Comments for How Shanghai Disney’s Temperature Screening Could Be Implemented at U.S. Disney Parks

Shanghai Disneyland Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. KC

    It’ll be an inconvenient joke. We’re scared and looking to do something. How many things and folks are we going to contaminate from our preparation for the trip, airports, airlines, resorts, buses, standing in line to get my temp taken. Great plan. If we’re that scared then either stay home or don’t open the parks back up. Freedom is a thing of the past!

    1. Harley

      Besides the other parks are at the helm of their government… whats this have to do w us? Disney here is free to there own thing! There in charge here! Also though theres corp the presidents of the parks here still have a say on their needs etc that they bring to the uppers in corp and then figure whats going to happen! Its called corporate america and big business whats going to make us money back not what are the other parks we have no control over doing!?


    Just put on a spacesuit. Not having a fever is not 100% guaranteed to be safe.

    1. Mark

      My daughter normal temp is 99° which to some is a low grade fever add that she has breathing issues she be looked at in a second i really do not think its fair that not i am need a dr note for my daughters normal ailments! Also a common cold would also have a slight fever and people will come in w that all the time bc its a cold!

  3. Asthmatic people don’t have temperatures. People will need to wear mask to cover there nose and mouth to help stop the spread.

  4. Sheila

    If you paid for your trip to one of our USA Disney parks or cruises, flights and then you arrive and one person in your family showed a fever your out. So who is going refund my whole trip and vacation time back to us? Some people run a low grade fever all of the time.

  5. Lorie Benson

    If they reopen in the summer and require everyone to wear a mask in the stifling heat and humidity, they’re going to have a bigger problem on their hands! Also, not everyone has a standing temp of 98.6. I have one daughter who is always around 97 and my son’s day to day temp is right around 100. When he gets sick, we often see 106 temps. We’re currently into our summer DW vacation about 12 thousand dollars. We’ve been told that we can’t cancel if the park is open. If they think my son has a fever when he doesn’t, who refunds us all of our money?

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