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  1. Nachtwulf

    See, this is the first one of these that I’m genuinely hyped for. First of all, the characters are humans (or, well, basically human…) so you won’t have weird dead-eyed uncanny valley cgi animal people. Secondly, all of the effects… the sea-scorpion sub, the assorted actinic glowy bits, and so forth, are -exactly- the kind of thing CGI actually -does- tend to be good for.

    Thirdly… frankly? Atlantis is one of my favorite Disney movies and I’ve always been angry that it never got the recognition it deserved (I still don’t know why, possibly because it opened against something more popular. Harry Potter maybe?) If the casting’s good, I think this might be the revitalization the title needs to reach audiences and finally STAY there.

    1. SB

      I completely agree! If the rumors for the casting are true, then that alone will hype up the movie and give it the recognition it deserves.

    2. Trini Tech

      I agree this is my childhood and I been saying they need to remake Atlantis and the black cauldron and I’d say the animated hobbit not that 3 part movie trilogy that I didn’t care for and the sword and the stone! yes the should remake every disney movie into live action! but then again the messed up on some lol so maybe not but still I need a live action remake of atlantis!!!! I COULD KISS THE PERSON WHO SUGGESTED THIS AND GOS THRU WITH IT!!!!!! lol btw ur comment is great and I would not had said it better myself!

  2. So exciting! Atlantis is one of my Disney favourites! I even made a live action remake fancast of it that also includes Holland as Milo and DeVito as Harcourt. My dream cast also includes;
    Zendaya as Kida
    John Boyega or Daniel Kaluuya as Sweet
    Jeff Bridges as Mr. Whitmore
    Charlize Theron as Helga Sinclair
    Hugh Jackman as Rourke
    Peter Dinklage as Mole
    Morgan Freeman as the Atlantean King
    Helen Mirren as Packard
    Bill Nighy as Cookie

  3. Nobody

    I hate Tom Holland. All the interviews I’ve seen him in, he can’t keep his mouth shut and I hate his acting.

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