davis

    I feel masks are nothing more than a false sense of security as they are not even the quality of the cheapest level 1 surgical mask (which is a joke in terms of protection). Herd immunity is ultimately how we always overcome. People need to boost their immune systems in order to protect themselves against viruses – not panic and become guinea pigs turning to vaccines (which have not been on the market long enough to be proven safe and actually lower the immune system). Vaccines are pharmaceuticals that could potentially have health risks that far out way the risk of Covid should someone come in contact with it. Most people have no symptoms whatsoever and are over it before they even knew they had it. The Covid test have been proven inaccurate many times over and I personally know too many people who have had false positives or who went to get tested, filled out the paperwork, waited in line to get tested but it took to long and they had to get back to work so they left the testing site before taking the test (yet they received results stating they were positive). Personally, I will not return to any outdoor place of business until mask mandates are lifted because humans need to breathe in oxygen deeply through their nose and not be wearing a mask outdoors in the heat and breathing through their mouths which can create issues such as drying out dental soft tissue, etc.

  60. Lindsey

    Disney has officially lost the magic. It’s now just Disney’s Kingdom. Cast members have never been this rude or cranky, but given that Disney even requires the lone parking lot attendant who is not and will not be around or interacting with people to wear a mask in this sun and heat, I don’t blame them. The lack of consideration of a 2 or 3 year olds ability to wear a mask in this heat with no breaks is absurd, and believe me, they are hawking those kids… and old people in wheelchairs. Easy mask targets maybe? There are no character sightings (I mean not a glimpse). There are constant announcements and signs saying that if you don’t comply, you’ll be told to leave. Nothing like a constant threat to make you feel the magic. This was my 2 youngest children’s first trip. One begged to leave the park, the other has begged to go home. My oldest who has been multiple times said this experience was so meh and missing something. For my husband and I, it certainly didn’t live up to our memories with our oldest son. Like, I’m officially team Universal all the way after this.

  61. Linnea Smith

    How many of you…probably ALL of you have gotten sick while visiting Disney or after you have left Disney? NEVER fails with me or my kids. We have been going to Disney every year for 13 years, not 2020 and will not be returning in 2021. Everyone in my house had COVID, nothing worse than a head cold. I Recently got the FLU, my lord I thought I was going to die. There are germs everywhere and will continue to be everywhere. You can’t escape them no matter how many masks you wear. If masks really worked, don’t you all think the spread would have been less? Look at the data from mask mandated areas and non-mandated areas. There is no difference. I will never spend a dime on a trip to Disney until all of this nonsense is lifted. Stop watching and listening to the fear mongering and get on with your lives. We can’t and will not wear masks forever. Disney, get rid of al the stupid COVID rules, watch your attendance soar. I’ll be there with my family if that is the case.

  62. Brian

    Just leaving a weeks stay. As a rule follower, I don’t mind wearing a mask. However, it was shoved down our throats. Park workers are more concerned with catching someone with their mask down than being friendly or attempting to make anything magical about your stay. My family and I love Disney, but will not return until the mask mandate is lifted. I would not recommend Disney right now, especially going into the summer months. Miserable

  63. Shirley

    I’m camping in Fort Wilderness as I write this review. I would strongly suggest waiting Trail’s End dining is just a limited take out. The two stores are closing at five o’clock. Mask wearing is abrasive to the face in hot weather and Disney employees are located at some intersections to police the mask wearing. We are paying full price for a very sad experience.?

  64. Shirley

    I totally agree with Brian’s post dated March 20th. My family will be leaving March 29th after a week stay. We too love Disney, but will return when the “magic” does and face masks are poof GONE!

  65. scott richardson

    folks, im a teacher and a coach. I wear a mask all day, every day. I caught the virus anyways. This was in december. last month, my wife who is a nurse in a doctors office, caught the virus. Even with wearing a mask, face shield, gloves, etc….

    the masks have done NOTHING. The numbers back that up too, as the case totals continued to rise until the vaccines started rolling out. and now that we have had the virus AND had both shots, its rediculous to have to wear one.

  66. Nikki

    I don’t recommend going to Disney until the mask mandate is lifted. We went when it was 90 degrees with 95% humidity and it was absolutely miserable and not worth it at all. The Disney employees are sooo rude about it as well, it definitely isn’t the Disney experience we are used to. Florida doesn’t even require masks but Disney absolutely does. Very disappointed!

  67. Sean Mars

    We could not stand everyone yelling at us constantly about masks outside. I can sort of understand inside but outside when you’re not next to anyone is ridiculous!

    Don’t go if you’re looking for a magical experience.

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