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  1. Nana

    We have been coming to Disney several times a year and have 2 trips planned for this year. We enjoy several characters buffets if they are going to insist on mask and not having buffets we will cancel our trips. It’s everyones right to do what they feel is right for them. It is to expensive to go to a park with all of this rules. There is and always has been viruses flu etc and always will be. Nothing has been done before and life went on. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t go.

    1. Ken

      I agree. There’s been tons of flu deaths every year and the world didn’t stop. What made this one different? That’s what I don’t get. The flu kills more every year and we don’t ruin people’s jobs and the economy which was doing so good. Cars kill tons of people every year. Should we ban them too? Oh, wait. That’s what the Dems want to do. Ban everything and have more government oversight. No thanks!

    2. Scoop

      Looking forward to enhanced cleanliness at buffet restaurants. I always felt that buffet service would benefit from better standards. I don’t see how this hurts anything.

  2. Kenneth

    Yep, I think the “rethinking” on buffets, both at the parks and on cruise ships is not necessary. Like others have said, we have dealt with viruses for years. This is no different. Requiring masks will change the experience and potentially cause issues for those with breathing problems, but let’s be real…99 degrees and wearing a mask, people will be passing out. So if Disney is looking to avoid lawsuits over the virus, this mask garbage will be even worse. I don’t care what signs they post saying you assume all risks, they are requiring the masks, a sign won’t protect them.

  3. Matt Brewster

    I have been a big, big fan of the WDW buffets for decades! To make them safer, all they need to do is place servers behind the buffet items and have guests request an item and the server would place it on their plate. It would require very little to retrofit the buffet lines.

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