Shanghai Disneyland Recently Tested Fireworks While Closed; Could Disney World Be Next?

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Shanghai Disneyland Fireworks

A lucky guest stumbled upon some magical fireworks while standing outside the gates of Shanghai Disneyland recently and she shared the fun on her Instagram account. It appears the park was testing some fireworks although they remain closed to the public.

Instagram user @tamsinandrews shared some pictures and videos of her experience. See the footage below:

In her post caption, @tamsinandrews shared:

feeling like OG princess Anna watching Ignite the Dream from just outside Shanghai Disney tonight. but it didn’t make this moment less magical.

I’ll be ready and waiting for when you’re ready to open up the gates again, #ShanghaiDisneyland. Until then, I’ll enjoy the sparkle from afar.

We totally feel you! We miss the fireworks so much too. Just recently, the Walt Disney World Resort shared a previously recorded live-stream of Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After firework spectacular and fans went crazy over how much they missed it and how great it was to be able to experience the show during the park closure.

Check out some of the Disney community’s tweet comments under the official Walt Disney World Twitter account during the stream:

Twitter user @StanslwLiboska shared



Others, like @DisneyKidder shared

Chills. Tears. Praying you are open in July.


Nicole West @nikwest6 thanked Disney for a truly magical Disney moment.


That Walt Disney World tweet received over 3-thousand likes and over 1.5thousand shares. Fireworks are without a doubt a fan favorite experience at the parks.

Maybe Floridians will get lucky and experience some testing at the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks as well! We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled!

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Do you enjoy Disney fireworks as much as we do? Which show is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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