Robert Downey Jr. Teases Marvel Return At “Avengers: Endgame” Celebration

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robert downey jr as iron man

Credit: Marvel Studios

On Monday, The Russo brothers held a virtual Avengers: Endgame quarantine party marking the one-year anniversary of the world’s biggest blockbuster. During this special soiree, the Marvel brothers and Robert Downey Jr. dropped small hints to fans which has some wondering if Robert Downey Jr. could be returning to the Marvel franchise.

Specifically, one comment that was said during the stream that has many questioning the Iron Man star’s future with the franchise came after director Joe Russo teased that they might have to do this again, referring to doing another movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

However, what was most shocking about this comment was what Robert Downey Jr. had to say in reply to Joe, saying: “The people will move us toward what they want.”

As all Marvel fans know by now, Iron Man died at the end of the epic battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. However, with any comic book universe, it’s also true that anything is possible.

As pointed out by Cosmic Book News, there have been many rumors questioning whether Marvel fans will see a return of Downey Jr.’s character as there has been talk of the actor voicing the character. Specifically a character in Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series What If?.

There has also been talk of Downey Jr. voicing an AI character in an Iron Heart Disney+ series as well.

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s true that his reply was very cryptic to Joe Russo. Although, it may also be his way of calling onto fans to start asking for the return of Iron Man?

Kevin Feige has said it before that Marvel is active in listening to the opinions of their fans when it comes to the major blockbusters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If fans were to unite and ask for a return, we may possibly see the beloved genius in an iron suit grace the big screen once again.

What are your thoughts on the Russo brothers’ and Robert Downey Jr.’s comment? Let us know in the comments! 

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