Comments for ‘Black Widow’ Star Says She Refused To Let Marvel Control How Her Body Should Look

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Derek

    If she really wants us to believe that, than why doesn’t she get fat

    1. Angelina

      Because maybe she just want to maintain her body weight and Is happy how she is ??‍♀️

  2. ThisIsSilly

    Sooooo, she didn’t want to be held to the same standard as the Male superheroes. #equality

    Seriously, anyone, Male or Female who takes on a role where they are supposed wear tight clothes and be insanely strong, has to go through crazy diet and workout regimens.

    1. Vaughn Klishak

      shes an ungrateful cunt. if i was given a landmark role that will make me a multimillionaire id stfu and do what i was told, cuz thats how contracts work.

  3. David

    What decision… Nowhere did it say in the story that anyone tried to require that of her. That’s like her saying she wouldn’t change her hair color, even though it wasn’t asked. As to the general idea about fitting a specific appearance for a role, well that’s part of acting. It’s fine if you don’t want to adapt to a part, just don’t be surprised if you aren’t called on for some roles.

  4. Mark Stansbury

    Then don’t hire her. Chris’s and Hugh jackmen weren’t born that way.

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