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  1. David H Schroeder

    Everyone — cast and guests — covering nose/mouth at all times (mask, scarf) except when eating.

    All show/theater and restaurant tables marked off with all available pairs/groups of seats at least six feet from each other.

    All ride vehicles quickly wiped down between each run.

    Limit total admittance as needed to give everyone comfortable distancing space.

    Beyond that, we would need to trust each other to space ourselves in queues, etc. I think we can do it! Even with fireworks shows, etc, it would take some serious attention at first, but I think we can learn to space ourselves appropriately — even for parades and fireworks.

  2. Rebel Orange Bird

    How about exactly the way it was when i went before closing hand sanitizer machines everywhere and cast wiping stuff down! I am going on vacation i do not need to worry about reality coming in I am sorry then why go on vacation!?
    Wear your mask look foolish and live in your bubble till dooms day then why should disney reopen at all you know how many airborne illnesses out there can get you sick or kill you and there wasnt a panic before! Get over yourself normal is going to come or protest and riots will start! If your sick take this memo stay the hell home!!!!

  3. Harley

    I think while its all said and good right now… life and death go hand in hand… so does getting sick! We are here on this great earth to live our best life we can not do that living in a bubble for yrs to come i am sorry!

  4. KC

    I think that based on the info shared, open June 1 as it was before. Anything including the joke of taking a temp. prior to entering a Park is a complete waste. I believe that we can all do our part in that if I’m not feeling well, stay home. If I have the virus and am not running a temp., which can be a real possibility, I’m still going to spread it. Regardless of what anyone thinks, nothing that is put in place will make a difference other than not opening the parks until we have a vaccine or it completely runs its course. It’ll be nothing but propaganda in thinking that by doing any measure of limitation that the outcome will change. The numbers are going to go up once we open for business regardless! If we’re that scared then stay home and don’t go out. I’m ready to move on, be responsible for myself and to do my best not to be a hazard to my fellow citizens. No one wants to say it but the two choices we have are to continue to loose folks to the virus, especially those at higher risks, or to kill our economy beyond repair! All the money being spent isn’t free. We’re going to pay for it. All the lost revenue that Disney itself is experiencing, guess what, we’re going to pay for that in the long run. My apologies if you all disagree, but flattening a curve is only temporary based on what we’re doing today. There’s no end goal!

    1. Harley

      I had this before it was named i felt like hell so saying you do not feel sick its crazy talk i thought i was having a heart attack but i did not have a fever but my son did! Between his allergies (which are still bad bc of our weather conditions in fl) and this i thought he was going to stop breathing! But TG we are fine and many others are surviving too the key is to stay home if your sick a cold is a cold i get it but i mean if your lethargic and dead to the world w it spinning why would you be even tempted to come to a theme park!?

    2. Theresa

      Open on June 1st!!! We cannot live inside forever!! Let the magic begin!!

  5. Heather Wright

    I will do whatever Disney asks me to do to be able to come in June as a DVC member, with a graduation trip planned for my daughter!

    1. Lena

      I’m right there with you. I have been planning a trip to Disneyworld for me and my two teenage sons in June, and then this happened. So I’ll do whatever Disney wants me to do to be able to go in June.

      1. Jackie

        Disney canceled me for beginning of june so wouldn’t hold breathe dvc member tried to rebook nothing till next jan… seems like disney doesnt get they are going to even be more popular once the gates finally fling open so i doubt anything will stop em! Guests want to come in as much as disney wants your money back nothing is going to stop that sorry… thats business!

  6. Mar29

    Same, we had to postpone our Disney wedding from 4/17 to 6/5 and we will do whatever it takes to go and go and get married! Enough is enough at some point when the cure becomes worse than the problem!

  7. Leah

    I’m hoping to get to Disney World by the end of August. I think attendance should be limited but with that said, I think if you have dining reservations there should be a separate line for you to gain entrance. I don’t want to be turned away after I’ve had reservations for 180 days. Queue lines should be every other lane so there are not ppl standing right beside you. Rides should be wiped down after each time. Hand sanitizer everywhere, especially right when getting off a ride. The meet and greet with characters is a tough call. Maybe it’s available at the guests request but no hugging??‍♀️


    I think people need to be patient. The disease hasn’t even peaked yet, and you are looking at pleasure. What if the Country were at war?? What if we go into a depression? We haven’t even been in this situation six months. And already people want what was normal. How would you feel if you took your family anywhere and half of them died? Pleasure trip? I don’t think so. A lot of people have no concept of infection control. Before all of this happened, how many of you washed your hands properly for4 a full minute or londer when you first got up? Did you force the soap uner your fingernails? Did you wash your hands and more after you went to the bathroom? Apparantly not, as your cell phone screens an that many people touch is full of Esterechiae coli. If you can’t handle handwashing how will you handle your child’s death? Thinking this will be gone in a few months is so unrealistic. Do you know that a virus is a particle smaller than a single cell? I love Disney also. but to go anywhere within the next year, where more than 10 people congregate is asking for trouble. We do not have immunity built up. How many people died from measles or polio before we could come up with an immunization? How many people still refuse to be immunized today! Most of you are too young to remember polio. Maybe that is why you do not comprehend the severity of the situation. There were also no big amusement parks or concert venues where people got together. You cannot be more realistic because in your lifetime you have not faced anything this serious. Best estimate of anything reopening to crowds? 6 months to a year.

  9. lorraine cramer

    first I think that the amount of people allowed in the parks should be cut in half for a while. Masks should be worn for the time being except while eating of course. Half the seating in restraunts instead of tables right almost on top of each other. Maybe at first just open it up for Florida residents that have APs just to test it out ,then start taking reservations for just some of your hotels , adding a few at a time. Disney springs maybe only open one parking lot and when its full , its full for a week to test it out. Its a really hard decision but it would be sad with no shows at the castle for a bit. We have to see how this virus is handled and if it is going to go away or not.

  10. Charlie

    If a vaccine were required to enter Disney World, I would never go there again.

  11. Kim Moser

    I would do whatever Disney asked me to do in order to enter the park.as I am one of the persons that have health issues, I would be fine with wearing mask gloves doing whatever Disney wanted us to do so that we could be safe and have fun.I have been coming to Disney since it opened when I was a little girl and I have to say I don’t want to live in a world without Disney.

  12. Lois

    June with restrictions and extra safety measures. People need to also be a part and wash hands more often, use hand sanitizer, etc.
    The sooner the better, with safety in mind. But the world and economy has to start back up for all. People use common sense too. Thanks

  13. mike

    To start open the parks to guest that are staying at a Disney resort
    and go from there and see how it goes

  14. Susan Hopkins

    I have a vacation planned for fall…already paid for and dining reservations already made…if they limit attendance in the parks, how are they going to do that….they are not going to allow any more reservations. If they limit amount people in the restaurant, again how. I have already made my priority reservations and you are going to tell me sorry after I have already paid for the Dining plus package. I think they will need to come up with something, but I am just not sure how they are going to do this by limitation

  15. Heather

    I think they should Wipe down rides after every time, more hand sanitizer, maybe restrictions on how many people in park and in resturaunts. Can’t stay closed till vaccine or even till fall, plus not everyone will take vaccine and we can’t stay locked up in our houses forever!

    1. Frank Rodriguez

      Either a vaccine is available or cases drop drastically to single or double digits national wide. Another option would be to open in July to Florida residents at 50 % capacity with mask. And hand sanitizer mandatory before entering park and on every ride, restaurant, show. With enforcement.

  16. there’s just no way to 100% fully stop disease transmission with so many people in close proximity, no matter what steps are in place. The best answer to preserve lives is to leave the parks closed until a vaccine is available, but that will almost surely cause parks’ demise from financial ruin. It’s a horrible dilemma.
    If we try to walk the line and try to split the difference, I’d think temperature taking will be an absolute must. And people should be required to wear masks. Hand sanitizer should be everywhere. Rides and seating areas should be wiped down. People should minimize risk by keeping their personal property safely ON themselves rather than in any communal place (eg: I use a couple portapockets for my cell, ID/cards/keys…not a locker). Plus there should be capacity limits of course…people will need to keep distances from others, both while in line and on rides. maybe middle seats left open on ride cars… It will be a big mess. But maybe worth a try instead of a compete shut down for a year+.
    btw, anyone saying “it’s all ok, we’re on vacation!” is minimizing the rights of everyone beyond themselves. Your rights end where someone else’s begin. We don’t live in a vacuum…it’s a shared planet and we need to be mindful of how our actions affect those around us. NO one is happy with this situation. But going out like everything’s “just fine” too soon will backfire on us and cause exponentially LONGER shutdowns and even more economic pain.

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