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original star wars land theme dan cockerell


  1. Harley

    This idea wasnt for batuu it was if they were to extend to star tours as star tours is the original trilogy…. then the muppets had a come back and had issues in construction in that area as it a major walkway and gets backed normally but it would be cool to see some extension or it all connected like this in the future w indy ride replacing the stunt show.

    1. Darth Ideas

      Hey, Dan, catch the ball! Oops, dropped it!

      Now, for real… here’s how to improve Star Wars Land and the entire studios (and yes, it’ll probably cost them $100 million to do it).

      They need to move the whole Muppets area to where Star Wars Launch Bay is, and in turn transform the current Muppet area into more Star Wars. To save money, the content can be similar to Launch Bay.

      Leave the superstructures of Muppets, but re-skin it as favorite locations themed to OTC and Prequel (like Naboo or Tatooine). Character meet and greets of original characters like Boba Fett, Ewoks, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Leia, Luke, etc… to that zone. Right now Star Wars is in three sections of the park. That doesn’t make sense. Consolidate it. It would connect Star Tours to Baduu in one continuous Star Wars realm, giving us a section for new stuff (Baduu) and classic Star Wars (the re-skinned Muppet area).

      In turn, make the alcove where the animation tour used to be into a dedicated Muppets attraction. Revamp the old theater for the current show and add a least one more new attraction. Currently, Muppets is some drop-in in-between two Star Wars zones.

      It is comprised of a restaurant, a Christmas shop, a souvenir shop and one attraction (movie). It would actually have more room on the other side for something of real substance that the Muppets deserve. Not Michael Eisner’s “too bad Jim Henson died, we’ll make the best of it” zone. Seriously look at Muppets. What is truly Muppet-y about it besides what opened when it FIRST opened in the 1990s?

      This plan would also create one side of the park as a fun animation area (Muppets, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Mickey, etc), the other half more action centered (Indy, Star Wars and whatever else they stick in that old sound studio one day (hopefully a Marvel thing)).

      This is a good plan. They HAD to have thought of it as it is super obvious. But, again big $$ to do a switcheroo like this.

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      1. Rebel Ravenclaw

        No offense i love the ideas here but the sarcasm at the beginming makes me not take it serious you also think the muppets are still popular LOL your strange ! Jim greatest creation now lives on on netflix its called dark crystal educate yourself! But i do think launch bay is useless esp in kiddy courtyard! They could use that area and just expand disney jr theatre to put in seats w space ala frozen so kids could still dance but adults dont need to get vaccinated from whatever is on that carpet!

      2. Harley

        Rebel i worked there we use to say that all the time besides you do not want to know how many babies we saw get changed on it and then the diaper was left for us! Oh for the love of everything good sanitize disney jr! Oh and every ent backstage area you do not want to know!

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