Comments for OpEd: Why “A Bug’s Life” is Pixar’s Best Movie

A Bug's Life

Credit: Disney


  1. Davis

    Def makes me want to watch this movie and take another look… also its tough to be a bug is a classic staple at dak And Its moldy (sorry thats what happens when you live at dak you quote the werid stuff).

  2. Janie

    I miss its tough to be a bug can not wait to visit the tree when i come to wdw before dl reopens!

  3. Thomas

    It is a great movie, and I was so giddy when I met Flik at AK when I went a few years ago. Tough to Be A Bug was awesome too. I also love that it hasn’t had a sequel, which means, for me, that the original was endearing enough to not need one. Not that I don’t love the Toy Story sequels (the Cars sequels and Incredibles 2 were okay but not up to much in my opinion). And while I agree Kevin Spacey is a bit of a curse word now, but back in the day he was a great actor, and gave a great performance as Hopper. And I love that it had ‘Outtakes’ too.

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