Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scentsy Mushu Is Our Favorite Sidekick

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Smell that? I’m pretty sure it’s my guardian dragon… Smelling of sweet papayas, juicy mangos and red ginger flowers, this Mulan collection from Scentsy is sure to tingle your senses. The debut collection consists of a Scentsy Mushu Buddy, a scent bar and a scent pak. These Mulan inspired items have us cheering for our heroine on her journey. Grab a bar or a pak filled with the sweet scents and look forward to the live-action movie coming soon or the classic animation that we love so much!

Scentsy Buddy Mushu

mushu scentsy buddy
Credit: Scentsy

Retailing for $35.00, your personal guardian is fearless and ready to protect you! He may not be as lucky as Cri-kee, or as strong as Khan, but he’s got the sass and sparks of fire to keep you going. At 16 inches tall, the Scentsy Buddy Mushu comes with a zippered pouch on his back, just like other buddies, where you can slip your favorite fragrance. Check below for his featured scent!

Mulan’s most-trusted friend, the loyal Mushu, wants to be your personal guardian. This (somewhat) fearless dragon is always good for a laugh. The dragon’s in the details, from his spiky tail and claws to the scales on his back, shiny gold accents and the notch in his ear. Each Disney Mushu – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in our Not Your Everyday Dragon fragrance. – Scentsy


mushu scentsy buddy mulan
mushu scentsy buddy back

Not Your Everday Dragon Scent Pak

The Scentsy website tells us to, “Feed your guardian spirit with sweet papaya nectar, juicy mango and a delicate touch of red ginger flower.” The same Mulan Collection Scent Pak that comes with the Scentsy Mushu Buddy is available a la carte for $7.50. Slip it into Mushu or any other Scentsy Buddy for an honorable smell from the Mulan Collection.

Mushy scentsy pak

Scentsy Bar – Not Your Everyday Dragon

Ready to melt instead? There is a classic Scentsy Bar -Not Your Everyday Dragon available a la carte for the traditional price of $6.50. Break it into cubes and add it to your favorite melter. It’s all the great smell of a burning candle without the worry of a flame. Plus, some of the melters have an auto-off after a few hours.

mushu scentsy bar

More Disney Fun from Scentsy

disney scentsy

You can find a few different shapes of Scentsy Disney Buddies on the website, or melters and scent bars of all kinds. It’s the sort of magic that will bring your sense of smell right into Magic Kingdom, without ever leaving your home. If your magic is lasting past midnight, consider checking out the new Cinderella Carriage Warmer arriving at the ball. This royal collection also includes a Happily Ever After Scent, reminiscent of gardenias, forget-me-nots, and frosted lemon.

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