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Disney character memories

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  1. Harley

    My favorite character was donald and remember bringing my stuffed toy that was so loved it had no shirt and i had to see it every time! I loved the good old days w just characters showing up or the old odyssey show where you didnt pay $60+ a person to get character dining! The manager was so kind sent minnie over to me cm went above expect jumped chair just to give me a hug! For a 4 yr old it was alot! Clap and one world are disney classics to me! As i got older it was making fun of my mom for running over the kids i honestly think the new rule is thanks to her no offense to adults whom love their characters my mom had the autograph book and not me all the time! I started thanking cms at like 6 or 7 my son has been doing it since he was able to talk but he still loves to see em though he knows the magical secret!

  2. Ryan Serowinski

    My first Disney character memory was when I met Mr & Mrs Incredible at the then MGM Studios in 2005, inside the old Animation building, and a very nice cast member noticed my watch while I was waiting to meet them

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