Comments for CONFIRMED: FL Gov. Approves Disney World Reopening Plans


  1. Damion

    Great news! Finally something official!

  2. Its fun to be free

    Why is everyone is a rush???

  3. Lydia

    Well i do not know how much this is true as i just after being on hold for 45mins spoke to my vip ap agent and was told they have not officially and directly been approved! Its also about timing all these new regulations are hypothetical meaning by july could change! Right now they are looking at hey this worked at springs maybe it could work in park. Does not mean it will or they will use it. These are just things given to desantis in proposal not this is what’s happening 100% and could change. Ie. She told me tickets might have codes though by july & if at level 2 it might different. They told me and i agree without Disney offical open this is all mute still! Things could change this is our new normal and things change even in our daily lives!

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