Comments for Retraining Cast Members for Reopening the Parks in a Post-Virus World

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  1. Mark

    I think its going to be more than just that bc many did this already before close… from what i heard they are going to take vital seniority cms back wo any concern and others will be retrained on their attraction 100% plus 30 probation like they started over! I also heard SSE isnt coming back once reopen!

  2. Rebecca

    In addition to sanitation training, many CMs will require retraining on their regular role if they are not working for 3 months or more.

    1. Mark

      Did you not see what i commented….
      Only vital cms aka seniority will not have too aka they are trustworthy others will have to retrain and 30 day probation status like they started over! Disney wants to make sure you want to be there it only seems fair!

  3. Rebel Ravenclaw

    the drs from our state along w our govenor gave some vital info that they are testing to see if somehow this is connected to the flu cases we had earlier in the yr that killed 30k in the state (these folks had flu shots) there was a strain that didnt look like flu A w it so wondering how long its been in cali and if its all connect to corona bc if it is they could just add a booster to the flu shot and done deal! We can move on w our lives! But you know whom doesnt want to listen he just wants to make mistakes and tell people to drink lysol or whatever the next thing was…. why is he in charge? There are smarter republicans i know it! Oh i heard NY is testing for immunity in donated plasma all this together will be great news for everyone! And all the new training will be a mute pt.

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