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  1. Harley

    Not just tourist but even locals at least i know when we travel out of mco its that sense of home when you hear the announcement! Hes right when the time is right lets have patience and just stay safe… its going to all be over soon! And when life moves on and it will thats the way it will be! More people should be like him concerned but hopeful! Less world coming to an end and more eventually things will be ok not overnight mind you but eventually!

  2. Darth Waterfalls

    Ooohhhyeah, Buddy Dyer, with a soulful voice smooth as sweet jazz on a cool summer’s day.

    Tell it to us, Buddy. Tell us how it is. Awwwyeah…

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Why do you not want to answer me about the date thing …. are you just not single or is it social distancing thing!? I feel insulted!

      1. Darth Waterfalls

        I was about to reply, “Nobody knows what date the parks reopen, that’s the whole point.” Then I got to those awesome ellipsis…

        …So, not really sure how A ties to B, but Darth has always practiced social distancing just in case there ever was a pandemic. I feel cold.

      2. Harley

        Well jic you do not comment or see the other spot… Shes been asking you out on a date like literally how do you not get that! and now shes so upset she left this site and will no longer comment here and i was just getting use to having someone w a common opinion here as apose to all the negativity!

      3. Mark

        Darth shes just asking you out its a simple yes or no not some bizzaro answer though its not like it matters she left! Not like she will miss anything!

      4. Jackie

        Why is darth 3rd person is my ? With it all!

  3. Pat Clifford

    Mr. mayor looks like a homeless person. Please .Please shave your mustache and beard. You look horrible.

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