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Bob Chapek

Credit: Disney


  1. Nick

    What a joke of a CEO

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      I esp loved in his cnn interview when he said this…
      Question asked: is disney prepared to close down again if there is a significant second wave later this year?
      His answer:
      One of the reasons why we’re moving so slowly, so deliberately and so cautiously, is that we hope to avoid that type of situation, and we think by moving very cautiously and deliberately, that we can mitigate the chances of that happening.

      ???? How is disney going to mitigate a virus???? Are they prepared that the next strain might have started or this mutated again and is affecting people in different ways then before including sending kids now to the hosp! 10 died just in my state of ny!!! Is he prepared for that as disney brings in families??? Is he a doctor that makes him believe disney will be skipped over my wave 2??? While wdw is in good hands w josh and jeff the company itself has some wackadoos!

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Ps. Before the ela nazis get me … i meant does he this disney is immune and will be skipped over by the second wave??

      2. Anne

        Your an idiot, ffs stay home and wear your stupid mask and live in fear forever. No one said you have to visit DW mind your business

      3. Mark

        I read that too rebel omg how insensitive its a virus was disney flown over last time NO thats why you closed! Omg its like you said glad josh and jeff are in charge of parks but gheez hes just another iger! He does realize people died right and 2nd round is supose to worse …

  2. Shannon

    We will cancel our August trip if masks are required.

    1. Evan

      Hi Shannon – Thanks for staying home

    2. Anne

      Yes us too, so stupid, masks won’t save you people, wash your f-ing hands. Don’t like it stay home.

      1. Erica

        I respect people’s right to wear masks or not.It always seems to be the pro masks making unwarranted comments like “Good,stay home.” If the masks make you feel safe,great.This is a forum to comment on how you feel about it.I can see the appeal for locals and AP holders. Unfortunately we only go every other year.If September 1st the experience will be watered down and masks required, then I will cancel.I cant justify spending $8000 for a not so magical experience. Also my son has sensory issues and Autism.He will not wear a mask.I know as a adult I find myself wanting to adjust it.I cant imagine sweating in it on top of that.

  3. Anonymous

    We have an August trip as well and will cancel if the masks are required. It would be such a battle getting little kids to wear them all day that it definitely would make a super expensive trip not worth it.

  4. Terry

    As a pass holder I will not return or renew my passes until the mask requirement is removed. The rest like social distance and hand sanitizer I agree with.

    Since Disney says I ener at my own risk, no problem, then why mask requirement?

  5. Anne

    And exactly how long do you expect us to wear masks for? They do nothing, unless your wearing a full hazmat suit, just stop the nonsense. Stay away from Disney if you live in fear. No masks for us till you come to your senses and use common sense.

  6. Leonard Pizzolatto

    I don’t care when they open. However, Disney needs to address the lost of DVC points due to the lockdown. I believe lost trips using DVC points during that time should be extended for another year. No one in Disney seems to want to address this issue. Well, maybe Mr Chapek can.

  7. Bob

    Anne, i totally agree with you, if your scared, stay home

  8. Heather

    Wow! It amazes me people think they can invoke their view points on others. We live in a FREE society, thankfully!
    The world economy has to reopen or life can’t continue. We all have our own personal risk, comfort and tolerance levels. IF you don’t like what a business is doing, don’t go to that business.
    You have the same risk of catching a virus in any other business in America.
    And, personally I wouldn’t choose to go to a theme park this summer. Government should not tell people how to live their lives.

    1. Jamie

      While i agree fighting w someone else over masks is getting insane! People are shooting each other over it up north and breaking out into fights on the street! Its ok if you do not want to wear it but a virus does not choose whom to make sick and whom not my best friend died 21 yrs old from covid… she was happy and health one min next in hosp next zooming us to say goodbye! So yes you have rights but to what cost???

      1. Melanie Durham

        I am so sorry for the loss of your friend!

  9. Judy

    Happy some are canceling and staying home…..all the more enjoyable for us local Floridians to visit the parks without massive crowds this summer. No problem with masks and self distancing.

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