Comments for Op-Ed: Three Reasons Why Disney World Might Re-Open This Summer

Op-Ed: Three Reasons Why the Walt Disney World Resort Might Open This Summer

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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    And yet it was on the news that it wont be till next yr instead of spreading rumors and opinions lets just have patience! The parks wont open before reality settles! Just bc we want to go back doesnt mean squat– believe me disney is about the money and will open when they can but they arent stupid enough to not wait till its ok! We live in a crazy world and on top of that a sue happy world… think if they open too soon and against regulations. Again we all want reality or some way to normal rushing things isnt a good thing! Disney will always be there… lets enjoy it then!

    1. Jacquart

      How do you know they won’t open until next year?? No one has confirmed that so it’s that just a rumor?? But you just said not to spread them but here you are stating something that isn’t a fact!
      I’m not a Florida resident but an avid Disney fan that goes very often.
      I think I can argue against most proposals that are being put forward to prevent this virus spreading, the fact is it’s never going to go completely.
      Disney attracts millions of people because of its magic which my taking away shows, parades etc is going to spoil a big part of that magic.
      6ft gaps between people will never work people just won’t stick to it.
      Cleaning rides in between each go would cause horrendous queues, I go in the summer when queues are already horrendous this would make them so much more.
      Plus every wall, railing shelf in the shops bin toilet door bench etc etc would also need to be cleaned because everyone is always touching or sitting so your never going to be able to sanitize everything that’s touched.
      Wearing masks will be a nightmare in the heat, I’m a asthmatic and having a mask on my face would cause me anxiety, I also suffer with pressure urticaria so wearing a mask with elastic would cause hives on my face and if they spread which they do to my mouth then I also suffer anaphylactic so this would not be suitable for me.
      Temperature checks, what if someone has a ear infection or throat infection and present with a temperature?.
      Reducing the riders on rides with virtual queues is unfair to those who don’t get to ride them and have paid the same money, will they give a refund?
      I believe the best way is to put hand sanitizers at every ride and food outlet and hope that everyone will use them.
      I think reduce the capacity is a good idea but that’s because it gets to busy anyway.
      I would then open and if you choose to go fine and if you don’t and want to wait then fine too.
      All the restrictions are just not doable not if you want to have the same magical experience. Waiting until next year or the year after will not guarantee we will be any different to now.

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        I live in NYC And i am not even sure if my state will reopen to be let out! Flordia is still on a lockdown there are NO cms to wrk right now bc they were furloughed! My govenor here told Broadway that they were never needed and they are one of the many things that bring tourist in so i equat that to Disney its not needed! I am not even a local but that was on the real news the govenor of fl and cali arent letting anyone in…. where are you going to go?? Are you going to jump a gate and get arrested like crazy impatient people are! Yes i agree w you disney isnt stupid bc they will wait till its safe it also wasnt built in day so it can not open in one!!! As its been said multi times here thats why somewhere next yr is a safe bet more than tomorrow!

      2. Harley

        I heard the news report too! And i think its a bit more realistic then the summer! Also i think weather just being discussed as an or as option is better than those that say it will never reopen! I think what rebel means by the stop spreading stuff is almost every day someone says disney is reopening when florida isnt out of lockdown… cali is more invested in finding out if this is the flu or not and helping! You want to talk about not making sense you came here to complain about someone comment to then say no one knows for sure etc. Thats right to you?

      3. Cindy Caine

        Masks and florida heat besides think tourist trying to ask where is something when you can not talk in those things for squat! Not to mention again our heat and rain and rumored really bad hurricane season do not know about you but i am more worried about that then a theme park!

  2. Rebel Ravenclaw

    Hmmmm last i checked theres still a hold on gatherings over 10 people how is anything happening… once this starts its fine! Disney doesnt have the right to go against LAWS!

  3. Vickie

    Speaking of and for Florida. We haven’t reached phase one for reopening to ALL Scientists and Drs…CDC and White House own guidelines.
    Yet our inept Florida Governor DeSantis wants to open. He is so afraid of upsetting is “daddy” @realdonaldtrump he has become feckless and irresponsible to his constituents.
    Need more testing, tracing and tracking FIRST.

    1. A nurse whom wants her job back

      There are people like me whom are drs and nurses that were considered non essential during this time… theres teachers and staff that want to return to work and parents whom will gladly say here catch my kid! This is level one then we will see how the rest goes… if you do not like thats its tough these are peoples lives everyone wants to go politics or just wants wants and forgets common sense! We will all get back to normal and when we do this will be long behind us or at least social distancing will and i bet thats why disney will be level 3 months away!

  4. Jason K

    Nah Disney World is in a GOP state and should not get respect in the slightest.

  5. Jackie

    Its funny you have mickey in swimwear i heard the water parks might be first! They are limited hrs and they limit #s anyways its a good test to see if you could do parks gives the parks time to reboot and all! Anything would be ok at this point my community pool as well!

  6. Regina

    I agree opening to soon could be a mistake .! we had reservations in April when it closed and have some in June but if they don’t open that is fine we can go anytime when it is safe Disney world isn’t going anywhere it will always be the best magical place to go to when ever they open . And people will not stay 6feet apart and not getting to eat inside and no shows or rides inside is like paying full price but only getting half the money worth . I say stay closed until you can have all the park open it cost to much to just see and do half the fun !!!!!!!!

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