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  1. Scott

    If Disney requires masks, our family will not be going. This fallacy about masks being effective is not accurate. Unless trained on how to use a PROPER N95 mask and you replace it frequently, it’s completely ineffective; possibly even harmful. Your breathing hot moist breathe into a scarf or other home made mask creating a breading ground for bacteria. Every breath you pull in traps bacteria in the cloth. The warmth and moisture allow it to grow rapidly. Then you breathe the spores into your lungs all day.

    You’re outside. Transmission risk is low and the original expectations for COVID have been revised to a small fraction. None of these precautions are necessary and only serve to harm people unnecessarily.

    This is the result of fear and panic. A response more dangerous than doing nothing.

    C’mon Disney. You have smart doctors on staff telling you this stuff. Stop pandering to the illegitimate fears of potential guests and set the record straight. If you want to protect people, stop playing politics and drop the ridiculous mask and social distancing nonsense and get back to business. 30,000 people “usually” standing a few feet apart is not going to magically stop the spread of anything.

    1. Tina


      1. Kristina

        No it’s not. I’m a RN. Get your facts right instead of believing CNN

      2. Kristina

        The ONLY way to get rid of covid is by vaccine or herd immunity. .that’s what I meant by “false”. And unless it is a FULL sheild, your accomplishing nothing. Droplets WILL go through a scarf or unapproved mask. That’s not a “feeling”, it’s FACT. ASHMA, COPD, PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES CANNOT WEAR MASKS IN A HOT HUMID CLIMATE

  2. Trenton B.

    I think what Disney is doing is reasonable. Keeping social distancing is a good thing to see, and hopefully in a few months we won’t have to deal with it as much. At the very least, it’ll help people who are afraid to go to the parks.

    However, I do have one tiny concern. You see, originally I was going to be at Disneyland in April. We decided as the threat of closure became imminent we pushed our trip back to August. We held on to our tickets in hopes that we could go then.

    Now, if we held on to our tickets and Disney goes to this reservation system Stateside, how would they go about handling people who held on to their tickets? I’m sure Disney is trying to work that out and hopefully we’ll get more information on that as soon as possible.

    1. Kristina

      Ridiculous! My son has asthma, and we are Annual Passholders. He CANNOT wear a mask, it could kill him. You CANNOT discriminate against people with legal disabilities ..second, unless your eyes and ears are covered than the only masks are good for is, NOTHING. ITS A FALSE SENSE OF SAFETY. HOW MANY TIMES DO DOCTORS NEED TO TELL PEOPLE THAT??! I WANT ALL OF MY MONEY BACK FROM DISNEY FOR 2 ANNUAL PASSES. AND NO WAY WILL A RESERVATION SYSTEM WORK…AGAIN, AP HOLDERS AND RESORT GUESTS PAY TO GO TO THE PARKS. Keep the parks closed until it’s FULLY reopen.

      1. Odette

        What a selfish attitude. First, what kind of “asthma” does your child have that they can’t wear a face mask because it would “kill him”? I also have asthma and I have no issues wearing a face mask. I wear one every single time I go out and especially when I have to go to the hospital. I also have 2 children with disabilities and they can wear a mask just fine. Granted, not every person with a disability can but don’t lump everyone together. Also, for anyone who has a child with disability should do their jobs as parents and ensure the safety of their child instead of being selfish and only thinking about how much YOU want to go out. A sick child is one thing, a sick child with disability is a whole another and I would NEVER risk giving my child a serious sickness because “I need to go have fun”. Also wearing a mask is better than not wearing anything at all and it has been proven over and over again. Do you even have any knowledge on what measures took place during the Spanish Flu? How wearing a mask (by law) eventually saved lives? Clearly VERY uneducated. Funny how the people crying about not “living normally” are exactly the people keeping us from doing so.

  3. bruce

    I love the talk about Disney reopening it takes your mind off what’s going on in the world it definitely is therapy for the mind, but i know our family and others i have talked to are no way going to Disney without character meet and greets, parades, fireworks and the wearing of masks for us or cm’s because you then take away the Disney magic and then it becomes a carnival with rides, so i’ll wait it out and hope we can recapture that Disney magic soon with an opening that includes the above mentioned.

    1. Robin

      As an annual pass holder, u have the choice of when and which park to visit. With the reservation system u will not have that privilege. Is it worth keeping the pass, or canceling now, buying a 1 day reservation and testing how it goes. With the invent of the flex pass, if u find that u enjoyed the reservation, that would be the ideal annual pass to repurchase. Let me know ur thoughts

  4. Barbara Richards

    I have a brilliant idea. Since we’re all having such a difficult time handling this and figuring out how we’ll live with COVID much like we live with the flu with no problems, lol, which is business as usual, just shut it all down. I’m over this virus and how we’re attempting to re-engineer our lives to the extent that we’re living in fear. I have my own solution, I just won’t go back to any of these places. I’ll drive instead of fly and I’ll only give my business to those that are looking into the face of fear and saying, “You know what? Enough.” Moving on. These are my thoughts to not only Disney but the entire world. I don’t have to fly to St Maarten. I don’t have to take a cruise to Cozumel. I’ll adjust just fine and when everyone decides to open up and stop living in fear since this is really overblown, I’ll already be gone. Again, moving on.

  5. Kevin

    I have reservations for November and if all this nonsense is put into place especially the face masks I will never set foot on a Disney property, buy anything Disney, this is coming from someone who is a Disney fanatic and have taken my kids there about every other year for a decade now glad my kids got to experience it before all of this. Let all the sheep follow!!

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