Comments for Two Disney World Guests Sue After Being Involved in Separate PeopleMover Collisions



  1. Jackie

    I stopped reading when i saw $$ and the date they waited till now to sue and its not supose to look supicious! Tta runs on plates if its estop it must roll or transition to them or you must evac! Blame fellow guests whom probaby stood up and a cm had to aburptly hit the button happen last time i was on it my glasses fell off and kinda got a bit whipped but i also heard multi times prior a cm yelling for people to remain seated! I do not know why one has to play musical chairs on a ride but thats not disney fault!

    1. traci

      I believe the lawsuits have been ongoing since the dates of the accident. They simply stated the dates of the accidents. Also there was no mention of people standing or changing seats during the ride. I believe in ride cameras would have caught that. It still does not excuse being hit by another vehicle.

      1. Tomorrowland management

        They work by charge plates and if the ride was estop quickly due to incident the ride will continue to move on its own either to charge plate or just aimless in this instance there would be an evac… just how the ride works! Just bc a ride is on a track doesnt mean if its stopped for a it wont go on its own thats science! I do not think disney could be blamed for science the guest could be blamed for the estop!

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