Comments for OpEd: Why The Disney College Program Loss Is Affecting So Many


Credit: Hannah Leigh


  1. Harley

    I feel bad for all you too but it is for safety reasons or have you not noticed that by now! Your also tech not cms sorry to break that to ya but your still loved by guests by me and know you can become one disney always rehires there cps to become full cms and its awesome to see those happy faces wo their colleges and see where they are from next yr! Its also something not many people remember is that unless you caused issues (like the ones i knew whom got drunk and came in drunk when i worked there) would always be welcome to return! I love cps a few of my closest friends i run into still are cps whom became FT cms actually 2 are managers!

  2. Mark

    My love and best to cps hope to see you back at wdw as cms soon! With rest of the magic!

  3. John

    You forgot to mention Fall Advantage DCP applicants! At least Spring got time to experience the program and a program completion, we didn’t even get to go and now we have to reapply completely.

  4. Tee Smith

    “Due to the increasing pandemic fears and safety precautions” … My God, is this pandemic lost on you. That statement alone leads me to think so. And this article drips of privilege, though that statement will be lost on you I’m sure. The pain is real for all but can you imagine having to work during these times because you couldn’t afford not to and because your employer counts on cheap labor. Think McDonalds or Dollar Tree. There is so much I want to scream at the top of my lungs about this article but I will just pray you see how MANY could take offense with the attitude with which it done across.

  5. Nora

    As the parent of a CP member, I’ve seen first hand how devastating the abrupt end of this program has been for our son. I know Disney will come back from this. And CP members will once again be an integral part of their operations. Unfortunately, the timing of many dreams has been put on hold. Curve ball in life. Time to learn to adapt and be be flexible. That’s what the Walt Disney Corporation is doing. Look to tomorrow, it’s just a dream away. ?

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