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Disney World


  1. Charles

    This is ridiculous, why do they make decisions so far in advance. In the last week we have seen a huge change in the projection models. The mayor seems to be jumping on this little early.

    1. Ni

      Until we get everyone tested in the USA we don’t know who is a carrier and who is not. This may be just the tip of the iceberg. This virus has no rhyme or reason on who it affects and what age it attacks.
      Being proactive is better than reactive

      1. Mark

        Just bc fl #s peak doesnt mean the whole world has we are coming into summer vacation where top priority is going to be tourist not locals! Everyone elses #s arent there yet! Patience is a virtue! Though tests have shown 9/10 people do not have it and if you have it and its done you wont get it again! Its different for everyone so are hosp ridden while others barely have a bad cold! I read in another place someone felt like they were having a heart attack but w rest pulled through… i know many w compromised immune systems while it takes more time pull through as well! Its a process and we have to have patience but once its over it will be a distant memory for many!

      2. John

        Ok. So lets be “proactive” for 6 months to a year or more? No vaccine til next year. You can’t possibly think being shut down for a year is feasible? People have to eat and work and survive. We can do that for a few months but not 6 months or more. Then you will see more people riot and starve and die that way than people dying with the virus.

      3. Jimmy

        Everybody is not going to be tested..thats impossible. And unnecessary.

    2. Peter T. Mitros


    3. Stay home

      To save lives. This could on for many many more months. We aren’t even at the peak yet. Stay home and save lives.

      1. Harley

        Staying at home and living in a bubble after a while wont be healthy either nor will be living in a paranoia state for the rest of our lives! But for now lets stay safe yes but when its ok to go out we throw parties!

    4. Greg

      I agree, this is starting to get nuts. First they said 2.2 million people will die, then it is between 100-200,000 and now they say maybe 60,000. All you heard was that they just needed a couple of weeks to flatten the curve, now they keep moving it back even though there are positive reports with deaths going down. There also have been a few positive results from using some drugs also. I think that part of this is getting political and they want the economy to tank.

    5. Jimmy

      Its just speculation..nobody knows what will happen.

    6. Dario

      The US went from 15 cases(Feb 26) to 450k in six weeks even with safer at home orders in many states during most of that time period… You wanna open back up with how many cases in the wild?

      1. Mark

        The flu #s of death and other things went up too but no one paid attn to that and that has a vaccine your pt is?

  2. Harley

    If this is true could us APs get our orange bird magnets sent to us at least bring a smile and some magic our way thanks! Make the waiting less stressful!

    1. Jay

      You’re not important as a AP lol get off your high horse

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        She means AP as in annual passholder how about you learn your acronyms! How do common folk navigate parks honestly?

      2. Jackie

        Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed i think harley is just staying positive besides if they can virtual via shopdisney we as APs can get our magnets sent i called they said they would..
        . It would def be like you said harley a little magic while we wait! Btw jay you have disney confused w uni they do alot for APs while you just charges you more to do it!

        1. Darth Huh

          WAIT! WHAT?!

          You got your magnet? HOW?

          Which one? Both?!


      3. Jackie

        Darth i called AP services they said they are planning on sending them out or if you call they will send they are waiting for word from epcot if they are extending flower unfortunately right now that will run directly into food and wine and epcot will not be able to control that! A merged fest be cool though i think the pt is getting magnets or something from AP would put smile on faces while we wait some impatiently apparently!

        1. Lee

          As an avid Disney fan and an Annual Passholder I must say shame on you. Shame on you for thinking it was an “appropriate” time to inquire about a RIDICULOUS magnet. In case you haven’t heard, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS are SUFFERING and TENS OF THOUSANDS are DEAD. Included in that number are cast members and their loved ones.

          My partner is one of those cast members. He is currently at home working mandatory overtime of 60+ hours because the incoming calls are overwhelming. Routing calls for absurd requests like this one. He also speaks to cast members who are calling scared, coughing, and infected unsure of what the company can do for them. I’ve heard several CMs call in crying because they are recently windowed to COVID-19 and they need to know what their options are. I have had to spend countless nights consoling him and hearing dozens of these stories.

          The remaining cast members like him are emotionally/physically drained and the last thing they need is Annual Passholders calling in, tying up phone lies, to make inquiries about complimentary magnet.

          If you love Disney, lose the entitlement and show some respect and compassion for the cast members who make that magic and get your fix on Disney+. The parks will reopen soon enough.

      4. Maica Bentivoglio

        whats an AP??

      5. Janie

        Lee no one is really dying down here in fl we arent nyc were they are throwing bodies in ditches like a 3rd world country and cms can not wait to get back to wrk get off your soapbox and just stop! You do not know of tragedy until you been in military! And if APs want a some magic in a form of a magnet or something heck thats better than we are all going to die in your case!

    2. Daniel Lilly

      A very thought provoking piece on MotleyFool.com asked the question, “Should The Strip (in Las Vegas) reopen?”
      The author made several good points that I feel also apply quite directly to WDW specifically and Central Florida in general. I’d provide the link but don’t want to be viewed as spamming or promoting anything one way or another. I DO encourage locals to read it, though, and find yourselves realizing things that haven’t maybe occurred in the rush to “get back to normal”. Stay safe, everyone!

  3. Debbie

    Disney can’t reopen on a moment’s notice. I saw an estimate that it could take a month to “ramp up”. Get food deliveries, clean, maintenance, etc. Meanwhile, employees are furloughed 4/19. Doesn’t sound like they are planning soon.

    1. We were suppose to
      take my grandson for his first trip to Disneyland but had to change our plans. So now we are going the end of August and celebrate my grandson’s 10th birthday,

  4. Annette

    We are booked at the end of July to Disney World but we are concern that it might not be safe to enter the parks. Is it possible that we can move our trip to a later time?

  5. Darth Huh

    But… but… what about the experts from JP Morgan just a few articles down?! They said it could re-open soon. And they sounded so smart!

    I thought financial minded people only interested in economic recovery knew what was good for everybody’s health.

    Ohhh, I’m so confused again.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Bc they like to either post same article twice or contradicting ones you should know that by now darth… reason why i feel bad for the writers whom have to do it! Or write articles no one cares about its sad! But its a job i guess. Btw you never answered by date request i guess you do not care…

      1. Mark

        I think you took making fun as flirting … men are horrible! Thats why i am single!

      2. Harley

        I doubt your going to get an answer so he was either playing w you like mark said, ladies man like your ex and not worth it , or hes not single!

  6. BS

    So frustrating. We have been scared just enough to sacrifice ourselves, in order to save ourselves.

  7. Cdns

    We had the trip of a lifetime booked for April, bringing our 3 young children to Disney for the first time. Spent years saving and spent the last 6 months planning every detail. We were looking forward to this so much…
    We are rebooked for early December, hopeful that we will be able to make this work

  8. Christine

    Dear Mayor,
    If that’s the case be prepared to make sure All employees get that $600 a week stimulus check.

    1. Mark

      Disney is in charger of paying employees not the mayor!

      1. Dave

        Not if they are unemployment. That is the state and local governments responsibility. Also Disney owns both jurisdictions that Disney World is incorporated by. The Orlando Mayor has no authority over Disney from a governing stance.

      2. Rebel Porg

        Dave you must not get what furlough means they aren’t being fired they still have a job and disney is still paying their medical! Disney the company has lots more than just parks to worry about and arent miracle works the cms are lucky they got that and alot are! Bc there are people out there that have no jobs!

  9. No. Disneyland Is A Post To Be Reopen At April 18th. So SILENCE.

    1. Jackie

      Cali #s and ny #s are about the same vs fl good luck w that!

    2. BatuuGirl

      CA governor has extended the “shelter in place” order, until at least May 15th. The cast members have been furloughed, effective April 19th.
      As long as people keep DISREGARDING the order, and gathering in public, in LARGE numbers, the longer the order will be extended.
      And you CANNOT open a resort, as big as Disneyland, on a dime. The vendors need to bring in the food, the health services and OSHA will be involved to make sure every attraction and restaurant is ready to go, and you also need to reopen the hotels and DTD district, as well.
      Sounds real easy when you’re an armchair spectator, doesn’t it? It’s NOT that simple.
      Oh, and IF the resort opens in late summer, they also have to deal with the guests coming from the Southern Hemisphere, who are coming out of their winter hibernation, and with THAT brings NEW challenges, as well.

  10. TD

    This is soooo depressing! Disney parks are my happy place. Our huge July WDW/Bahama cruise trip are now in serious jeopardy. My family is full of essential workers (half of them in the frontlines of healthcare) and could really use a positive light at the end of this tunnel. Really hoping things get back to “normal” by July.

    1. BatuuGirl

      Thank them for their very hard work, and dedication to helping others. When you DO get to go on your vacation, I’m sure it’s going to be one for a lifetime of memories.

  11. Rebel Porg

    What does UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE mean to y’all!?!?

  12. Mathew Robinson

    I Was going to WDW on 2nd of June but we have moved the holiday to the 13th of October. Hopefully WDW is fully open by then

  13. Jason K

    The Mayor’s June prediction makes sense in my opinion.

  14. Eric

    Guys, please call down and use common sense. You can’t make decisions based on fear and emotion.

    You personally know if you have preexisting conditions, smoke, do drugs, or vape. You know if you’re older than the average. In short – you know if you’re in a risk category where you might have serious complications from this virus.

    If you have none of that, you’re in good shape. How many perfectly healthy people have done died from this virus in the USA? Right, we don’t know. But we have a better idea of how many deaths are from the risk category. The vast majority (its 99.3% in Italy.)

    As for WD, as long as they’re getting money from the Fed, they can wait it out. Plus, like all big business and the politicians, it’s about CYA – cover your ***. This has little to do with public safety and everything to do with control and bad PR.

    1. Mark

      Getting half these people use common sense and listen is like talking to a wall!! If you havent noticed how many articles end up w comments into the hundreds w everyone rioting in streets and not listening! But good luck maybe they will listen to you! Multi times i have written my parents died from common colds and my 16 yr old sister died of cancer bc they wouldnt test her and my daughter has breathing issues yet i love my life and live it and can not wait to get out of this fever dream/nightmare! but for now like you said its a waiting game bc its a draw when it comes to whom to believe next? Esp bc 60k if not more now they are saying died from the flu just this yr already while we are debating corona so who knows whats up!?

  15. Amanda

    If people believe everything they read on the internet then you need to stop these articles are horrible for those who believe in these things if the article doesnt come from disney itself then dont believe it. These articles are torturing the cast members and unions because with these u get some casts thinking it’s TRUE and start freaking out

  16. D

    Amen to that

    1. Xantra

      That’s why I don’t read articles. I’m waiting on Bob Iger to say when. People just making up stuff and getting people riled up for nothing.

  17. Jeff

    I think any politician that can order a shutdown order should not be paid until they lift the order so they feel the pain just like the people they are ordering to stay at home.

  18. Sally

    I would have been returning from my week-long. Year-planned vacation this morning. I am happy they are following safety regulations. I am a little disgruntled that airlines are only giving credits not refunds with time- lines that will.mean I will lose quite a bit if money and that Disney will not refund military park- hopper tickets. We are paying quite a bit for not having this vacation with no refund in sight. 🙁 This is my only complaint. ( I did buy airline insurance through Spirit and Jet Blue, but they have found loop holes saying this pandemic is not included in trip/vacation insurance too, what a sham!!)

  19. Mark Warshofsky

    I would like a clarification or reopening of WDW. We have: Resorts, Theme Parks and Disney Spring (Shops and restaurants). Could the Resorts and Disney Springs reopen prior to the theme parks reopening?
    There’re many activities outside of the Parks to enjoy.

    1. Jackie

      No because thats a minority opinion as well as putting cms at risk to them! Also many people unlike you or i are like we came to wdw for the parks not over price shopping and staring at the ceiling in a hotel instead of at home! Though i wish springs or the outlets were open give us something to do!

  20. Brandy

    We were coming for our Spring break for my daughters senior trip. I am a first responder so I understand the risk very well. My only concern is now I keep moving our dates is I hope we don’t lose out On money if it exceeds our expiration.

  21. Lynne

    How about disney doing all the work now that needs to be done in the article above.They sure have all the money to get it done! Then they can open sooner.

  22. Edie

    The pandemic is no where being over, we ate elderly and don’t feel safe coming back this soon and would have to quarantine 14 days and definitely afraid to go on our cruise ? it will be there when we feel safe just such a hardship losing so much money on points ?

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