Dining Plans Cannot Currently Be Added to Disney World Reservations

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Disney Dining Plan

Credit: Disney

As of right now, Walt Disney World Resort has paused guests’ ability to add a Disney Dining Plan to their current resort reservations.

The announcement was made on the mega-resort’s website, stating:

We’re sorry, but dining plans cannot be modified or added to Resort reservations at this time.

When Inside the Magic inquired about it to Disney World Guest services, we received the following answer:

Our reservation system is temporarily paused so that nothing can be modified or booked. We do not have an exact date for when this feature will open again.

Disney Dining Plan
Credit: Disney

The Disney World help center also confirmed that those lucky enough to have reservations after July 11 still have time to potentially add a dining plan — just at a later date.

They said:

You still have time to add the dining plan. Please wait a few weeks and call Disney Reservation Center if you still have not been able to add it.

You can still add it the day before arrival.

Walt Disney World has paused all new reservations and modifications to ensure that all existing reservations and ticket purchases can be taken care of first.

Disney explained in a press release:

At this time, we are temporarily pausing new ticket sales and Disney Resort hotel reservations so we can focus on guests with existing tickets and reservations (Disney Vacation Club members can still make new reservations). Existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders will be able to make reservation requests in phases before new tickets are sold; we’ll be reaching out to these guests soon to provide additional details. We will resume new ticket sales and hotel reservations after that period of time. Theme park reservations will be limited due to attendance limitations and will be subject to availability.

It is still unknown how long it will take for Disney to sort through all pre-existing tickets and reservations and reopen reservation bookings and modifications.

Disney Dining Plan
Credit: Disney

Disney Dining Plans are a very popular addition to Walt Disney World resort vacations, allowing families the ease of pre-paying for the meals, snacks, and more they will enjoy during each Disney day. Click here to learn more about Disney Dining Plan options.

Do you use the Disney Dining Plan on your Walt Disney World vacation? Were you able to add a Dining Plan to your next trip? Let us know in the comments!

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