Comments for OpEd: Disneyland and Walt Disney World Should Reopen on Separate Dates

Disneyland Disney World Reopening


  1. Mark

    NO! Because cali and fl are in the same situation and put out the same level which is 3 so guess what someone isnt paying attn and that means they will open on that day! They would be in trouble for soon as much as separate talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen!? Honestly for a min i think darth fill in the blank and tj are they same person both write sarcastic unrealistic thoughts that have no common sense! I humor darth though bc at times hes funny!

  2. Rebel Ravenclaw

    Omg god please stop with these same ops and repetitive stories enough! No one knows and we do not need comments to go on for days of the same BS!
    As someone said patience kindness and common sense also laws are laws enough is enough! Disney will open when its time!

  3. Jackie

    The govenors on both ends put the levels for the theme parks at the 3 meaning months from now and to see what happens! This thought is mute please come back when we care!

  4. Harley

    Common Sense
    Lets all find a new prospective during these times!

  5. stadalberts

    Open the parks NOW!!!

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      Well arent you full of yourself now do you not care about rules!? Disney public company has to follow em as much as we all do patient dude! Vacations are unimportant as living a good safe life! Go hug something will you! Disney cms are unemployed till nov min please show some respect your not the only person in the world.

  6. Vickie

    As a Floridian is can only speak for my state lead by inept @GovenorRonDesantis.
    We have not reached level one to reopen even by WH and CDC rules.
    We have zero contact tracking being done…we have NOT reached the 14 day decline. We do not even know what the real numbers are because Medical Examiners and Coronirs were TOLD to fudge the numbers.
    Seriously don’t be a fool.
    Don’t out lives in danger for the sake of the all mighty dollar.
    Source: Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times.
    The next wave, and their will be one will be longer, harder and deadlier if we don’t do by right now.
    The people have done their part now we need competent leadership CEOs to do theirs.
    I am not seeing it.
    We should Not be having a soft opening Monday even. The numbers we can see do not support it.

  7. Alison

    I can only speak for california as i don’t know anything about florida. But governor newsome has made ut perfectly clear that he is not allowing any gatherings large or small for a very long time. It will be years! Disney will need a lawyer to sue california if they ever want to reopen the park.

  8. Janie

    I saw on the news level 3 that could be 3-5 months at min but could def be more! If disney things they are also ahead of the essential things like schools worships drs that need to get back to wrk small businesses etc. And gov gives into the theme parks they will be even in more trouble! I am a cm but i have 2 kids i can not go back to wrk wo them back in school!

  9. Ashley G

    Well, if I had to guess, I’d say that Disney World in Florida would open up for business before Disneyland in California. And…with that being said, even though the Florida resort is taking reservations for June 1 and later, that is certainly no guarantee that they will be open by then. We pushed back May reservations to mid-July. So…we’ll see.

  10. Richard Lichauco

    Too soon to open the parks. The cases have not stopped. And Florida won”t report deaths. Too much politics

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