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  1. Mark

    “for those folks that are lucky enough to be able to get in that new reservation system, it’s going to be quite a magical day.”
    For the rest of you we except long complaint lines at guest relations, arguements w security, & lawsuits waiting to happen!

    1. Douglas E Cobb

      I am and have been a huge Disney fan and DVC member and AP I will stay to home until they drop the mandatory mask regulations and I know there are lots of others who feel the same way! I will return and I do not speak for others but lots of guest are canceling vacations due to this rule. I am not a cootie and nor will I be treated this way! Nothing has changed its all just a political thing! I can wait I am so glad I never activated my AP it is good for 10yrs. The masks are not meant to be work by general public and is Disney going to have Bio Hazard stations for mask changing? Think about that one. Just makes no sense but this is just my feelings. I will just stay home and save my money I am a Disney Stock Holder so I will just watch my stocks drop! I am afraid that this will come back and haunt them soon! I know Orange County has a lot to due with it in Orlando! What a shame they try do this for political gain! Not going to fool everyone or at least not me! I am a Veteran and know this is a brainwashing technique and I know how it works. I have been though it in the military and know how to play the game!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I am from ny so i would be the last person to say no to masks after all i been through… i am trying to get a nursing degree and the sad things omg! But i can see everyone in fl arguement over the heat thing. And agree w both yours and marks pts! Besides i am in ny i can do nothing but wait!

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