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Bob Chapek Annual Passholder Reopening


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    He talks the good talk but desantis still needs to approval all this… this was just a proposal! Glad hea not in charge of the parks like jeff and josh are… Lets all have patience its july things could change 10k times in 2 months!
    Btw if anyone cared i got disney to work w me around caring for my daughter… if you see me at dak/dhs give a shout out or a wave! But from here on out i will be busy as my daughters rehab schedule etc leads me to lack of time! It was nice chatting with all and i will be around when time allows for now… i will see you all real soon!

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    Ghost Nation Forever

    APs are test dummies for us not get in wo reservation there is no point AP should be our guarentee though in this new normal no one cares how much money we all care to pay to be there bc we care for the park…. am i wrong???

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    Rebel Orange Bird

    Why is he acting like he got approval!? If i was desantis i would have waited to see how one does open before opening the other ie. Universal is opening next wk (yes i know they are separate parks companies but springs is a mall not a theme park!) Watch it track it then say ok disney your turn and then gardens… not everything opens in a free for all over the summer! God forbid something goes wrong at universal your going to still ok disney? And say maybe they will be different?? How do you know that we are living in a different world now w people not even knowing if its safe no matter what they do… theres another strain coming and it might be worse than this are they not going to care?? I know desantis and everyone is worried about economy but if someone gets sick of dies whose working those jobs??? Yell and scream call me an idiot for speaking my mind but i am in ny i seen the worst of it!

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