Disney Tangled-Themed Wedding Accessories That Will Help Your Nuptials See The Light

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Credit: (Etsy) Tangled LanternCo

Looking to have the disney wedding of your dreams? A wedding–themed after the story of one of the most romantic, whimsical, and fierce Disney Princess tales of all times: Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. Well, look no further — because we have all the accessories necessary to have your wedding guests seeing the light while you and your special someone experience your happily ever after.


What is a Tangled-themed wedding without invitations? And these special invitations perfectly capture the magic and romance of the enchanting Disney film as they feature the stunning background of the dreamy lanterns floating in night sky from the movie’s moving scene with Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder.

Tangled invitations
Credit: (Etsy) disputes

The high-quality print invitations are available on card stock in the size of 5 x 7 inches and a matching high-quality print magnet size of 5.5” x 4.24.” According to the seller’s Etsy shop, you can also purchase envelopes through the seller, which are available in assorted colors.

To get your own version of these invites, click here.

Guest Book

At any wedding, it’s important to keep track of all the guests who shared your special day of magic–and at a Tangled-themed wedding, what better way to do that than with a similarly themed guest book?

Printable Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Custom Wedding Guest Book Poster Print
Credit: (Etsy) MirDesigns

This Printable Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Custom Wedding Guest Book Poster Print is good for up to 100 signatures and comes in a 16 x 20-inch design created by graphic designer Amir Mir.

Printable Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Custom Wedding Guest Book Poster Print
Credit: (Etsy) MirDesigns

It’s worth noting that this is a digital purchase of a high resolution image that can be printed. However, for only the price of $11.41, the additional costs of framing and printing are so worth it as this display can live on forever in your home as a wonderful memory from your special day.

To take a closer look at this special Tangled display, click here.


No wedding reception is complete without the removal of the bride’s garter! This Tangled-themed garter is fashioned in purple and lilac satin with a lilac lace skirt, a purple bow with lilac and purple ribbon ties, and is finished off with a Rapunzel in the center.

Tangled garter
Credit: (Etsy) Gracefulgarters

According to the garter’s listing on Etsy, it’s available in 12-16 inches, 17-21 inches, 22-27 inches, or 28-33 inches. Additionally, the ribbons or bows can be personalized upon purchase.

To get your own Tangled-themed garter, click here.

Cake Topper

What better way to top off your Tangled wedding than with a themed cake topper? This Tangled Rapunzel Flynn And At Last I See The Light cake topper is laser cut from high quality food safe 3 mm acrylic or birch wood (if the design calls for it) and can be personalized with name and date customizations.

Tangled Wedding Cake Topper
Credit: (Etsy) OwlTopThat

The topper is available in 4 sizes: 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-inches. Additionally, it is available in 12 different color acrylic finishes and equipped with ANTI-Scratch Film to prevent any scratches or scuffs during processing and shipping.

To get your own Tangled-inspired cake topper, click here.


No wedding is perfect without the perfect centerpiece and this Tangled-themed display will have all your guests seeing the light.

This centerpiece is the combination of a few separate items which come together to create a brilliant display–a display perfect for the ultimate Tangled-themed wedding.

Credit: (Etsy) Tangled LanternCo

The Tangled Flower, sold individually, is constructed of lights, glitter, glue, wire, flower, fake moss, and finished with a glass dome. To take a closer look at the stunning floral piece, click here.

Tangled Flower
Credit: (Etsy) Tangled LanternCo

The secondary elements that help make this magical display include the circle and square paper lanterns. Both are made of yellow card stock and can be personalized upon purchase.

circle tangled lantern
Credit: (Etsy) Tangled LanternCo


square tangled lantern
Credit: (Etsy) Tangled LanternCo

To take a closer look at the circle lantern, click here. To see the square lantern up-close, click here.


You can’t forget a themed bouquet at your Tangled wedding! These Tangled-themed bouquets, made with love, glue, tulle, ribbon, pins, pictures, foam flowers, fabric, linen, Silk, Gems, and cabochons, are the ultimate accessory for any Disney-loving bride.

Tangled bouquet
Credit: (Etsy) CherylsThingaMaBobs

Each bouquet is available in multiple sizes and colors and can be personalized with the sun emblem at the bottom of the bouquets’ staff.

To get your own, click here.

Hanging Lanterns

As seen in most of the other accessories featured in this post, the floating paper lanterns is truly one the most iconic elements from Disney’s Tangled, making this last accessory a MUST HAVE.

Rapunzel Paper Lanterns
Credit: PixieDustDreaming

The paper lanterns come in sets of 24 and are available in both pink and gold. Each lantern stands at 8.5-Inches high, with a width of 5-Inches and depth of 5-Inches. With each purchase of a set of the lights, you’ll receive 12 square and 12 circular versions of the lanterns. All of which, featuring the design of the Tangled golden sun, available for print in pink or gold.

To get a closer look at the lanterns, click here.

Which of these Tangled-themed accessories will you have at your Disney-themed wedding? Let us know in the comments below! 

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