Go on a 10-Minute Adventure with These Mickey Mouse Shorts on Disney+

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Ten Minute Break Mickey Mouse Shorts Disney Plus

We get it. Being stuck in the house for days on end is tough. With the combination of trying to work from home, get the kids to do homeschool, and share the space with everyone and every pet, it’s no stretch to say we could all use a vacation.

Well, thanks to Disney+, Mickey Mouse and some of his cartoon pals have decided to go on a few animated adventures of their own, and invite us along for the ride!

So if you’re dying for an escape, here are three adventures around the world you can take in ten minutes or less with the one and only Mickey Mouse!

“The Wonders of the Deep” S3: E7

Mickey Mouse and Donald under the sea wearing diving suits

Duration: 10m

Let’s embark on Professor Von Drake’s latest super-nifty science doohickey, The Ducktilus, to explore–as the title says–the wonders of the deep. Join Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy as they follow the professor 20,000 leagues to find sunken ruins, mermaids and the Kraken.

“Ku’u Lei Melody” S3: E14

Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald wearing swim suits in the jungle

Duration: 10m

Now let’s join Mickey and the gang on the Hawaiian Islands. Struggling to finish his melody, Mickey leads his pals Donald and Goofy on a quest to find an Akua: a beautiful island spirit that Mickey says knows the rest of his long lost tune.

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“Entombed” S3: E15

Mickey Mouse wearing suit and hat in the street surraunded by cars

Duration: 6m

Third-wheel Mickey and Minnie on their couple’s adventure to Egypt! They trek to the legendary “Valley of the Kings” in search of  King Ought-n-not-n’s tomb where they hope to find. lost treasures, priceless antiquities, and ancient artifacts. Hopefully, our favorite duo succeeds in their quest withing running into any booby-traps and mummies.

Bonus: “Potatoland” S1: E13

Mickey Mouse Goofy and Donald at the entrance of Potatoland

Duration: 9m

We can’t have a list of Mickey Mouse adventures without mentioning the time Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy took a trip to Potatoland, right? Join Mickey and Donald as they help their pal Goofy fulfill his life-long dream of visiting Potatoland: the potato theme park.

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But these are only a handful of the adventures Mickey, Minnie, and all their pals have experienced in the new and classic animated shorts. Originally brought to life by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, the classic cartoon characters found new life on Disney Channel in these all-new shorts and you can find them all right now on Disney+. and you can find them all right now on Disney+.

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