Comments for VIDEO: Even During Closure, Disney Cast Members Keep the Parks Clean

Closed Disney Park Footage


  1. Jackie

    We see at least one Cast Member hard at work power washing the walkways of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood studios … theres more than toy story land and 3 other parks! Did i miss something!? Still glad they are cleaning still not going immediately! And its not bc i do not want to but or this wacky bat flu thing btw they are looking into if its a flu strain that will help keep everyone calmer but this of the mad rush disney btw isnt expecting and i do not want to be park of that reasons why i do not go when its busy. I also got 2 parents in WC and thats a hazard i do not want to deal w.

    1. Darth Baffled

      What did that mean?!!!

      I literally did not understand at all when it went, “but this of the mad rush disney btw isn’t expecting and i do not want to be park…”

      O’ sweet punctuation, we are bereft of thee.

      1. Jackie

        Sorry i had to make sure my dad didnt WC into a wall and my phone went into my pocket let me clarify…. i do not want to go w the mad rush disney isnt prepared for thats waiting to bang down the gates! Some do not care the world is still not ok and yes i want to go to but i will wait esp bc i have 2 parents in WC whom are already a hazard! Did that help… though i do not know why i am humoring you half your sarcastic 3rd person comments are worse to understand!

    2. Harley

      I agree toy story land proves squat! And thats a pressure washer so hes cleaning the ground what about everything else? What about important things like rides etc. I do not see guests interacting w the ground much!

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