Comments for Universal May Be Taking A Page From Disney With It’s Own Gondola System

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  1. Harley Chainsaw Princess

    Lord only knows a monorail or bus would take too long but disney distance is shorter and on property not bothering anyone they have to construct theres over i4 that wont be pretty but good luck to em!

    1. Mark

      Wow a positive comment from you about universal what happen harley been inside too long?

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        Maybe you should take a page from her book and show kindness!

      2. Harley

        I am looking forward as a monsters fan and dragons what if anything comes out of epic universe! Heard it might be new home of hhn too or the new scifi thing thats in japan right now! Sounds cool! I am not a uni fan at all but they have things that sound fun! They are never going to be the family park disney is but nothing will ever compare to wdw doesnt mean we insult

  2. Jenn

    I think the park goers would LOVE that…Disney’s gondola has been such an asset. But over I-4? Eek.

  3. Coaster Fan

    “Universal May Be Taking A Page From Disney With It’s Own Gondola System”

    UGH! Grammar please.
    It’s ALWAYS means it is.
    So your headline reads as follows:
    “Universal May Be Taking A Page From Disney With IT IS Own Gondola System.”

    Please fix it or hire someone competent to proof read your stories AND headlines.

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