Accessorize Your Look With Iconic Disney Character Headbands!

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Whether you’re planning an epic Disney Bound outfit, working on your Halloween costume, or just need to infuse your everyday look with some Disney magic, you’re sure to love these Disney character headbands from Mad Beauty.

Originally intended as make-up headbands, all six of the headbands in this cute line can be worn to hold your hair back while applying makeup or while out and about running errands.

The U.K.-based retail website offers a variety of merchandise, including make-up, gifts, and accessories. They ship to both the United States and Europe, so wherever you live, you can snag these adorable Disney headbands for your accessory collection.

dumbo headband

The Mad Beauty Dumbo headband is priced at $10.96 and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of whimsy to their daily makeup routine (or if you just wish you lived in Fantasyland full-time!).

Our favorite detail is Dumbo’s classic yellow hat on top of this headband.

mickey makeup headband

Next is this classic Mickey ears headband. Priced at $9.59 and softer than traditional Disney Parks ear headbands, this could be a great alternative for those who find rigid headbands uncomfortable.

tigger ears headband

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers…” If you love the bouncy tiger from the Hundred Acre Wood, you’re sure to want to get your hands on this fun Tigger headband for just $9.59.

thumper ears headband

Bambi fans will love this sweet Thumper makeup headband that features bunny ears and a fuzzy grey band. Priced at $9.59, you can’t go wrong with this Disney accessory.

aurora headband

Finally, Mad Beauty has two Disney Princess headbands. The first, which costs at $9.59, features Princess Aurora’s iconic crown and is the perfect choice for Sleeping Beauty fans!

jasmine headband

The second “Fit For a Princess” headband is also priced at $9.59 and is modeled after Princess Jasmine’s famous hair accessory. This is probably the easiest of these Disney headband styles to wear on an everyday basis.

Each of these Disney character accessories is cuter than the last! It’s tough to pick a favorite.

Tell us which iconic Disney character headband you like best in the comments.

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