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Frozen Ever After

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  1. Maxiela

    ANYONE with those kinds of health issues should act with great caution. The ride does disclose dips before boarding. The parent should have enough common sense to keep anyone with brain injuries off any ride that has a dip of any kind. Movement such as a dip – no matter how slight- could cause the brain to move. In this case I don’t blame Disney, I blame the parent. Much like the lady that ordered hot coffee then sued because it was hot. What did you expect? Common sense folks, common sense.

    1. A. Ford

      Totally agree with the other comment . Especially since her doctor said gentle rides like Small World. . I have had 2 brain surgeries back in 2011. I would not even consider it, even now

      1. Adrianne Gorman

        Agree with other comments. Your physician said gentle rides. Someone in the family needs to be responsible especially when caring for someone with so many recent health issues. The mother could have taken the ride first to ensure her daughter was capable of such a ride.
        Don’t ruin your lack of good judgment to sue Disney.

        1. Richard Stough

          Stupid, stupid. As an
          experienced parent of a child
          (as I am as well) the call is on me. Never would I consider the information of any lay person as valid based for my decision. I am also a DVC never sind 1995 and hitbthe parks annually.
          Suing to draw attention my
          fanny. Disney gets sued constantly buy money hungry attendees. This is a mom trying to transfer her guilt.

          1. honeycombsbigyeahyeahyeah

            Yep, I agree. A cast member is not a replacement for medical advice. Nor should we expect them to be. Any ride that says pregnant or expectant mothers should avoid is likely something anyone 6 wks post-op brain surgery should avoid.

        2. Stephanie

          The information sign for the ride literally says it includes a backwards and forwards “plunge” down short waterfalls. The ride track is the exact same as it was for the past 20 years when it was still Maelstrom, only the theming has changed.

          1. Melissa

            YES!!! Geez!! Absolutely ridiculous..

        3. Regina

          Just a little FYI, since you mentioned it, the woman who ordered the coffee, was actually served a cup of coffee that was between 180 and 190 degrees. This temperature was specified in the mcdonalds employee handbook as how hot the coffee was to be served, despite the fact that this was 20 to 30 degrees higher that other establishments AND the fact that multiple other patrons had brought claims against them for being scalded by the coffee. Additionally, the customer was a 79 year old woman who was NOT driving at time (despite numerous false accounts that stated otherwise). She was riding with her son, who had parked the car so that she could add cream and sugar to her coffee. The car had a slanted dashboard and no cup holders so she placed the cup between her legs and it slid down, and soaked through her cotton jumpsuit, causing 3rd degree burns to her legs, buttocks and groin. AFTER the suit, McDonald’s finally wised up and lower the temperature at which their coffee is served. So… not such a frivolous lawsuit. As for the frozen ride, I’ve never ridden it and don’t know enough facts to speak to the validity of the claim. ***The more you know!*** 🙂

      2. Janet

        Agree with the comments anyone with health issues should not do any of the rides. Use your brain Mom, if you were so concerned you should say no. Everyone body reacts differently to small wave.

        1. Donna

          My dad fell at hotel early and met up with us late in the day. Before going on we expressed concern and were assured the ride would be fine for him. It was anything but. It was awful to see my dad in so much pain and crying. He couldn’t even get off without my husband having to lift him out. I think there should he additional signage that people with back pain or health issues should be extra careful in riding. I don’t agree with them suing tho.

      3. Kenny

        If you don’t have any common sense…or family that doesnt….Disney shouldn’t be responsible for this family’s bad choices

      4. She had no business going there period?

      5. Grace Rolon

        I think it should be closed until further notice.

    2. Ana

      Totally agree with you on.this! People like this family would do anything for money! They always say they’re not doing it for the money…LIARS! you ain’t going to win

      1. LWest

        If they were after money, wouldn’t they have asked for a much larger amount? I know this family. They’re not about the money.

        1. Melissa

          If they weren’t after money they wouldn’t ask for money at all.
          Its plan stupidity

          1. Lwest

            “Plan” stupidity? Oh…you’re trying to say ‘plain’. Ok. I get it. No, actually it’s not plain stupidity. What’s stupid is for Disney to refuse to post a warning about the ride, leading the lawsuit. And, seriously, do you think the master plan was, “I’m going to falsely accuse Disney of something so I can buy me a mansion and never work another day in my life. So I’m going to ask for…$30,000”? Come on, now. If you’re going to make an accusation, at least think it through a bit.

          2. kerri-lynn Costello

            The parents should have never brought their daughter with a recovering brain surgery on a ride with a dip in it. The word dip should have been enough to stop them regardless of if it was a gentle dip or not. Any dip can cause your head to move and should have been a warning for them to not go on the ride. The doctor cleared her for gentle rides, like it’s a small world, which has no dips. I doubt if they asked their doctor if she should go on rides with a dip he’d say yes.
            Negligence on the parents part does not mean Disney is to blame.

          3. Taylor

            This family is probably claiming ordinary negligence which you need to cite to damages as an element of bringing the claim or you will not be entitled to a judgment. Also someone mentioned the lady’s lack of common sense with the hot coffee doesnt know that at the time, McDonalds was serving coffee that was boiling, was too hot and way too dangerous especially given you serve to go food and know that your customers are driving with the product and spills may happen. However, in this case what more could they have done? I’ve been on that ride and it’s adequate to say it has small dips.

          4. inonomus

            Um, they have a ride precaution right at the beginning. And clearly they didnt look at it, and in this age it takes what a minute to youtube the ride. This is a money scam. I know the family too, they arent very bright.

        2. Maxine

          Dude my family and I lives in Florida and we are annual passholders and goes Disney World every Saturday to have family time with our 2 year old and Frozen is her favorite ride. The ride all of the rides for that matter clearly disclose dips small or large etc and states if you have any medical problems to reconsider they name a list of medical conditions including brain injuries. So her parents regardless if she wanted to get on because of Frozen, she would have NEVER gotten on the ride period. So, if this is not about money what the heck is it about? I know MONEY because a poor lack of parental instincts. Say what you want to it’s about nothing but the money and they are not going to get a damn dime.

        3. Brandon

          You’re an idiot too

          1. Elissa Tucker

            I want to sue this site because nobody warned me the word brandon was gonna be used. You wanna bring a lawyer to a theme park
            ? Ibet you dont look before you cross the street

      2. Jen

        Why would they go on any rides right after having surgery. I would never take the chance.

      3. Kathy

        Agree 100%, Disney discloses the dips and the person should have stayed off the ride.

        1. Gianna West

          Back off!

      4. Diane

        Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD! Personal responsibility people!

    3. Kevin

      The hot coffee lawsuit was due to the coffee being kept extraordinarily hot that it burned off the skin on the womans lap, to describe it as gently as I can. That was after McDonalds spent lots of money to shift the blame to the 80 year old woman. This case is not similar at all. You cant expect park ride staff to know medical history and make a choice only you or your doctor can make. Should have erred on the side of caution.

      1. Carly

        If you just had major surgery, why go at all. You can easily watch videos of the ride online to find out if there’s any crazy drops or not. The drop really isn’t that intense at all and I hate drops. Also if I’m.correct there’s usually rise warrning signs at the entrance of each ride that.memtions if you have anything listed, don’t ride. So poor judgement on the families side. If the injuries are true I do how ever pray for healing.

        1. Noname needed

          Which is exactly what the last person said exactly you had to repeat it over for no reason. Other than you thought they disagreed with you because you didn’t bother to read anything.

          1. Nick

            You must be related to them. Most comments are rehashes you troll.

      2. Sheila

        Some people will do anything for a money pay out use you common sense if you have any

      3. John

        Yes the McDonald’s coffee was on the hot side but the lady who spilled the coffee could have exercised more caution.

        1. JoJo Joanne

          You obviously don’t know anything about the case. McDonald’s has won in the court of public opinion because they spent millions to twist the story. It clearly worked as people have been bringing that up for years. Please do a quick Google search about it. This case will likely be dismissed. I feel bad for the girl, but she excepted the risk when she got on the ride.

          1. Lwest

            How could she ‘expect the risk’ when she was told it was just a gentle dip? Where was the warning? There was none. So I hope this case isn’t dismissed and, quite honestly, I don’t see why they aren’t asking for a hell of a lot more money. Oh wait, because it’s not about the money. They’re better people than I. I would have asked for millions.

        2. Nope

          Read the case. The coffee was so hot it melted the cup. The store had been fined for machine not working by the health Dept. Lady asked for med bills to be paid only, they took it to court not wanting to pay anything at all.

      4. Red 1

        This is absurd. There wasn’t a jolt when her airplane landed in Orlando? Or she never hit a single small pot hole if she drove down? Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame for another frivolous lawsuit

      5. Gabe

        Correct Kevin. The “hot coffee” woman was the butt of late night comics’ jokes. She actually needed multiple skin grafts, so she was literally scared for life. Not the same as someone who whilefully takes a dependant on a ride who has compromised health to start with.

    4. Christopher Heidel


      1. Anonynurse

        Why are so many comments from people who are pointing out that the parents should’ve read something – yet are completely ignoring the fact this was a 26 year old woman? Her age is in the article. Just because her mother/parents were with her, doesn’t mean she was a child.

    5. Zachary Boland

      The hot coffee woman sued because the coffee melted through the cup.

      1. Nathan Turtle

        Every ride is required by law in every country to state what the attraction contains even to the point of ruining the surprise element of it. The signs clearly state the ride is dark, has small drops which they are and that it is a slow ride.
        Personally I think her doctor should be getting a lawsuit for agreeing to allow her to travel after just six weeks recovering from brain surgery. If the family were that concerned about it bothering her, perhaps they should have rode it in two groups and report back as to whether they think it was suitable.
        Furthermore, there is a ton of videos, write ups, reviews and more literally showing and explaining this ride in detail. It really rules me in this day and age that people will make a lawsuit out of their own carelessness.

      2. Shannon

        The coffee did not melt through the cup. I know this for a fact. When she took off the lid, some of it spoiled. She had it settled between her thighs. No, they did not have warnings on their cups at the time. Yes, their coffee brews at over 200 degrees. She wanted warning labels on the cups.
        As far as this ride, the family could have watched any of the rides before ever arriving to Disney in the first place. Therefore, they could have seen to which rides would have been safe for her to ride or not.

    6. Paula-Marie Toone

      Before you mention the woman who sued McDonald’s; watch the documentary ‘Hot Coffee’. It is detailed and accurate; not what was representative by the media and late night talk show hosts.

    7. Joshua DeLawter-Gourlay

      This is rediculous. I actually got blasted point blank in the eyes with the water blast on the drop of the giant water slide in Magic Kingdom and you don’t see me suing about it.

      1. Lwest

        Did you need medical attention?

      2. Kreuz

        ‘not about the money’.. Its good to see a lawyer in this day and age sue Walt Disney for awareness and not a cash settlement….
        I’m thinking the medical expenses of brain surgery might be pretty steep. I’m sure they wouldn’t dream of doing this to pay those bills with a little extra juice for themselves..

        1. Lwest

          Doing a quick google search, the cost of brain surgery can range from $50,000-$150,000. So let’s do some math, shall we? She’s suing for $30,000. That’s less than the average brain surgery. Not much extra juice there, is there. So that kinda pokes a hole in your theory…try again.

          1. Bon Jovi

            Are you just going to keep arguing with people or are you going to acknowledge the fact that there IS warning signs at the beginning of the god damn ride?? Let’s do some math, shall we? Recent brain surgery + riding a ride at Disneyworld= Don’t Risk It

    8. Kristen Griffin

      I don’t see why the mom didn’t use common sense. ANYONE after ANY kind of surgery should ensure complete healing before any type of rapid movement. Then the family’s attorney made the statement that it’s not about money but instead to inform other families…..get outta here! If it’s about a warning and not about money you wouldn’t sue, you’d go and write a review online about the ride. People lack common sense these days. I’ve been to Disney several times and have NEVER seen a ride/attraction the doesn’t state “Do not enter if you….”. It seems to me like the daughter isn’t the one with the brain injury.

      1. Lwest

        I don’t think the ride had a sign that read: “Do not enter if you have been cleared by the doctor to go on gentle rides and you were told by 3 people that the dip on this ride was gentle”. Do you have a picture of the sign at this ride? (since you’ve been there so often) Perhaps you can post the picture and clear things up for everyone.

        1. LWESTSTINKS

          In your world there would be no fun, everyone would sue for everything and we would be in every day quarantine. Her doc said “its a small world types” the sign said that this ride was not that. Period. Cant take medical advise from people that are not your doctor.

        2. Angie

          I have been to Disney world 2 times it says it both online before fast pass and on the signs. Plus what a dip to one person isn’t a dip to another one. Plus before you plan the trip it beings up medical conditions.

        3. KSS

          The sign actually uses the word “plunge” down a short waterfall.

        4. Tyler Rowan

          LWest they have a sign in front of the ride that states and I quote “You May get Wet. Board a boat to Arrendelle and set off on a world of FROZEN fun!
          This rise includes a backwards and
          forwards plunge down short waterfalls.” It clearly states that there are plunges which range in how massive they are. It is truely the parents fault for not being careful and more observant.

        5. Pamela Ann Wright

          regardless I don’t know who you are but I think you should have warned her not to go if nothing else

        6. Nick

          The parents should of read the warnings before the ride. this is ridiculous. Whose fault is it that they didn’t take the time to be aware that their daughter shouldnt of been on the ride. What do you want them to do give her a physical before hand. Theres a sign. After reading the sign they could of looked up the ride on youtube. Stop acting like theyre innocent when they are guilty for being dumb

    9. Gianna

      That’s not fair. They were told it was safe!

      1. AW

        Again, safe as they did not know she has serious medical issues. Unfortunately, not Disney’s fault. So generally speaking it is safe.

    10. Jstein

      While I agree with the ride aspect because it’s common sense and her own fault, please actually look up what happened with the McDonald’s coffee thing. The coffee was so extremely hot because of a faulty machine that it gave her 3rd degree burns and permanent damage, they used that case as propaganda against suing.

    11. Esteban

      You hit it in the nail the family says it’s not about the money but you know it is.

      1. Gianna West

        they are good people

        1. Nick

          uh-huh. just not intelligent people.

    12. Esteban

      You hit it on the nail the family says it’s not about the money but you know it is.

    13. Mike

      I concur and add; if in doubt sit it out. The parent should have requested to test the ride prior to letting her daughter ride it. What ever happened to responsibility when we’re given freedom to choose.

    14. KMiller

      If I had a family member who had brain surgery 6 weeks prior I’d for sure check out rides ahead of time (although I’m personally very familiar with the rides) or not go on most of the rides. Heck probably wouldn’t go at all. Did they fly? What if there was turbulence during the flight? The family chose to take a risk. Can’t see how Disney is at fault.

      1. Lwest

        They drove. They had doctor clearance for the trip. They were told by 3 employees that the dip was nothing. They did their research. Disney was negligent. And if was about the money, they’d ask for a lot more. $30,000 wouldn’t allow anyone a luxurious lifestyle that con men desire (and this family is not made of up con men)

        1. Jas

          Are they illiterate? The sign states “plunge” and not dip.. these people are just mad that they made a bad decision. Again, reading the sign should have been enough to get the point across that it is NOT a ride like It’s a Small World. At what point do they take responsibility over their lack of judgement? Completely ridiculous.

    15. Jeremy Lopez

      There are signs all over the ride’s queue. They are going to lose.

    16. Ginger

      I’ve had serious health issues and I would know better than to get on an unknown ride without SPECIFICALLY speaking with people who came off the ride. One person’s small dip is an avalanche to another. I wish her well but it sounds to me that this is a way for her to help pay for her medical Bill’s. BTW, I’ve been on it’s a small world where it’s made a hard stop that could be equally damaging.

    17. J

      Agree about this but look up the hot coffee one they smeared her so hard for this when it was absolutely McDonald’s at fault it gave her 3rd degree burns on her crotch that coffee was waaaaay hotter then should be allowed and they had received pervious complaints about it and ignored them

    18. lyn

      It’s ludicrous to be suing! The doctor himself described specifically what type of ride is suitable – it’s a small world which is pretty much slow. As a responsible parent, you should’ve tried the ride first yourself assess it and not just take a teenager’s assessment as to how rough the “dip” is. One’s “rough” dip maybe gentle to another. Seriously, though, this should be dubbed frivolous.

    19. Ken

      I’m a parent of a severely disabled adult child. This is the only place in the world someone with disabilities can ride rides. Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children. Not Disney!!!

    20. Gianna West

      I know this family. They are very kind people!

      1. inonomus

        When you say kind so you mean irresponsible, dumb, or unintelligent?

      2. Parents@fault

        That’s great that you know them, and I’m glad to hear theyre nice people. Unfortunately, they weren’t very good parents. Their daughter, in her condition at the time as she was healing from brain surgery, had NO BUSINESS GOING ON RIDES AT DISNEY WORLD. This is the parents fault, and I also believe it’s solely about money. No, you aren’t going to change my mind, I’m a parent of special needs myself. And if MY son had just had brain surgery six weeks ago, ain’t NO WAY I’m taking him to Disney. For one, I couldn’t afford it after a 50,000 dollar operation. Two, it wouldn’t be in his best interest as ge JUST HAD BRAIN SURGERY. Knowing the family and believing their good people is noble of you. Just don’t allow that to blind you to the fact that, despite being GOOD people, they very much seem to be intelligent and negligent parents.

    21. stevie

      agree, but the McDonald’s coffee incident was much more than what people think, read up on it before you generalize it.

    22. Kristen

      I can relate. I always ask about any dips/drops and the Disney staff always down plays them. I skip the pirates ride for the same reason.

    23. Trent

      The woman who sued McDonald’s spilled her coffee and suffered third degree burns. She had to get skin grafts, lose twenty pounds, and get two years of medical treatment. She originally only sued for lost wages and medical bills, but it turned into a class action lawsuit for those who suffered the same way. McDonalds admitted that coffee served at 190 degrees Fahrenheit is not safe.

    24. Yeet boi

      I agree with the whole thing about it being the lady’s fault with the ride, but that coffee incident is very wrong, at the time when she had ordered the coffee McDonalds had been making way hotter then what they were supposed to. When the old lady had spilled it on herself, she had gotten burns all over the lower half of her body. She was sent to the hospital and when she asked McDonalds to help with the extremely high bills they gave her less than 500$.

    25. Anne Bodson

      Totally agree with above comment. They have warnings and people need to use common sense especially if recently had surgery. Dont blame Disney.

    26. Mrs Garcia

      I agree

    27. Bill

      I totally agree. Anyone who’s had brain surgery within 6 weeks of going to an amusement park shouldn’t get on ANY ride. The signs posted by Disney at all of their attractions are sufficient enough that any reasonable person would not have gotten on that ride with their given condition.

    28. Li

      Amen…exactly what I thought.

    29. Jessica

      Agreed. I find it extremely hard to believe this isn’t an attempt for money. Who on EARTH goes to Disney and goes on rides 6 weeks post brain surgery??? I don’t blame Disney at all. I’ve been on that ride multiple times….the descriptions are accurate. This won’t hold up in court.

    30. Callie

      Maxiela, I agree with most of what you said.
      However, I want to correct a misunderstanding about the
      “Hot Coffee” incident you mentioned.
      Many people are not aware that the coffee was not merely hot. It was SCALDING! The burns were horrendous! It was not the “Ow, I burned my little taste buds” hot.
      It was “Flesh-Destroying Burning Hot.” Can you imagine the excruciating pain?
      The jury who saw the pictures did.
      The lack of common sense definitely applies to the employee who nuked the coffee instead of
      making it properly.


    32. Kelly Richardson

      Did you ever see the picture of the lady that got burned by the coffee at McDonald’s? Look up the pictures you would sue too. Coffee had to be beyond hot to cause burns like that.

    33. The lady is brain dead. She shouldn’t be on any rides in my honest opinion. Millions ride and not complain. She should have been smarter. Its always about the money. Dont believe that it isn’t. Take care of yourself and stay safe!!!

  2. Gina Carr

    I have health issues and use resources. I ride most rides at Disney and I am fine riding them. I can see how some are not ok and have a few jerks here and there. What I have done with any ride before ever boarding is go online and research, I also watch videos of the ride on youtube. The wait to any ride is youtube worthy, and can be viewed completely before boarding. I feel Disney has enough warning signs that display risks. We also have common since and the ability to use computers/tablets/phones/ talk to cast members, and not take a health risking Disney Vacation at a theme park. I am for Disney on this one!

    1. Disneymom

      I agree with you! You can watch any ride and know what to expect. She is definitely in the wrong and should not have ridden if there was even a question about it. Sadly though Disney is a great company and will probably settle with this woman to be nice and avoid problems. They seem to always do the right thing and go above and beyond with their patrons.

    2. Sarah V.

      This is a case of stupidity. If your doctor tells you to stick to slow moving rides then it’s common sense to avoid a ride that you’ve never been on before. Especially if the description says there is a dip. I also have Spina Bifida. Every one with spina bifida is different. You know what your body can and cannot handle. I pulled a leg muscle getting out of the Frozen ride. It never even crossed my mind to sue Disney. Every ride has warnings. I like the frozen ride. The drop doesn’t bother me (I can see how it may bother others). That step getting out of the boat is what bothers me….so if I’m having a bad day health wise I don’t go on it…if I’m having a good day then I save it for last just in case my leg ends up hurting. This lady needs to just stick to rides like “Living With the Land.” Of course she would probably find a reason to sue Disney for that too.

      1. Lwest

        “Of course, she would probably find a reason to sue Disney for that, too”? Do you know this person? No, you don’t. And when you pulled your leg muscle, did you require medical care and did it ruin the rest of your trip? Before getting on the ride, were you told by 3 employees that there’s no problem getting out of the boat? (Can you see how the two cases are different yet?) And as far as it being common sense to ‘avoid a ride that you’ve never been on before’…do you realize that makes no sense? We don’t exist the womb with Disney ride experience. At some point, we all have to ride a ride for the first time, otherwise there’d be no rides we’ve been on before. Think, Sarah. Think.

        1. CjCC

          I can’t imagine that I would trust somebody that doesn’t have any knowledge of my medical history to decide if it was okay to ride anything. I thought Space Mountain was a mild ride. What is a small plunge to one person may be large to another. You just put the health of your child in the hands of a worker. This is about money.

  3. Barbara

    She and her family shouldn’t get on any ride sounds like because Frozen is not a rough ride and the drop.is a baby drop. DISNEY SHOULD NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A STUPID DECISION

    1. M.j.

      This is why the government feels like they can force vaccines. Because of individuals like this. I pray you heal properly, physically and mentally.

      1. Vaccines SAVES LIVES and if you DON’T get them you put others at risk

      2. Rob

        If everyone shared your mentality we’d all be dead from polio and other diseases that incredibly smart people helped rid the world of.

  4. Rita A

    I agree with you ? percent! As I have gone brain surgery on May 20, 2019 still recovering I don’t understand why this girl would ever go on any rides just having surgery 6 weeks prior

    1. lwest

      Because the doctor said she could. I suppose you think a comment on an article over-rides medical school, etc.

      1. TWDW

        no, the doctor said gentle rides, not gentle dip. The fact there is a dip at all means doc said no. Seems like this is personal to you but objectively they disobeyed docs orders.

      2. Britts

        There are plenty of videos out there showing what EVERY ride is like. They didn’t do their research. Anything with dips should have been avoided. Their problem, not Disney’s.

        We go every year and do MONTHS of research before going. You didn’t plan properly… how’s that someone else’s fault.

        Also, the drops in that ride are NOT that bad, but if you just had surgery and major medical issues you should know better. Sorry not sorry. I hope its thrown out.

      3. Nellie

        If the family drove, there are lots of bumps on the road, worst than frozen. I guess they will look for a way to sue the roads DOT. Pls I don’t give a rat’s a– about this family is not after the money. Pls tell that to my granddaughter who is 1 year old. And the baby will laugh in your face, stupidity.

  5. William Wells

    BS, it’s ALWAYS about money.

  6. Lauren W.

    It’s a shame that incidents like this usually devolve to lawsuits. I believe the family used poor judgment in taking this person after such a major surgery, and they didn’t do their due diligence in researching rides they wanted her to ride. If it’s not about money, why the lawsuit? There are warnings on the ride. What more would they accomplish if not get money out of this (which I don’t think will make it to court)?

  7. Sue

    Sure…✌lets warn people✌about a ride that can put me to sleep (❤ ride and Disney and can ride it all day). If you have this sort of injury you should not be going on any rides.
    Its sad thay people are facing health issues, but this is why prices keep going up.
    Its about the ?, smh.

  8. Jackie

    Is there a reason i posted the same sue happy response every else has and yet i do not get posted!

  9. Lisa Peck

    Did she fly in an airplane to get to WDW??? Turbulence and landing isn’t out of the question either. Are you going to sue the airline too? Why do go to a theme park after having Brain surgery??

    1. Jojo

      My thoughts exactly. The Orlando traffic getting to Disney is an even scarier ride.

      1. lwest

        You make it sound like she left for Disney right after being discharged from the hospital. That was not the case. And in traffic, are there dips in the highway? Not usually. So how about we think before we comment? That’d be nice.

        1. J

          The world would be a better place without
          you and your entire bloodline.

    2. Lwest

      They drove.

      1. Fly-drive

        Does it matter if they drove or flew? Driving that far is pretty rough on the body as well- especially 6 weeks after any surgery. Poor decision anyway it’s sliced on her part. Still home and heal before going on an a trip like Disney.

        1. Lwest

          I think you need to contact her doctor and tell him that he advised her incorrectly. After all, he just has a medical degree and over 20 years experience. YOU…have ‘common sense’. Congrats.

      2. Drive-fly, who cares

        Does it really matter if they drove or they flew?? Driving a distance like Chicago to central FL is also tough on the body and frankly a poor decision overall on the family’s part. Add in this was 6 weeks after a major surgery?!?!? You mentioned that you know this family and therefore have an emotional investment here. But- this just wasn’t a smart choice?‍♀️

  10. Elias Reyes

    Why in God’s name would anyone take anyone to a ride attraction theme park only weeks after a surgery? Especially “brain surgery” regardless of what the doctor says. Wait!!!!!….. I forgot we’re talking about a millennial aren’t we? Of coarse we are. And now after the fun’s over and the money’s gone it’s decided to go after the park….. for an experience that they anticipated. Let me guess… they probably stayed the rest of the day in the park as a “special guest” with no other complaints. Good job mom. You loon.

    1. Bob

      Ok boomer

    2. Stephen

      Because older generations have never had poor judgment in all of human history?

    3. Ok Boomer

      It’s always pretty amazing how boomers call out the generation they were responsible for raising and giving life skills for. Not sure if they’re roasting themselves and calling themselves bad and neglectful parents or they just lack common sense altogether.

  11. This person had no business being on any ride!! I’m an RN, why this family allowed this person to ride is their fault, not Disney’s!! People have to start being responsible for their own health decisions!! And by the way, it’s not about the money?? Yeah I’m sure it’s not… ridiculous…people just looking for a hand out!!

    1. Lwest

      Disney misrepresented the ride. They said it was just a gentle dip. Her doctor said she could go on gentle rides. Looking for a handout? $30,000?? If I was looking for a handout, I’d ask for a hell of a lot more. Do you know this family personally? Because I do. They’re not like that. They just want ample warning. People just love to assume the worst about people. And they sure love to put themselves up on a pedestal. That’s so obvious from your comment and so many others. Shame on you all. An RN, too. I expect more from an RN

      1. Lwest more lile L east

        Obviously they didnt misrepresent the ride, it just sounds like your friends have no real concept of warnings. They obviously didnt listen to the doctor, they clearly didnt read warning signs, and asking for any amount of money is this case is just that greedy people looking for 15 minutes of fame and a cash handout. Disney doesn’t have to call each individual guest and inform them of anything. Its up tp you to decide and make decisions as a human adult. Not one person in the family is capable of that it seems. So instead of looking foolish defending clearly oblivious greedy people. Maybe just maybe you should jump down off that super high donkey and explain to them why they wont win any money and should lose there child for putting them at risk. Shame on you for judging others fpr the exact thing you’re doing.

        1. Lwest

          “lile L east”? Is that an attempt to make fun of my name? That’s mature. They had doctor clearance. What warning signs? 3 employees told them the dip was gentle. These people aren’t greedy people. I’ve known them for over 14 years. I’m not on a super high donkey and they shouldn’t lose their child. And y ou don’t know what the word ‘judging’ means. I can make an informed opinion about this because I know the family. You, on the other hand, don’t.

      2. J

        Are you that stupid?!? They just had brain surgery and should have BEEN HOME RECOVERING. This is Darwinish at its finest, and if they had died, it would have been on them. Cause and effect. I do not care what the doctor supposedly said.
        Commonsense goes a long way.

      3. Snowflakes

        You should be depoerted to fantasy island with this family. Move out the way so there is one less person in line. Im sueing because my daughter is afraid of snowflakes and nowhere in “frozen” did anybody say anything about pics of snowflakes on the ride.

    2. Joan

      Yeah. Finally someone has it right.

    3. Kris

      her doctor gave her the ok and its not her family’s responsibility to tell a 27 year old what she can and cant do and the ride operator from my understanding of the artical told her that it was a small dip, I have health issues and if I had just had gotten the ok to go on rides and I wanted to go on that ride and someone like a park ride operator had told me that it just had a small dip I would take them at there word.

  12. Kevin H Jones

    Maybe if you are infirmed in any way, you should always err on the side of caution. If you see the warnings, and there are some, do not get on the ride. Do not put cast members in the position of having to encourage or discourage you. It’s not fair to them, and quite stupid of you.

    1. Gerri

      Agree mother
      should never have let her on ride.its a money thing and attorney is big time ambulance chaser!! I’ve taken my grandkids to wdw and never got on a ride but had the BEST time ever.

    2. Angel

      This is the first comment that really said what I was thinking. The ride has warnings. The family clearly saw the warnings, but they didn’t like it – evidenced by the fact that they asked the ride cast members. I don’t blame the family for being disappointed that they might have to miss out on the Frozen ride, but they shouldn’t have put the cast members in the position of approving or disapproving of what was essentially a medical decision.

      I don’t know how exactly the conversation with the cast members went. Being as generous to the family as possible, perhaps the cast members do need to be trained not to give their subjective opinion of rides to guests while on duty and should just refer them to the warnings. If they want to go the extra mile, they can suggest the party split up of someone wants to test the ride.

      I don’t fault Disney, but I don’t think this family necessarily has bad intentions. A small policy change might be in order so this sort of incident doesn’t happen again.

  13. Tom Wolf

    If only there was a place to look up ride reviews from people that have ridden it, or maybe watch a video of the actual ride before getting on it. If I had serious health conditions and it was a concern, I would have done a little more research. That way I could find out how little of a dip the little dip was. I feel bad, for her, but it’s not Disney’s fault. They don’t staff doctors at the entrance points of every ride. People have got to start taking responsibility for themselves, their choices, and their own actions. I hope she’s ok, but I hope her parents take her medical condition more serious now, rather than waiting for something to happen and complaining later. 🙁

    1. Lwest

      They did do research and were told by 3 people that the dip was gentle. The parents do take her medical condition seriously. I’ve known this family for y ears and they are very competent and very level-headed. Disney could have posted a clearer warning. It would have been less expensive than the $30,000 the family is asking for. And, BTW, that’s not an excessive amount. People have been paid millions for a lot less.

      1. FormerCM

        Have you ever actually been to Disney/ridden this ride in particular? To the average person this drop IS gentle. As a former cast member I guarantee that had the cast members been informed of her recent surgery they would definitely not be advising her to take that chance, however when the average person asks “is this ride gentle” then yes, it absolutely is. Honestly her doctor doesn’t sound very bright either, because anyone who knows anything about Disney knows that the boats of its a small world bumping into each other at the end of the ride can be no joke. This was on the family not using their better judgment.

      2. Joe Nuts

        I’ve been sitting here reading this. I take business law in college. With Disney’s lawyers and that small amount they will probably just give it to them to shut her up but the truth is they can 100% win the fight. There is multiple signs and evidence posted against going on rides for your health and safety, about the “small dip” on the ride which compared to other rides at the park, it is. The woman is almost 30, she’s been living with her condition her whole life she should be accustomed to it and know better, should of took the time you needed to heal. Honestly I hope Disney doesn’t just pay your friend no offense, just because someone’s disabled doesn’t mean they can’t engage in acts of negligence which is exactly what this is. The dip is going to be compared to the hours driving, the traffic, the jolts and juts from merging and braking, lane changes, sudden stops, pot holes, etc. Also yeah where was her family, they KNEW the ride hd a dip, wouldn’t you be prepared to help your daughter through the ride’s dip? Why didn’t she just back a neck pillow at that point, would have eliminated this whole thing. They are going to pull the witnesses telling the party about said dip, the evidence saying there was a dip and yet the party went on the ride at their own risk against all park warnings this wrote themselves up an imaginary contract basically saying “I understand and accept all risks and take them” and now want to sue because they claim they didn’t ? There is multiple videos they easily could of looked up online about the “dip” if they felt confused about the size, honestly this is just pure negligence on the part of a 30 year old woman. Point blank. Take time to care and heal, and if you’re not going to maybe take the necessary precautions when traveling and don’t blame your negligence on other people

      3. Kelly

        Can I ask what you think the warning should say that would have made the family make a different decision?

      4. Seth

        They doctor said gentle ride. Not a ride with a gentle dip in it. So in other words bad parenting is still bad parenting. And if money ain’t the issue why ask for money and not something a long the lines of Disney having better signs for parents to see or something, since the parents didn’t read the first one.

        1. East not West

          Lil’West is cracking me up. She says the same thing over and over again hoping it will make better sense the 40th time. “They asked 3 different employees”. Got it. As countless people have mentioned, there are also numerous signs that reference PLUNGES, and their are virtual tours of the rides and reviews. So, NO, they did not do their due diligence. It is unfortunate that this woman has medical issues, but it isn’t Disney’s fault. Lil’West you are just here to stir the pot. Your friends are probably nice people. No one is saying they aren’t. But, sometimes bad things happen, and it’s nobody’s fault. And, sometimes, just maybe, it’s YOUR OWN fault. Not every bad thing that happens in life merits a pay day.

      5. East not West

        Lil’West is cracking me up. She says the same thing over and over again hoping it will make better sense the 40th time. “They asked 3 different employees”. Got it. As countless people have mentioned, there are also numerous signs that reference PLUNGES, and their are virtual tours of the rides and reviews. So, NO, they did not do their due diligence. It is unfortunate that this woman has medical issues, but it isn’t Disney’s fault. Lil’West you are just here to stir the pot. Your friends are probably nice people. No one is saying they aren’t. But, sometimes bad things happen, and it’s nobody’s fault. And, sometimes, just maybe, it’s YOUR OWN fault. Not every bad thing that happens in life merits a pay day.

        1. Anq

          I’m pretty sure lwest is actually IN this family. No friend is going to spend that much time fighting off strangers’ opinions. Unfortunate for the girl that her family didn’t just want to read for themselves. I’m sure they’re fine people, but common sense was lacking. Disneyland is a taxing trip for regular, healthy people. I can’t imagine what line of thought decided it’s chill 6 weeks after brain surgery. You can ask for all the proper warnings you want, but if you don’t READ them what good does it serve? Do better next time.

      6. J

        There are very clear signs… they are posted outside the ride as well as on the website and the guide maps. This is absolutely about money and attention. They chose to disregard the signs and ride the ride. They are only suing for 30,000 but they know that disney will pay more to keep it out of court. Plus they are getting attention from websites and interviews and all these other places and will get money from appearances. They may be fantastic people…but the fact is that they are not capable of reading a warning sign. They should never have asked a ride operator for their objective view of a ride. Shamless.

    2. Jay

      My daughter has had a TBI many years ago. Would I have taken her to an amusement park 2 months after a surgery? Absolutely not. She goes to WDW at least twice a week now and rides the frozen ride without any issue (there’s steeper dips in the streets) BUT before we let her ride ANY new ride, either myself or her father ride the ride first to see if it’s an appropriate ride for her REGARDLESS of what the CM or SIGNAGE says. Each person is different and can handle dips differently. These type of lawsuits are frivolous. The individual and caregivers are responsible for any issues.

  14. John Franklin

    100% about money. Jason Turchin is a liar.

  15. Jan

    I think the mother used poor judgment to even attempt any rides. More recovery time was needed before making a trip like that. Not Disney’s fault.

  16. michael lyons

    Why didn’t someone in her family go on the ride first to test it out for her,she just want’s money ! Disney should not be held responsible , how stupid is that family to go on a ride without knowing how it is first……I have two girls and when I went to any park that I was unsure of even Disney I went on the ride first to make sure it was not to scary or fast

  17. Harley

    As soon as a lawyer says its not about the money is when you stop feeling bad for someone! Besides is it just me or is she painting a picture of a frozen roller coaster i equate that drop no more forceful then pirate’s its not like shes on splash and its this huge drop either!

    1. Mark

      Thats what i was thinking this is the frozen ride at epcot sounds like she went on everest! Besides why are you not abiding by safety restrictions and why is she suing now sounds like someone didnt their stimulus check so they are getting from disney!

  18. Kurt

    And people wonder why visiting a Disney park is so expensive. This is a money grab for a free vacation.

  19. Debbie C

    Why would anyone only 6 weeks after brain surgery go on any ride? I can’t think of a ride at Disney World that doesn’t have the potential for some sort of slightly sudden start, stop or dip. Sadly, almost everyone knows that Disney typically settles these “claims” out of court to avoid the publicity so, if it’s “not about the money”, then donate all proceeds to charity.

  20. Nina C

    I am truly sorry this has happened but what I don’t understand, is why would anyone take someone to a theme park after having surgery 6 weeks prior, let alone brain surgery. I’m not to convinced that this isn’t about the money but I am not going to judge. At the end of the day, mom or whoever decided to take this trip is at fault. This is common sense. Regardless of how far or hard the drop was, it’s a drop and no individual who received a brain surgery should’ve attempted any ride.

  21. Matthee

    If it’s not about money then she should be happy with Disney simply updating their safety descriptions.

    Poor decision making yes, but it sounds like she at least tried, somewhat, to look into it.

    I don’t think she should be attacked or belittled. Let’s not turn this into another McDonald’s situation. Where someone only wanted help with medical bills and to decrease the ridiculous temperatures.

    Let’s not act like Disney can’t afford some medical bills if that’s what this is about. America ain’t cheap when you suffer a rattled brain. Even if it was my fault I’d try to get some help with the bills that resulted. Again it’s not cheap.

  22. Nancy

    The attorney said it’s not about the money it’s about awareness. BS , then why sue for $$$ awareness lol. I strongly believe that anyone who had brain surgery 6 months post -op shouldn’t be anywhere near tiny dips or twist turns. Instead, grab a bench and let the family ride. I had spine surgery. I love my Disney.. so I went to Disney two months prior to my surgery and returned a year completely recovered. Yes, I rode the frozen ride as well and was as thrilled and happy as my first time. So you didn’t use better judgment and if you doctor gave the ok to visit Disney World. Then, guess what ..your suing the wrong one..sue your doctor and feel better.

    1. Bridget

      Six WEEKS! Not Six MONTHS!

    2. Carolyn RN

      Sue your doctor?
      Sue Disney?
      I don’t think so.
      There are so many frivolous lawsuits in this country that, I’m surprised there are any medical professionals practicing or there’s even a Disneyland left or wdw.
      I had neck/spine surgery and didn’t go on any rides for a year.
      Once I did, I was pretty sore even after anticipating any and every little bump.Didn’t go on a few wild rides (I wanted to) Still, with a lot of soreness at the end of the night I loved every minute of being at Disney.That’s my lot In life and I’ll take it

  23. valerie jenkins

    Any body who has any type of brain or any medical problems knows that you don’t get on any type of ride that you’re unsure of. Me I have epilepsy and am not supposed to get on certain rides. B4 getting on certain rides one must do their research;as I do.

  24. Nayer

    I have a 13 year old, wheelchair bound son whose biggest thrill are the few times per year we go to WDW. He doesn’t go on anything that I don’t feel that I can’t keep him safe. Lawsuits like this are going t to ruin the experience for kids like mine.

  25. Matthew

    If it’s not about money then she should be happy with Disney simply updating their safety descriptions.

    Poor decision making yes, but it sounds like she at least tried, somewhat, to look into it.

    I don’t think she should be attacked or belittled. Let’s not turn this into another McDonald’s situation. Where someone only wanted help with medical bills and to decrease the ridiculous temperatures.

    Let’s not act like Disney can’t afford some medical bills if that’s what this is about. America ain’t cheap when you suffer a rattled brain. Even if it was my fault I’d try to get some help with the bills that resulted. Again it’s not cheap.

  26. David

    Better headline: Woman Sues Disney After Epcot Frozen Attraction Gives Her Brain-freeze

  27. Sk

    I agree with other comments. First of all if I had just gone through surgery of this extent I wouldn’t travel to a theme park. If I did, I would enjoy most sights and characters but would not ride any ride with any dip. I have been on the ride several times and the rides are meant for enjoyment. I think it’s ashame people go to a theme park with medical conditions requiring very little quick movements or motion and sue the theme park!

  28. Bill Romanoff

    I have just one question. How did Peters deal with the incline of the take off and landing of the airplane? That had to be worse then a little dip on a attraction

  29. Katherine Threlkeld

    I ran into a similar incident on our last Disney trip. I an a stroke survivor, and we asked about Expedition Everest. We were told that it was not jerky, had no loops or fast spins, and even after explaining why we were asking, we were told it would be a good coaster for us. By the end, I was completely unable to move, and could barely speak. I had to be removed from the ride by my husband, son, and a cast member. The next 48 hours were a nightmare as I tried to recover my normal abilities and suffered a massive migraine. I can completely sympathize!

  30. Jupiter

    Going to a themed park with intense experiences only 6 weeks after brain surgery. Not doing research about the ride. Not following the doctor’s recommendation. Making a decision that would affect the health based on a CM’s opinion. Too many signals of poor judgment. In my opinion, it is a small gentle drop. I would gave decided for another type of vacation, if any after such a short time. Safety first. They will get money after Disney settles for something. I would love to see the awareness campaign they would do after they collect the money.

  31. LG

    How could a 27 year old hit their head on a seat that just barely comes to the middle of an adults back?

  32. Dr Jan Näslund

    Yeah, for God’s sake. If you’ve had brain surgery, why the heck are you boarding Amusement Park rides at all? :SSSSS
    – Really?!!!

  33. AnonyMouse

    How exactly did this last get from Chicago to Orlando? Did she fly? Did she drive? Both driving or flying would have way more “small dips” than that ride has.

    I’ve been on that ride several times and can say that your average flight has more turbulence than the ride has dips

  34. Chris P

    Definitely silly to sue for something like this. Unfortunately it’s this behavior that makes people skeptical to help anyone. The family should be chucking this up to making an awful decision traveling with their daughter after such an invasive surgery. The mother and father have no one to blame but themselves, and in this world if you make a bad decision you have to have consequences. It’s not Disney’s fault they decided to go on a ride that is listed as having small bumps. I saw someone saying that they should get help with medical expenses, but I for one do not believe they deserve it. They is a difference between careless action such as a car accident and you get some money to pay the medical expenses and you deciding to do something that involves risk after surgery. They should be throwing this up as a learning experience for themselves and deciding in the future to limit their own risk taking behavior with their daughter.

  35. Id love to know on what she actualy banged her head on i have rode this ride in its current form as frozen and in its predacessor as malestrom theres a sudden stop as the boat turns and you drop but its not enough to make any movement let alone bang your head and rattle your brain around serioisly i f thats worth compo i want to make a claim for sliping in harry potter while it was pouring down gready isnt init in this climate be thankful u have your life

    1. TalkAboutBS

      This incident shouldn’t even had been dignified by an article…. since it is it’s definitely all about the money, and its evident this family also underwent surgery and suffering from a loss of common sense. They also forgot about the inventions of smart phones, and apps like YouTube with video and commentary of these rides with a “violent backlash”. Give em a 3 day park hopper and send them on their way.

  36. Gina

    I went to Disney after neck surgery. I stuck to slow rides like Small World but at the end of Small World there is a belt that the boats roll onto to get out of the water. It rattled me so bad I was startled. I thought “oh God! Its a Small World is going to kill me!” But I didn’t blame Disney for it. I had been on the ride before. It only bothered me because of the surgery. Know the ride before and take responsibility for your choices. Read the warning signs.

  37. She should have listened to her Doctor.

  38. RL

    I would describe it as a mild dip too.
    People ruin everything with these frivolous suits.
    I don’t mean to be cavalier but I don’t buy it. And it seems like someone taking advantage of this poor girls disability.

  39. Jon

    That brain absolutely needed surgery

  40. Megan

    It is absolutely a small dip…… Disney is not at fault at all. Disney has great explanations for this ride.

  41. Christina

    It’s all about money unless they are donating everything from the lawsuit to charity and the lawyer is working pro bono.

    1. Sam

      Ok…this might be massively cynical…but I think everyone is looking at this from the wrong angle. Maybe the lawsuit was brought because she survived? This is only another take on the situation, as dark as it might be. Clearly…not all parents love their children.

  42. Lisa

    This person ignored the advice of her health professionals and made her own CHOICE to go on any type of ride, much less one that she could have researched prior to entering, after intensive surgery only 6 weeks later. Disney should not be liable for anything. This person is just looking for a way to make money after an unfortunate situation caused by her own poor choices.

  43. Corey

    You know YouTube is a thing right. A little research goes a long way. Like what I did with my children. If there was a ride that I thought might be to much for them we watched the ride video first. If they said it looked to scary or whatever then we didn’t go on it. This woman should’ve done the same thing. With such a serious condition she should’ve been doing as much of her own research as possible and not just relying on the opinion of cast members the day of. I place no fault on the cast or Disney on this one.

  44. Joe

    This is ridiculous. I would be surprised if that drop was more than 10 feet. And the angle of the drop is so wide that theres no way she experienced “a violent backlash”. Its sad that she and her family are using her surgery as an excuse to get money. I want to know how she made it to the park in the first place, a plane or car ride would cause much more harm than that ride.

  45. AJ

    Her family members should’ve gone on the ride before her to assess, whether or not it was appropriate for her to ride. Her health and wellbeing is hers and her family’s responsibility, not Disney’s

  46. Would YOU go on ride after surgery? Hold Disney responsible for YOUR stupiity?

  47. Sam

    Ok…this might be massively cynical…but I think everyone is looking at this from the wrong angle. Maybe the lawsuit was brought because she survived? This is only another take on the situation, as dark as it might be. Clearly…not all parents love their children.

  48. Lindsey

    I’m an annual pass holder and that ride is a little boat similar to the pirates of the Caribbean ride. There no place for you whack your head. The back of the seats don’t come up that high at all. And I’m short so I know. This is about money. Don’t get on rides 6 weeks after brain surgery.

  49. KP

    If the attorney says it isn’t about the money – It’s about the money…buyer beware.

  50. Turbull

    Came here to witness terrible people. Did not disappoint.

  51. Mich

    How is that Disney’s fault? how about you stay home and recover from brain surgery I almost want to call Florida protective services. Parents should have known better pus Disney world wasn’t going anywhere, I hope she has permanent drain bamage an Disney beats this case and she ends up with nothing.. how is this not about money no one else is stupid enough to go to Disney after major surgery.

    1. Lwest

      If it was about money, wouldn’t they have asked for a lot more? And for you to wish brain damage on someone just shows your character. Do you work for Disney?

    2. Marie

      This seems incredibly fishy. Bad decisions were made in the guests’ part and it’s absolutely not the cast members fault. She never should have gone six weeks after brain surgery. There’s also a different between Small World and the Frozen ride.

      You ask a cast member about the drop and it is a very mild drop compared to many other rides. The guest should have taken her medical history into consideration and made a better choice. Simple as that.

  52. Lwest

    I think Disney could easily post a clear warning on their website and at the entrance of the ride. Saying the ride has “small drops” doesn’t constitute a warning in my book. And, for the record, I’ve known this family for years. They are not after money (I mean, seriously, they’d be asking for much more if they were). And the mom is extremely competent. So you all need to back off.

    1. Eric

      They can ask for declaratory relief and zero money, if it’s not about money. I look forward to seeing the amended complaint.

      1. Lwest

        And y ou know for sure they didn’t at first try to address this without involving lawyers and Disney wasn’t cooperative? I look forward to your amended reply.

        1. BobbieBobbie

          1. She could sue for $1 or $20. 2. What was Disney not being cooperative about?
          3. The ride does not require lap belts so how bad is the drop really.
          4. They can be your friends and be wrong.

    2. Angie

      It does when you look at the rides on there app and on there page you twit. Also if they really want to make sure it was ok they should have use YouTube.

    3. SAnderson

      As a pediatric neurologist, this was an awful call on the doctor’s part. I would never allow anyone 6 weeks after brain surgery, whether it be an aneurysm clipping or a laminectomy, to go on a 10 hour car ride, much less any ride at Disney. I usually wait 6 months AT MINIMUM before allowing anyone to ride on a ride. Also, I expect the parents are even more familiarized with her condition than her doctor. So it’s mainly to blame on the parents, as well as the doctor – but not Disney.

  53. John D

    How did she hit her head? You are allowed to ride frozen with a baby on your lap.

    The flight from Chicago or car ride would have been more turbulent.

  54. Cindy

    It’s a few stupid, sue happy people that make it bad for every one. Disney must jack up the cost to cover these law suits. And with as many that happen because of money grabbing ignorant people, it’s a wonder Disney just doesn’t close. I can’t say I’d blame them. If your sick or have ANY condition that may ha yourself or others:. STAY HOME.

  55. Eric

    When you sue in a public forum, expect public scrutiny. As a civil litigator, the most fundamental statement by Plaintiffs is “its not about the money”. In 20 years of practice I can attest, it’s always about the money! Although Plaintiffs will always attempt to idealize their motives. If it’s not about money, you may ask only for declaratory and injunctive relief to get a sign posted to your satisfaction. Not the case here, of course. The doctrines of assumption of risk and comparative fault will be the downfall to this suit, regardless of the appropriateness of the signage.

  56. Carlin

    I would agree with Disney’s description of the ride. I am someone who seeks out ‘gentle’ rides like Small World cause I HATE drops and other intense experiences like that – I loved this ride. She should have avoided rides altogether if she was still in danger of injury.

  57. Taking advantage of a situation, which costs ALL of us in the long run. Geez going on a ride with spinal birth defects, when they post there are dips? You are leeches looking for an opportunity to capitalize on. And btw agree with most previous comments except a 27 yr old doesn’t need “parents” to make this decision. The person can make them! Boo to wrongful lawsuit. You ruin it for everyone with your unspeakable greed. WDW is not responsible for her being born with spina bifida, and for not reading signs. False.

    1. lwest

      You can’t think of any situation when a 27 year old would not be able to make their own decisions? Really? Ever hear of legal guardianship? And what’s with ‘parents’ being in ” “? Are you accusing the mom of not being the mom? That’s pretty stupid. Where’s your proof that she’s not the mom. I get that you’re using this as an opportunity to try and make yourself seem so enlightened. (you’re failing, btw) If she were asking for millions, I’d agree that she was taking advantage. But she’s not, is she? No. She’s not. $30,000 and asking for a clear warning is ‘unspeakable greed’? In whose book?

  58. Doesn’t matter what the doctor said. The doctor can’t make all decisions for all people, sight unseen. A person has to be minimally responsible for their own judgment and decisions, else throw out all law.

    That said, I’m not convinced it’s all about the money for the client, though of course it is for the attorney, who is going to also provide the client with a frame and words to use both to protect the case and to flatter themselves with a self-narrative that carefully avoids how stupid the woman’s decision was.

    Stupidity is the only thing more abundant than dishonesty. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s stupid. She has had her brain worked on, after all. Hysterical if Disney uses that fact to plainly support their case.

  59. Brad

    If you had brain surgery, why are you going on any rides at a theme park, let alone riding in a car or flying in a plane.

  60. Jenn

    Some people will say or do anything for money! I have a fear of heights and drops on rides and even I go on this ride, the drop is small! It’s called common sense when riding the rides. If they were concerned about her getting injured on the rides maybe they should’ve waited until she could ride the rides safely! It’s definitely not Disney’s fault.

  61. Mike

    If it’s not about money then sue for 1 dollar.

  62. SS

    Why would you consider anything gentle without first testing – sorry the family screwed up. What is considered gentle to one is not the same as gentle to another.

  63. John

    No. This lady is a loser and the reason that society can’t have nice things. Get lost with your frivolous lawsuit.

  64. Greg

    That woman is just stupid for going on any ride. U had brain surgery. U need a new doctor. U should sue him.

  65. Lisa Sorgie

    I believe if Disney was aware of the child’s condition they would have taken extra precautions. They would have logged it in the guests notes. Disney asks if the child has Special Needs and they are extremely accommodating. Im certain Disney gave the parents some guidelines and tips. Also if the sign warned guests of dips then the parents are responsible for that responsibility.

  66. Shouldn’t have rode it period end of discussion. NOT with those health issues.

  67. Sandy

    I feel very bad for the family, BUT, people need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and not trying to blame others when they make poor decisions. If I just had brain surgery, DIPS should tell you be cautious. When in doubt — have someone ride the attraction first and use first-hand knowledge if this is ok for your medical situation. Quite honestly, if you read all the warnings you’d never ride anything. They become meaningless when they cover every possibility. End up ignoring them. I have medical issues and when new attractions come out, my husband rides first and tells me if he feels ok. FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE

  68. Sheree

    They have warnings on all the rides that if you have heart conditions, issues with your back or neck that there is recommendations NOT to ride! Its a ride at your own risk!

  69. Jaclyn Villarreal


  70. Jeff

    I think the parents/ guardians of Peter’s should be charged with negligence. As a parent with someone with these conditions should have rode the ride first and checked it out thoroughly to make sure it was suitable in her condition. DISNEY is NOT to blame–irresponsible parenting is.

  71. Michael

    I have a nephew who can’t handle every ride. I ride it first and make my own judgement and let him know what it does and what I think if he should ride it or not. I’m not going to trust or blame some 19 year olds running the rides. If he had some surgery, then id probably not even recommend many of the rides. This parent had enough doubt to ask others for their opinions but that doesn’t mean they are negligent or liable.

  72. Seven

    Gold Digger

  73. Sylvain De Lafontaine

    Wow… We were at Disney in October 2018 for my oldest’s 8th birthday. Frozen was the first ride we did. Both my girls, including my 4-year old, just loved it. Nobody mentioned anything about a “drop”. Nobody even noticed it… Disney has so much to offer if you’re looking to cheer yourself up, and maybe rides, in certain physical conditions, should be skipped?…

  74. Susan Brennan

    She is a adult and should know what ride is best for her condition and I’m sure she never mentioned that she had surgery before coming there plus there are signs she just needed to read ….

  75. Margie

    the problem with americans is that they refuse to take any responsibility. small dips, big dips, who the hell cares. she shouldnt be out there on any rides. the family should lose. dont let them win any amount. i know they are looking to settle, but disney should not settle.

    1. If it is not about the money, then why sue.

      1. Cortez Gonzalez

        Its great that she wants to create awareness ans caution so no one else experiences this, but therthere were chances to avoid this and risks she could’ve avoided. I hope she feels better soon. But she shouldve taken HEAVY precaution after having brain surgery to go to an amusement park! To me that boggles my mind to even consider traveling unless the tickets werw boight in advance of the surgery and couldnt get their money back. And there is nothing personally disney can do to further explain the ride details. It is dark ride so they cant show a clip, cause it would be too dark to show. In all im sorry it happened and hope they feel better. But also it could’ve been avoided or taken with more precaution

  76. Sue

    This is the parent’s fault. 100% .my son had 3 brain surgery’s, no way I don’t care what Doctors said. The Doctor doesn’t know the rides even it’s a small world is to much what 6 weeks after surgery. Please give me a break. Those people should be band from all them parks for stupidity.

  77. J

    The girl and her parents are both stupid and at fault. If you just got surgery why the hell would you go on a ride. They are after money and should be ashamed…

    1. Guy

      The doctor shouldn’t have recommended it’s a small world ride for a person with that level of limited physical abilities. I’ve seen people slip and trip getting in and out of the boat, and sometimes those boats hit one another with a jarring effect. The jarring motion is small but for people with limited physical capabilities…YOU NEED COMMON SENSE!

  78. Debra Woodruff

    When it said small dip, that should have told them not to ride. They put out the warning and they chose to ride it. No one can expect the employees to know any medical conditions or restrictions they may have. A man may dip his partner in a dance, which could be slight for many and disastrous for others. While I feel for this person, that is you and you alone to make that decision and and you alone to blame.

  79. No matter how many notices you put up about rides, there is always someone looking to sue.

  80. tim

    i have a trip planned for september. due to covid outbreak i had my double jaw surgery postponed. im now gonna wait til after the trip since its a 3 month recovery. why in the world you would every go 6 weeks after a brain surgery is beyond me.. sounds like surgury was unplanned and her party didnt wanna postpone there trip. i blame her family for this mishap

  81. I’m thinking she’s looking at the wrong people to sue. She should consider suing her doctor for giving her the ok to go to Disney and go on rides (gentle or not) 6 wks after brain surgery.

  82. Jennifer

    Is she serious? She just had brain surgery! Stay home and recover for a few months not 6 weeks! This is stupidity at it’s finest.

    1. Nick

      Play Stupid Games… Win Stupid Prizes. Its their own fault. Agreed.

  83. Kleiman

    Ugh, this lady needs to let it go.

  84. Cari

    There’s no way any physician cleared her to go on rides 6 weeks after brain surgery. Travel maybe, but not go on amusement park rides.

  85. Just the facts ma’am,
    Parents took their child to EPCOT Florida.
    Child had brain surgery only 6 weeks prior to arriving at EPCOT.
    Without informing a cast member of prior surgery to said brain, CM said just a slight drop.
    Child hit head on something while on the ride.
    After ride child suffered from slurred speech and confusion.
    Returned home, retained legal console and are going forward with a law suit.
    From these facts placed in front of us we must ask these questions to the parents. Number one question is, why did you not also have had your brain worked on at time of daughter’s surgery as there might have been a group discount. Yes Virgina it’s true,….you cannot fix stupid.
    If it is not about the money, why the law suit?
    Did you meet your lawyer in your daughter’s doctors waiting room?. Was he, the lawyer, just there getting a tune up?
    At what point do you believe your responsibility kicks in here in reguards to going to an amusement park with your daughter just 6 weeks after surgery on the brain?
    Yes l believe Walt Disney should put signs up at the entrance of each park maybe with a suggestion to those loving and non selfless parents to be reminded that 6 weeks after brain surgery it might just not be a proper time to visit.
    How the heck does anybody think that the Walt Disney Company should be held responsible? In the world today very few take responsibility for their decisions and deal with the end result.

  86. I’ve gone on this ride and never experienced the kind of drop to which this lady is referring to. If she had brain surgery 6 weeks prior as stated in the article SHE SHOULDN’T have gone on the ride period because the small dip they are talking about just might turn into a big bump/dip for some un- forseen reason to which Disney might have no control what so ever. Her biggest red flag should have gone off when she saw there may be small dips on the ride. You can not tell me take a doctor would have ok’d this, esp after brain surgery NOT EVEN 2 months prior.

  87. Tory LaPrath

    “ Sellers added that Peters hit her head on the seat.”

    I’ve been on this when it was Maelstrom, and now. There are no headrests on this ride. My wife is 5’ 4”, and the seat back still falls well below her shoulders. I’m looking at our picture from our trip in March to verify this. How, exactly does one hit one’s head on the seat on this ride?

  88. Loyemarie

    So, if it “isn’t about the money”, I wonder which charity would receive a settlement if there even was one. Common sense – if you are that fragile, stick to the shows.

  89. Kathleen Chappina

    You can’t stop stupid..as a former WDW Cast Member I understand that many attractions ( including Frozen) have health warnings, sorry this person is so ill…no excuse for frivolous lawsuit.

  90. TinaG

    Its about the money. Quit lying.

  91. Ronnie

    There’s absolutely nothing “violent“ about that dip. It’s very smooth and the only thing different about it is the dip happens backwards. It’s slow, smooth, and nothing at all like she describes. Based on this article, the claim sounds petty.

  92. Mari

    I am sympathetic to her but a lawsuit for them telling you the truth & you choosing to get on it knowing what you’ve been through is your choice. My daughter has neuromuscular and sensory disorders & I don’t let her get into anything that may be harmful. They are adults to choose not to go into it. I understand their frustration but is their choice to decide if it would be good for them or not.

  93. screennameD23

    Enough warning was provided to consider not riding. This is an awful situation to be hurt on a Disney ride. I’ve only ridden Space Mountain once because it bruised my ears with how jerky it was. I understand the anger that comes with that. You want accurate descriptions of rides, but at a certain point that ‘accurate description’ becomes a whole walk through. That’s not appropriate either. And everyone is different. I get dizzy very easily. I also have epilepsy. Every now and then being in a dark space will freak my brain out – not to a seizure – to aura where I twitch or freeze up a bit. This is an awful experience, but I don’t want Disney to give me a detailed description of every element in every ride so that I will never ride anything that’s dark. And so that it ruins all surprise for any other guests.

    I’d also like to say… It IS a gentle drop. That doesn’t mean it’s a small word standard. If they wanted that they should’ve done Figment or Spaceship Earth. The drop is brief and gente compares to splash mountain, and that may have been the ride the cast member was comparing this to. We don’t know what criteria the woman gave. Frozen isn’t a thrill ride, so they may have thought that was the only thing to say.

    The rides are surveyed for safety standards, give the warnings provided and then some extra, accommodate differently abled individuals in a way that seems well from a distance, and are sometimes a surprise. If you want more warning, then find a YouTube video describing the whole ride

  94. Ana

    Nobody that has had brain surgery 6 weeks prior should be at Disney world.
    Her doctor should have never cleared her and her parents should have never taken her and practice a little more common sense.
    Her doctor said only gentle rides such as it’s a small world, how many times have all of us that are commenting have gone to Disney and have gotten on it’s a small world and at the end the boat your on hits the one in front of you, then the one behind you hits you, and 3 or 4 boats are jammed together waiting to move in order to exit the ride.
    It has happened to us many times, so should Disney also make note of that before you enter the ride?
    I had to have back surgery and you do become extra sensitive, what might be small and insignificant to a normal person was not to me, I felt every speed bump no matter how softly I was driven over it, every time the brakes were applied a little bit harder than usual, and for these reasons and others you have to be extra careful and use a little common sense. I say this because my situation was my back I can’t imagine brain surgery.

  95. Krystal Greenwell

    I am pretty damn sure that every US ride has warnings ( yes even kiddie rides) that anyone with “significant” health issues should not ride! I believe her medical issues definitely fall under “significant”! Disney is not to blame, her poor unthoughtful judgement is. SMH anything for a buck. This isn’t about awareness because awareness is already posted!

  96. Krystal Greenwell

    After reading some comments I’m going to point out a direction that I think is being overlooked .
    They are sueing “DISNEY” for 30,000. Claiming it is about awareness not money. Sure. What lawyer in this universe would Sue a multi million or billion dollar company for a measly 30 grand? You know that is just the amount so that the case gets on a docket. I would almost guarantee that millions more will be asked for in punitive damages, medical bills, attorney fees, pain and suffering, oh and of course the original 30 grand. SMH

    1. Gambler

      There’s a Texas man suing Universal for 30k too. Seems to me that’s where they start with these cases.

  97. Linda

    A very serious illness; and while we live in a world where everyone deserves all the opportunities; good common sense has somehow lost its way. I am very sad for this person and the disease they have. I also believe that common
    Sense would remind them that the fragile life they must live would tell them that it would be an unwise decision to ride any rides other than it’s a small world. I hope that they are able to live a full life and remember that it can’t always be someone else’s responsibility to make good choices.

  98. Dana Vance-Davis

    People are too happy these days to file a suit!! She had no business on any ride 6 weeks post op! WDW should not be liable for anything as someone born with spina bifida should know their limitations and not push those especially with her noted recent surgery. Sounds like they (patient & family) could have been looking for a lawsuit! And it’s always about the money!!

  99. Sue

    Why would you even consider riding any kind of ride or even going to a amusement park when you have just had such a serious surgery. So sad this has happened but you can’t expect anything different when you are in such a frail condition and go to a place like Disney.

  100. Janet

    Agree with the comments anyone with health issues should not do any of the rides. Use your brain Mom, if you were so concerned you should say no. Everyone body reacts differently to small wave.

  101. Ess

    This person really should have thought “hmm I just had BRAIN surgery, maybe I should avoid any unnecessary major stressors and or movements..nah I’ll go to Disney and blame them if something bad happens”
    Maybe the Dr accidentally crossed some wires while he was in there”

  102. Emily June

    What a jerk

  103. Jamison

    I’ve ridden Frozen and yes it has a small dip. No its not a roller coaster. This lady is just flat clueless as to what her doctor said when traveling. You had brain surgery, why would you even consider riding anything that wasn’t A Small World, Little Mermaid, or Living With The Land? So maybe the lady didn’t expect it, but there’s no way she hit the bottom, jerked backwards and slammed her head into the ‘headrest’ on the ride unless she is under the age of 12. No Frozen Ever After shouldn’t have additional safety precautions because it is a gentle ride, but like all the precautions that are put in place say, anyone with preexisting health conditions SHOULD NOT RIDE. Simple as that.

  104. Taylor Lobeam

    How does she ride in a car in traffic? How did she ride on an airplane? Both are faster with more dips than this attraction. This is simply trash trying to cash in. If you had BRAIN SURGERY less than 45 days ago, stay at home. This is just Darwinism at work.

  105. Roxann

    If you have never been on the ride then the parent should have rode it first to make sure it is safe for the child. No one should be responsible for their kids except the parents. My daughter was in a wheel chair and we did this to make sure no harm would come to her. It is called RESPONSIBILITY

  106. GS

    I agree with most comments, she should’ve never gotten on any rides after brain surgery, or any surgery at that. I don’t blame the parent, I blame her, she’s 27!!! She’s not a child, she’s at fault. The warnings are enough for this ride.

  107. Steve

    I don’t think she should have gone to Epcot in the first place I actually blame her doctor as well as her mother for letting her go

  108. Sandy

    I’m sorry Peters is dealing with so many issues, but it is not from the Frozen attraction.
    It is an attraction for everyone!
    If you had surgery 6 weeks before, you shouldn’t be on rides (especially brain)! She did not follow her doctor’s orders.
    Also, no seat belts are required, that is proof the ride is super easy!
    I stand behind Disney!!

  109. Ken

    Evidently Peter’s brain surgery was unsuccessful. I recommend scheduling another appointment with another brain surgeon! As far as “not about money”; Who are you kidding!

  110. Matthew Jones

    It’s not about the money…… Give me a break. It’s all about the money. Knew the risks before getting on and rode it anyway.

  111. Rose

    That is crap I’m sorry but people like this annoy me they get themselves hurt by not paying attention or going on rides that clearly have alot of movement knowing there health conditions but then turn around and blame the parks for there mistakes cause they wanted to go on a ride like if you have health conditions even if the drop was more then you expected they still advised you there was a drop so it on you not disney



  113. Comment Gold

    This comment section is great! The general consensus seems to be, don’t travel across country, to a theme park, 6 weeks after brain surgery.
    The real entertainment comes from the West’s, who apparently know this family. They have probably spent hours responding to every comment. Too funny.

    1. Nick

      I believe they are cut from the same cloth. “They are good people” “Disney is at fault” “Its not about the money”…. Not its about a family who is irresponsible and doesnt know how to read a warning sign or youtube the ride. They are looking for something, I hope they find lawyer bills… Their family motto must be “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes”

  114. Vanessa

    Ms. Perez is old enough to make her own choices and should have not even been in a plane after only six weeks of surgery. If there would have been a bad turbulence, is she be suing the airline too? Sue your doctor lady for not giving you the right warnings and not keeping safe. Disney should not be blamed for your lack of responsibility. Or pay a dime to those who always seek an opportunity to make easy money.

  115. Sara

    If her doctor said to stick to rides like it’s a small world then why would she attempt a ride that has small dips anyways?? Common sense!! I hope Disney wins this case!!

  116. Stephanie Cortes

    Why are you going traveling after having brain surgery? Even if it’s 2 months afterwards.. doesn’t make sense.

  117. Angela

    it is announced before you get on the ride n tell you uf you have any of the things mentioned dont get on. should if payed attintion ti warnings its not Disney’s fault

  118. Nick

    This is as bad as the woman who sued Disney because a nesting bird struck her in the head at the Polynesian while she was getting off the boat. Disney should of told guest they had migrating and nesting birds at the resort. Lol cmon now. This is nuts.

  119. Kristina Royer

    It saids smalls drops in the description. With her medical background, they should have taken extra precautions, as guests, to check out the rides and do their own research. I’m sure had they contacted Disney personnel and explained the situation, they would have further advised them as well because Disney is extremely accommodating to individuals with any special needs. Who goes on a full-blown Disney vacation 6 weeks after brain surgery, or any major surgery for that matter?!

  120. ANW

    Maybe not go to a theme park after having brain surgery.. I truly hope she doednt get a dime. It’s her own fault. They gave the warning and SHE chose to continue. They did their part.

  121. David E

    Six weeks after brain surgery, and going to an amusement park (any amusement park) is the best thing they could think of? I don’t think so! Can you say “Not exercising good judgement? Sure, I know you can.”

  122. Michael

    Her doctor is an idiot allowing her to travel. A simple fender bender in a car accident might kill her I’d she’s that sensitive. Leave Disney alone, Lady. Sue your doctor.

  123. Christopher Lentakis

    This woman will lose this case. I rode this ride back when it was called Maelstrom and any person with health problems should not ride any rides that have dips in it or drops in it as it will further aggravate your condition, common sense will tell you that.

  124. Katie

    So because you asked a (likely) twenty-something cast member a subjective question about the ride, and your child- who just had brain surgery- was injured, you blame Disney?
    Good God, take responsibility for your own actions! I could go on and on and on about the ways Mom could have avoided anything from happening, but it starts with a) maybe not going to Disney just yet/maybe ever, and b) if you don’t know how the ride works, either research it yourself first, or better yet, don’t go on it at all and stick to the parks zero risk attractions like meeting Mickey Mouse.

  125. Dawn

    Ummmm…brain surgery???? Pretty sure you should have just skipped Disney all together. Did people bump into her at the parade? Was there not shoulder to shoulder crowds that perhaps would bump into her? Here’s a news flash. It’s a Small World boats bump into the boat in front of them all the time. Basically you’re sol if you’re looking for ride that doesn’t bump, small drops, spins, or moves up and down. Go see the shows instead? Expect the crowds to fill in all around you and I guarantee someone with bump into you. I’m a passholder and spend a lot of time at Disney. I wouldn’t bring my child there if he just had surgery. Not Disney’s fault. But they’ll settle. The always do.

  126. Kevin

    If it isnt about money then why sue? Ask disney to change the disclosure and move on.

  127. Jen

    As a mother what were you thinking about taking someone that just had brain surgery 6 weeks prior. The thought process of even taking someone to Epcot is insane. Sorry your doctor is a fool. Would you sue Disney if someone accidentally knocked into the wheelchair. Why didn’t you ask to see the ride and go on it. I’m pretty sure Disney would of been very accommodating if the new of the situation. It is a small drop but not for someone that had recent brain surgery. Did you drive or fly?

  128. Morgan R

    In 2011, I had a surgery to implant a pacemaker. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t ride any rides that utilize electromagnetic breaks. A year later, when I was going to Disneyland, I had scoured the internet (pacemaker forums, Disneyland information, emailed Disney, etc.) and there was NO definitive information on which rides I was able or not able to ride. Somewhere along the line, I was told to ask my cardiologist which rides I could go on at Disney (like he would know the schematics of theme park attractions? ha!) Someone else suggested that the park would have that information at the customer experiences booth. At the customer experiences booth, I asked which rides utilized electromagnetic breaks. The person at the front desk told me that the individual ride operators would know. Surprise, surprise– No one did! I’ve got a pacemaker– a fairly common medical device, and NO ONE had answers.

    An angry letter to Disney post trip and months later, the only person that could answer my question was the Vice President of Safety for the parks, and he gave me a list over the phone! Disney is awful about their transparency of rides, and from my experience were overly cautious (every ride I asked about, they told me not to ride out of an abundance of caution). I’ve never been on the Frozen Ride, but I would consider “Pirates of the Caribbean” at Disneyland a pretty easy-going ride, and I know that wouldn’t be appropriate post brain surgery. Wondering how the patrons asked about the intensity of the ride… if they actually mentioned brain surgery or not.

    Disney definitely needs to have more transparency with its descriptions of their rides, but I don’t think it should be the job of the people working the ride. Make the information available to research beforehand, or available at the visitor center– so those wanting to exercise appropriate caution may do so!

    1. Darkis scary

      You should just stick to going to movies or are ya afraid of the dark…..oops your rich they did not say there was limited lighting. How are you still alive….?

    2. Gumballs

      I cant wait to bring my lawyer with me before i use a gumball machine. The description said colorful gumballs but i dont like those colors. They should have had a taylored description to my personality for the colors and not a general one for everybody. My lawyer helps me live in the moment and keeps bad guy big business in check. I mean really…..”colorful” gumballs….. not even close to colorful. Not one pewter gumball in there.

  129. Awareness

    This is also the family that does not look both ways before they cross a street…….. claims there Kidd has SB when they they got hit walking across I95 at 3am on a school night and their 30 grand from that “incident” ran out. And all because they were just trying to sell ther food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar to buy more drugs. Real innocent people get hurt by negligence and these poeple hinder that. What next for them Kellogg’s didnt say that frosted flakes scares my kidd because they didnt tell me there was a tiger on the front of the box….? They should sue their kidd for having a disability she did not disclose before she had it.

  130. Awareness

    This is also the family that does not look both ways before they cross a street…….. claims there Kidd has SB when they they got hit walking across I95 at 3am on a school night and their 30 grand from that “incident” ran out. And all because they were just trying to sell ther food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar to buy more drugs. Real innocent people get hurt by negligence and these poeple hinder that. What next for them Kellogg’s didnt say that frosted flakes scares my kidd because they didnt tell me there was a tiger on the front of the box….? They should sue their kidd for having a disability she did not disclose before she had it.

  131. Smartestever

    You should get an abortion so there is not another retarded person in this world and then sue your unborn innocent child for for not telling ya about it.

    1. Snowflakes

      Nobody told me there was snowflakes on this frozen ride. All this info about medical conditions and “dips” not one mention of snowflakes. My 27 year old daughter is terrified of them. Im sueing disney for 30 grand plus pain and suffering before i melt.

  132. Unknown user

    People will sue anything for money. I don’t blame Disney, I blame the irresponsible parent. After reading this, all I can hear in my head is Shane McMahon’s theme playing “Here Comes the Money!”

  133. Snowflakes

    Im sueing because nobody at the frozen ride told me anything about snowflakes. My 27 year old daughter is terrified of them. All this info about dips and medical conditions not one word about “snowflakes”. In fact im so scared about all the snowflakes out there i cant even sleep. Ive now become a snowflake and its Disney falt. 30 grand before i melt should do it. Plus pain and suffering.

    1. Joan

      That isn’t really the reason. You as a parent need to take responsibility for your actions. Maybe the real person you should go after is your doctor if you are so sue happy. Taking someone to a theme park of any kind after brain surgery is pretty stupid. I’m sorry about your daughter.

    2. Joan

      get over it. What did you think frozen was going to have. Flowers.

  134. Kat

    This is why you only sue for $30,000. That’s how much you need and you hope that instead of paying to deal with the case, Disney will take the cheaper option of just paying what they want. That would be stupid for Disney to do because then all the lawsuit happy people would have ano easy target.

  135. Kat

    This is why you only sue for $30,000… That’s how much you need and you hope that instead of paying to deal with the case, Disney will take the cheaper option of just paying. That would be stupid for Disney to do because then all the lawsuit happy people would have an easy target.

  136. Steph

    Really? People are after anything they can get these days. I’ve bene on this ride several times and it would no way cause your brain to rattle or is extreme in anyway.
    Also, if you have any medical conditions what so ever, it is says small drop (Which IT IS), you wouldn’t go on it. Its no bigger than the pirates of the Caribbean drop, if not smaller. Madness. I hope Disney sue her for wasting their time!

  137. Eric

    I have ridden that ride several times with my wife and kids and the drops are not enough for the reaction this woman is saying her daughter had. In my opinion unless you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing you should not get hurt on said ride.

  138. Disney fan

    This is about the money. Disney shouldn’t give them anything. Dis they immediately leave the park and go to an emergency room? If there was concern for further injury, I hope they didn’t stay for the remainder of the day. There are warnings on every ride and if you go to an amusement park I would assume you feel well enough to ride.

  139. Kelly

    I’d love to know what Disney’s definition of a small drop is. Frozen drop is 28 feet. Space mountain which has a large drop is 26 ft. Sis it don’t add up.

  140. Callie

    Maxiela, I agree with most of what you said.
    However, I want to correct a misunderstanding about the
    “Hot Coffee” incident you mentioned.
    Many people are not aware that the coffee was not merely hot. It was SCALDING! The burns were horrendous! It was not the “Ow, I burned my little taste buds” hot.
    It was “Flesh-Destroying Burning Hot.” Can you imagine the excruciating pain?
    The jury who saw the pictures did.
    The lack of common sense definitely applies to the employee who nuked the coffee instead of
    making it properly.

  141. Scar

    Yes I agree with you, Wow just had brain surgery let’s hit the Parks always come to my mind. We are annual holders and go 4 to 5 times a year. My son fell on his arm a week before one of our our trips. He had a hairline fracture in his bone and had to wear a cast for a few weeks. Guess what we re scheduled our trip for 5 months later to make sure he healed. We also prefer going on cooler months since our trip was at end of spring, lol but I did Not want to risk his little arm, too. I knew he wouldn’t have fun not riding any rides. Also, u can research and be prepared when you know you have underlying Heath Issues . They were just wreckless if you ask me. They made their choice.

  142. James

    Another scam artist who even though they say it’s not about money, will be seeking money. Such BS, there is nothing turbulent about this ride. Just stop.

  143. rose

    There is a sign beforehand that states.

    Includes a backward and forward plunge down short waterfalls.

    I don’t care if they asked 3 or 13 cast members. The sign clearly states it goes backward and forward “plunge down”

    Although they may have thought it was a gentle ride to them. But she knew she had surgery weeks prior. Either she or family member should have steered her away from the ride.

  144. Jack Guarneri

    If there is any doubt anyone with special needs should never go on a ride like that. And yes it is about the money period…

  145. Sheila

    The parent could have ridden the ride herself to test it out, but truthfully, the Park should have not allowed her on the ride especially if they mentioned her recent brain surgeries. It wasn’t smart for either of them really. In my opinion the park, should have discouraged her to ride that ride. The family trusted the simplicity of the ride attendant’s instruction of “a little dip,” they weren’t well trained to make a medical decision, so in order to not have the liability, they should have suggested she not ride it – the minute someone is asking, there’s an obvious inherent reason to ask.

  146. Kris

    First off the woman is 27 years old so its her responsibility weather or not to go on a ride its not her mothers, and secondly the head gets banged around a little every day no matter what you try to do to stop it so she probably thought this would be like going off a curb that doesn’t have a cut out for a wheelchair

  147. C

    This kind of stuff is subjective. Sue crazy people should be counter sued.

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